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Type : Steak house

Location : Dallas, TX

Based on 466 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.3 stars. Price $

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Charco-Broiler Steak House 75217

1612 S Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75217

Phone: (214) 391-4755



Saturday 11 AM–8:45 PM
Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)
11 AM–8:45 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 11 AM–8:45 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–8:45 PM
Thursday 11 AM–8:45 PM
Friday 11 AM–8:45 PM

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Susan Davey
My country fried steak was tender, crispy and included wonderfully delicious gravy. My husband ordered the 10 oz. rib eye steak. He said it was delicious, perfectly cooked, and he will gladly order the same again. Our baked potatoes was super delicious, real, true baked potatoes with crispy real baked skins. The salad bar was simple, but delicious. You have to ask for cherry tomatoes, but they should really ask customers whether or not we want tomatoes instead of relying on customers to know to ask for them. They could raise their prices, and not lose customers, their food tastes that good! We will return next time we are in Dallas, and will tell others about this wonderful restaurant. Almost forgot, they have a dessert cooler opposite the cash register, and it is filled with delicious looking pies and beautiful cakes! They even have my favorite, carrott cake, and my husbands favorite apple pie! Oh, and parking on the street out front is free after 4 pm.

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Robert J. Romo III
Ok this is my second time eating this place. Not the same location but the same restaurant. They have one also in oak cliff off Jefferson. It was good at both locations. The steaks was exactly how I liked it both times(medium rare). The baked potato both times was super soft an fresh salad also. That shows consistency chefs. I don’t know if the same person owns both locations the one in oak Cliff off of Jefferson and also this one. But who every runs these got great chefs in both places. Keep up good work!!! If you get a chance try it out! Also not too heavy on the pockets for a good steak!!! God bless

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Linda NSE
I had dinner at the location on Buckner Blvd on 7/15/23. I normally do not go in that area but it was a family bday dinner. The restaurant has been sold and is not owned by the same people. The new owners even charged me for a to go cup for my drink because I didn’t want to use one of their dirty glasses. The food was horrible, cold and too expensive for what they served. The ribeyes were tissue paper thin and they tried to say it was a 13oz at almost $20. We had seniors in our party and they ordered a senior chicken fried steak with light gravy. Their steaks had massive gravy on it, so much it was dripping off the side of the plates. The man was told it was suppose to be light gravy he took the plates back and instead of him making them a new plate he scraped the gravy off the top of the steaks and made a mess out of the steaks. The plates were the same plates he brought out the first time still dripping in gravy. Also the seniors were charged regular price for their senior plates. We will never go back here again.

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Betty Johnson
Our family met up and had lunch there last Saturday. Everyone was very pleased with their meals.

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Mecca Muhammad
Ole skool place with a brand new taste I love this place went back to days in a row an there not Evan expensive very reasonable prices I’ll definitely be going back

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Tia Blackwell
Price is good , fries were very good , Buns were toasted ! I got the 1/4 patty would definitely go bigger . Overall good ! Would revisit if I’m on this side of town .

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Mzmetroplex Texas
Location is in pleasant Grove.. the food was delicious, good customer service.. nice and clean…. I’ll be going back…

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Monicadiaz Diaz
Got disgusted when we seen a rat running around under the table next to us!!! And the owners did care that was normal to them!!

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Peter M
Decent place for a chicken fried steak. Nothing stood out as outstanding, but nothing was bad either. Inside is a little dated and could use a remodel.

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Landon Talkington
Price was great and food was great. Will come back

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