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Type : Mexican restaurant

Location : Southgate, MI

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Burrito Express Mexican Grill 48195

19288 Eureka Rd, Southgate, MI 48195

Phone: (734) 785-8447


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(Labor Day)
11 AM–8:30 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 11 AM–8:30 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–8:30 PM
Thursday 11 AM–8:30 PM
Friday 11 AM–8:30 PM
Saturday 11 AM–8:30 PM
Sunday Closed


Meat Choices
Carnitas – Pulled Pork $0.00
Tinga De Pollo – Shredded Chicken
Pollo – Grilled Chicken
Asada – Steak
Molida – Ground Beef
Guisado De Res – Chunky Beef
Chicharron – Pork Rinds
Al Pastor – Marinated Pork
Chorizo – Mexican Sausage
4oz Guacamole
Avocado, Tomato, Cilantro, & Onions
8oz Guacamole
Come with SM Chips
4oz Cheese Dip $3.00
8oz Cheese Dip $5.00
Bean Dip
with cheese melted on top, onions and tomato. Comes with SM Chips
Sm Nachos
Ground Beef, bean, cheese, & jalapenos
Lg Nachos $11.00
Sm Botana
Bean, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado, jalapenos & olives
Lg Botana $13.00
Asada Fries
Asada, nacho cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, & jalapenos
Taco Salad
Chicken or Ground Beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions & sour cream
Azteca Salad
Grilled chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado & cheese
Veggie Salad
Lettuce, tomato, onions, green peppers & cheese
Burritos 12′ Tortilla
Ultimate Burrito
Choice of meat, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo & sour cream
Mexican Burrito
Asada, rice, beans & jalapenos
Express Burrito
Chicken or Ground Beef, beans, cheese, lettuce & ranchero sauce on top
Super Burrito
Choice of meat, bean, rice, cheese dip on top
Veggie Burrito
Lettuce, rice, beans, cheese, pico de gallo & sour cream
California Burrito
Steak, rice, beans, cheese, pico de gallo, and sour cream
Kid Meals
Mini Burrito
Meat, beans, cheese *choice of rice or french fries*
Flour taco, meat, cheese *choice of rice or french fries*
Cheese, & meat *choice of rice or french fries*
Chicken Nuggets
*with rice or french fries*
Entrees (All served with Rice and Beans)
Burrito Dinner
3 burritos, choice of meat, cheese on top
Mexican Sandwich
meat, cheese
Chimichanga Dinner
2 chimis with meat, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato
Enchilada Dinner
3 enchiladas, meat, cheese
Tostada Dinner
3 tostadas with ground beef, bean, cheese, lettuce, tomato
Quesadilla Dinner
3 quesadillas with meats, cheese , sour cream & jalapenos
Flauta Dinner
3 flautas with chicken or ground beef, topped with lettuce, tomatoes & sour cream
Super Taco Dinner
3 soft flour tacos with meat, cheese sour cream, lettuce & tomatoes
Street Taco Dinner
3 soft corn tacos with meat, onions & cilantro
Steak Or Chicken Fajita Dinner
seasoned meat grilled with onions, tomatoes, green peppers (corn or flour tortillas)
Steak Ranchero
seasoned strip steak cooked with ranchero sauce (flour or corn tortillas)
Steak Express
grilled steak topped with grilled onions, green peppers served with one cheese enchilada and one corn taco al pastor
Combination Dinner
one corn taco, enchilada, and a tostada
Bottle Pop (Jarritos) $2.75
Bottle Water $1.25
Can Pop $2.00
Coffee $1.50
SM Jamaica $3.00
LG Jamaica $4.50
SM Horchata $3.00
LG Horchata $4.50
SM Pina $3.00
LG Pina $4.50
Lunch Special (11am- 2pm) *Includes rice and beans*
2 Street Tacos $9.00
2 Super Tacos $9.00
2 Flautas $9.00
2 Quesadillas $9.00
2 Tostadas $9.00
2 Enchiladas $9.00
2 Burritos $9.00
1 Chimichanga $9.00
1 Chile Relleno $9.00
Daily Specials
Monday- 6 Enchiladas
ground beef only
Taco Tuesday!
any meat on a soft corn tortilla with cilantro & onions
Wednesday- 6 Burritos
ground beef and beans only
Thursday- 6 Tostadas
beans, ground beef, lettuce tomato & cheese
Friday- LG Nacho $10.00
Antojitos Mexicanos
Huaraches $8.00
Gorditas $5.00
Quesadillas De Masa $7.00
Sopes $5.00
Pambasos $11.00
SM Menudo $9.00
LG Menudo $13.00
SM Pozole $9.00
LG Pozole $13.00
Tortas $12.00
Chicken or Pork
Mini Pack
3 Tacos, 3 Burritos, 3 Tostadas 1/2 Pint of Rice & Beans Chips and Salsa
Family Pack
6 Tacos, 6 Burritos, 6 Tostadas 1 Pint of Rice and Beans Chips and Salsa
Breakfast Anytime
10′ Chorizo And Egg Burrito $8.00
10′ Potato And Egg Burrito $7.00
Corn chips, ranchero sauce, eggs and cheese
Huevos Rancheros
Rice, beans, choice of flour or corn tortillas
10’ Bacon And Egg Burrito $8.00
10’ Chorizo, Potato, And Egg Burrito $10.00
A La Carte (Single Items)
Street Taco $2.00
Super Taco $2.25
Tostada $2.00
Burrito $2.00
Flauta $2.00
Quesadilla $2.75
Enchilada $2.00
Chimichanga $5.50
Street Corn $4.00
Tamale $2.00
Chile Relleno $6.00
Shrimp Quesadilla $4.00
Fish Taco $3.00
Side Orders
4oz Sour Cream $1.50
8oz Rice Or Beans $2.75
16oz Rice Or Beans $3.50
French Fries $3.00
SM Chips $1.75
LG Chips $7.75
8oz Salsa $2.75
16oz Salsa $3.75
LG Flour Chips $10.00
3 Leches $4.50
Chocoflan $4.50
Flan $4.50
Cheesecake $4.50
Sopapillas $4.50
Churros Deluxe
6 Mini Churros with Chocolate drizzle and whip cream
Churros (SINGLE) $2.00
Seafood Dishes
Shrimp Ranchero Dinner
Shrimp Mixed with our special ranchero sauce
Shrimp Fajita Dinner $17.00
Shrimp Quesadilla Dinner $16.00
Fish Taco Dinner
Flour Tortilla 12
Shrimp Taco Dinner
Flour tortilla 16

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Krystina Borrocci
Best tamales! Authentic, just delicious. The hot sauce too, fresh and so much flavor. We stopped in getting gas heading towards Ohio, glad we we hungry

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Mis Munecas
Three of us stopped into Burrito Express for a quiet sit down meal.

… more

Deserae Ward
The ladies that work there are very sweet.❤️ That’s why I gave 2 stars. Unfortunately the food lacked flavor. Everything was bland, not what I am used to from Mexican food.

… more

T F.
This little authentic Mexican restaurant is delicious and the portions sizes are generous, very clean in there and the mother and daughter were very nice.

… more

Ordered 35 dollars worth of food, and they didn’t give me any mild sauce… smh. And the guacamole was brown so I just tossed it in the trash. Probably won’t order from here again.

… more

Erick Schuck
The marinated pork tacos were excellent and the burrito was very filling. Quick friendly service. The best part was it looked like somebody’s grandma was in back cooking. You can’t beat that.

… more

This place is not too bad if you want a quick Mexican bite. It’s still relatively new so there is a hit and a miss. The price, however, is incredible and almost a steal. Worth getting if you call ahead during lunch at work and want something to keep you full.

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Drew Cole
Worst nachos I’ve had. Meat beans cheese and chips, no seasonings. Bland and didn’t even eat half of my order.

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Aaron Fisher
Chips and salsa decent. Quac not so much wasnt fresh. Tacos were nice portion, cooked super fast, and meat cooked perfect. I Tried chicken, steak, and carnita. Only complaint is not much flavor… little bland. Id rather go to mexican town and hit a taco truck on my way back next time. Posting this hoping they will get better and add some seasoning to meat

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Kyle Wags
We ordered two super burritos with ground beef, additional rice, chips, and additional cheese dip. The food was prepared nicely and had a good texture and everything was done correctly. However, everything was extremely bland. Nothing really had any taste to the food on its own. The salsa did redeem some of the flavor though. Chips were really crispy and tasty.

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