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Type : Restaurant

Location : Riviera Beach, FL

Big Bite Delight is a Jamaican restaurant in Riviera Beach, FL, committed to changing how people eat Jamaican food. We use only the best ingredients and recipes for all of our dishes, serving our customers quality that they can taste in every bite. Packed with flavor and cooked with the utmost care and dedication to authenticity, you will love everything about our dishes.

Based on 32 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.8 stars. Price $

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Takeout ✔️ No-contact delivery

Big Bite Delight 33404

1549 W Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Phone: (561) 621-4220



Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)

Holiday hours
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10:30 AM–9 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM–9 PM
Friday 10:30 AM–9 PM


Lunch & Dinner
Brown Stew Chicken Sm $9.50
Brown Stew Chicken Lg $13.50
Cow Feet Small $9.99
Curry Chicken Sm $9.50
Curry Chicken Lg $13.50
Curry Goat Sm $16.25
Curry Goat Lg $21.35
Jerk Chicken Sm $9.95
Jerk Chicken Lg $13.95
Oxtail Large $18.99
Oxtail Small $14.99
Brown Stew Beef Sm $13.99
Brown Stew Beef Lg $17.99
Fried Chicken $10.35
Fried Chicken $14.55
Ginger Beer $1.99
7up(12oz) $0.99
Mistic Mango Carrot $1.75
Mistic Orainge Carrot $1.75
Mountain Dew(12oz) $0.99
Mountain Dew(24oz) $1.99
Monster(16oz) $2.99
Orange Juice Tropicana $1.99
Red Bull(8oz) $2.99
Root Beer(12oz) $0.99
Sprite(12oz) $0.99
Soursop Juice Drink $2.16
Sport Shake Vanilla $1.99
Passion Fruit Juice Drink $1.99
Pepsi(12oz) $0.99
Pepsi(24oz) $1.99
Zephyhill Water $1.25
Patty $1.99
Fruit Cake $3.99
Cheesecake $4.99
Red Velvet Cake $4.99
Mac N Cheese $5.99
Rice& Peas $4.99
Fried Chicken Lg $13.99
Water Purified $0.99

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Jamaican Monroe
Order sm brown stew chicken on ubereats…the delivery was quick and the food was still hot when I received it. The flavor is EVERYTHING , good portion size and the cornbread topped it off for the sweet tooth, couldn’t eat it all in one sitting lol. Overall very good meal I’ll definitely be ordering again.

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Chase Cushing
Was in Riviera Beach working trying to find a good spot to get some oxtails look through Google reviews and found this place. Walked into a small hole in the wall takeout place and started to question if I made the right decision.. I DID!!!! The woman up front is very very pleasant! I couldn’t make a decision on either the cornbread or plantain and she says don’t worry I’ll give you both to try. I’m glad that she did because both along with the oxtail and curry chicken were absolutely delicious! I would definitely recommend this place they’re very fast they’re very pleasant and the price and quantity is right on! Support these people they are kind and doing a good job

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Tonya Thompson
just ordered with uber eats. it came in hot and tasty. I bought the buy one get one stewed chicken rice and beans cabbage and cornbread. My son and I are so happy with our food great taste the cornbread is awesome I just wish I request extra corn bread it’s just that good!! Thank y’all for NOT BEING STINGY with the portions!!! I really like how you filled both plates. This is definitely worth ALL MY MONEY! My first order today thank you! I will be ordering more.

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Prices are the lowest I’ve seen and the food t my oxtails was delicious and the corn bread was the best in my plate

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Jay Money
This is the best carribean food I’ve ever ate before and they feed you with love! I just got a large brown stewed chicken with 2 sides and it was also BOGO so now I can eat this for the next 4 days. They pile the plate with everything you love. Amazingly satisfying!!

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Ronkesha Lawrence
First time ordering on Uber eats it was a buy 1 get 1 free and I must say for the price I paid I wasn’t expecting the portion size hands down recommend food is very delicious will be ordering again I love the curry chicken so hands down everything else is worth the try

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The food is so good. The brown stew beef is to die for just order it and thank me later. Oh and they are never stingy with the portions.

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Lone Wolf101
First time today going to big bite delight I drove from lake worth to to Riviera Beach to their location. After running across Big Bite Delight restaurant over the internet seen some of their food advertise pictures i knew I just had to have me some brown stew chicken from this place. I had the brown stew chicken which is my favorite big bite delight cooked it up real good like it’s suppose to be.. Not every Jamaican restaurant know how to cook Jamaican food but Big Bite Delight knows how the food is good an right on point. They serve you plenty of food to eat I couldn’t eat it all so I saved some for lunch. Friendly service nice kept restaurant. Im impressed by the food and customer service I will definitely be back.

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Food wasn’t so tasty. Also the temperature of the food was a bit on the cold side. I received about 5 small oxtails with my plate. The curry chicken didn’t taste authentic AT ALL honestly. Typical cornbread that was a bit sweet. Sorry but I wouldn’t return.

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traci sanchez
Ordered brown stew chicken lunch special w/ a side of Mac & cheese, it’s phenomenal, I think I’ve found my fave Jamaican spot, & there isn’t many GOOD ones around, my food was tasty & fresh, can’t wait to try other dishes from here

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