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Type : Asian restaurant

Location : Vincennes, IN

Based on 107 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.4 stars. Price

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Asian Market/World Cuisine 47591

907 Main St, Vincennes, IN 47591

Phone: (812) 830-9672



Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)
Tuesday 11 AM–6 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–6 PM
Thursday 11 AM–6 PM
Friday 11 AM–6 PM
Saturday 11 AM–6 PM

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It is a pity to say that I tried their sushi and was disappointed and disgusted that it does not appear to be made on sushi rice. The rice is old and smelly too. Despite the fact that they claim to have the best sushi in Vincennes, I don’t believe they can compete with Yamato and hibachi.

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Shelley Stewart
Greeted by a woman who was less than enthusiastic. She seemed bored or just was not thrilled to have a customer. She was leaning across the counter and spoke to me very blandly.

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Jeremiah Sterrett
Really good food. However, their hours open are seem random, and its always difficult to know weather they’re actually open or not. Sometimes are out of ingredients, and you can’t get something made. Needs to be ran better

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Kiaya Maye
Hands down one of the best local places to get food in all of Vincennes. Everytime I go in they are SUPER friendly, they cater to vegetarians, annnnddd they always give you extra! If you’re looking for a tasty and mind blowing food experience, visit the Asian Food Market.

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Theresa Gillen-Betts
The employees have always been friendly with me. They need more help, but other than that, it’s pretty goood.

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Philip Stoltz
Greatplace for sushi and white rice all there food here is great

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Michael (poweredbyketones)
Good sushi and friendly staff. The grocery area has a lot of great deals as well.

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Lisa Sandefer
Honestly didn’t even know we had a Asian market thank goodness my daughter introduced me to this place. The BEST boba I have EVER had trust me I have had a lot of boba. This is definitely my new place for boba and the lady who I believe owns the Asian market is one of the sweetest, most helpful and patient ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting . I have been there once so far and I can’t wait to make this my new weekly lunch and boba stop. Everyone please give this little place a chance you won’t regret it especially if u like Asian food and of course boba !

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Kari B Gold
Wow. Japanese food officienado here, (I was even married in a Japanese restaurant, lol). Seriously some of the best I’ve eaten! Everything was superb! We had the shrimp tempura rolls, warm, and melted in my mouth with flavor! Easily the best meat egg rolls I’ve ever had – ever…with yum yum sauce and another sauce. Had the large hibachi with veggies fried rice… beautiful taste! Totally impressed!

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Jason Hosler
Wonderful and helpful staff. Good popping tea. Relatively small selection (no fresh veg) but good options on frozen/dried fish.

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