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Type : Restaurant

Location : Warner Robins, GA

Crazy About Wings? We Are Too And Have Been Since 1989! Since our first store opened at South Dekalb Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, it has been our mission to welcome every guest as a part of the family and serve them the kind of food we’d be proud to have on our own kitchen table.

Informal counter-serve chain offering hot wings, cheesesteaks & other comfort foods. Based on 269 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.2 stars. Price $

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American Deli 31093

1130 Watson Blvd, Warner Robins, GA 31093

Phone: (478) 293-4763



Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)
11 AM–9 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 11 AM–9 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–9 PM
Thursday 11 AM–9 PM
Friday 11 AM–9 PM
Saturday 11 AM–9 PM


Wings Meal (Fries + Drink)
1370-3670 cal.
Wings ONLY
590-2640 cal.
Family Pack
2960-13180 cal.
Philly Meal (Fries + Drink)
1670-1980 cal.
Philly Only
900-950 cal.
Philly Combo (5pc Wings + Drink)
1390-1970 cal.
Fried Rice
Fried Rice Only
970-1140 cal.
Fried Rice Combo (5pc Wings + Drink)
1460-2170 cal.
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Tenders Meal (Fries + Drink)
1360-1810 cal. 4pc Meal.
Chicken Tenders Only
590-780 cal. 4pc Only.
Gyro Meal (Fries + Drink)
970-1700 cal.
Gyro Only
480-680 cal.
Gyro Combo (5pc Wings + Drink)
Can not request all flats or all drums for wings. can not mix sauce or have half of one sauce and half of another for wings.
Boneless Wings
Boneless Only
Can not mix sauce or have half of one sauce and half of another
Boneless Meal (Fries + Drink)
1210-3080 cal.
20 oz.: 0-260 cal., 30 oz.: 0-420 cal.
Small: 770 cal, medium: 1550 cal, large: 2320 cal.

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Semi Angry
The food tasted old, like they cooked the wings the day before. Then the $5.99 chicken with fried rice special is a sham, no meat just straps of meat. Dis is definitely a knock off location. Run far away

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Rmontaye Talmadge
I spent $21.16 on an American deli through doordash. And the doordash driver picked up my food and then canceled the food he never confirmed the pick up when I call American deli they act like they did not care and did not try to work with me.

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I can only speak on the wings but I love their wings they are always good and never disappoint!!

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Latonja Williams
I ordered 50 wings 24 hours in advance for our Christmas party to be ready at 13:30pm upon arriving at 13:25 no wings ready everyone acting like , they don’t understand , so be very mindful of this establishment.

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Mike Lewis
This particular location is usually pretty good, however, occasionally you will get a plate of wings that are harder than pebbles. But other days you’ll get some of the best wings in the city. Not really sure about the source of their inconsistency, seeing how the same employees are there everyday. Other than that, it’s pretty good and the workers are really nice!

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David Hoffman
Fast service. Decent price. Somehow the hot wing sauce has residue of some sweet sauce in it, like the shop fails to completely clean the sauce bowl between orders.

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jamesia dennard
Tried to give me a old Philly that was sitting for over a hour. Throw the Philly back on grill just to heat the bread. Had an attitude because I wanted it fresh. Pushed trash down in trash and did not change gloves. Will not recommend eating here.

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Zac Caldwell
I’d give it a zero if I could. Ordered via DoorDash, wing combo and Philly combo.

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Andrew Pedone
Pleasant employees and great wings. Definitely recommend getting your wings with teriyaki sauce it’s a game changer!

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Giovanni Smith
Now 3 days ago was my first time eating there, man the food was on point, the Chef Salad I ordered was made with love and the Philly Steak was delicious too, I been going back and back, I wish they were opened 24 hours. I like American Deli

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