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Location : Annapolis, MD

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Antojitos Taco Truck 21401

West St #2024, Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: (443) 979-6515


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(Labor Day)
9 AM–9 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 9 AM–9 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–9 PM
Thursday 9 AM–9 PM
Friday 9 AM–9 PM
Saturday 9 AM–9 PM
Sunday 9 AM–5 PM

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Absolutely hands down the best authentic tacos you can get in the area. Super friendly, fast & delicious number 1 go to!

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Sam dotson
I haven’t had tacos that good since I was a kid growing up in Chicago. Excellent food and service.

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Md Sohel Rana
So far the best barbacoa tacos I have ever had in my life! My new go-to taco place. Service is very fast and the staffs are very amicable. They accept card payment and they have 3 picnic-style tables to eat in. Highly recommended.

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Jimmy Roblero
Great place to pick up tacos , real authentic taco that is, it’s faster if you put your order through the phone.

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Na’ilah Dawkins
This food is fire !! The cashier lady was über friendly, let me know anything I needed she’s there to help, and was truly hospitable. She offered sour cream (it wasn’t available after checking, but the thought counts ✨.) She called me sweetie a lot , that warmed my heart. I was having a rough day with my car in the shop, so it helped a little!

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J. Manes
Don’t be scared off by the exterior. My Carne Asada tacos were GREAT!!!! Not one gristle or fatty bite. Tortillas held up to the drive back to the office. All veggies were fresh. The prices were also good.

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Yashna Bowen
Omg. My husband and I moved to Maryland from San Diego (taco haven) and honestly this place is so much better than a lot of taco trucks in San Diego. LOVE the pastor tacos and the green, I think guaca, salsa is amazing. It’s cash only so just go to the atm. Definitely coming back here multiple times.

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vanessa vallejo
I went on a Monday evening about 615pm. I ordered 4 tacos and waited exactly 25 minutes to receive my order. It was my first time coming here. I was disappointed in the service and the wait. Their order window has papers put up all over it so you cannot easily make contact with the employees inside. I watched some lady stand outside for a few minutes without being acknowledged at all until she knocked on the window. Probably because they could not see with all the papers up. A smart tactic if you are trying to pick and choose when you answer the window. I ordered my 4 tacos and the workers told me it would be 15 minutes so I came back then and was told another 3 minutes. So I went back then and again waited outside the window for a couple minutes because no one answered. During that time I saw the woman peak through a crack between the papers [on the window] and just ignored me. She finally came to the window and told me they would be ready soon. I waited another 7 minutes for my 4 tacos. To their credit, the green sauce that comes with the tacos was pretty hot. Hot enough to make my nose sniffle. It was good. I was disappointed because I thought it was going to come with a normal amount of onions and 2 of my tacos had zero onions, another taco had like 3 little dices and the 4th taco had a normal amount. I was also disappointed there was only 1 lime for the 4 tacos. A little skimpy compared to other places. The barbacoa was decent but the steak was actually pretty good. I MIGHT go back one more time to see if my first encounter was misleading. I like to give the benefit of the doubt but if service is poor again I will not return, it’s just not worth it.

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Josh B
They moved across West Street and are now in a red food trailer. Still delicious!

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Corey R
Coming from the west coast where Mexican food is a staple in my diet, this place did not disappoint. This food truck is always buzzing with people picking up their orders. After eating there, it’s obvious why. The menu is simple, a few entrees to choose from with proteins of your choice. Personally the chorizo/papas, lengua, and chicharron tacos are my favorite. Of course a taco isn’t made great until you add a great salsa…..the salsas are on point! This officially our go-to taco spot! Try it, you won’t regret it (no hablas español, no problem… you will be able to order just fine).

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