China Garden Restaurant Menu – Converse, TX

Type : Chinese restaurant

Location : Converse, TX

Branch of a casual local chain offering Chinese & Asian fusion fare in bright environs. Based on 87 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 2.8 stars. Price $$

China Garden Restaurant 78109

8022 Kitty Hawk Rd, Converse, TX 78109

Phone: (210) 658-6688


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I visited this location for the first time because I had purchased a Groupon (coupon). I was dining with a friend of mine, I ordered the mongolian steak, as a meal with soup and fountain drink.

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Syl W
When I lived downtown the Presa location was great, I fell in love with their food. Since I’ve moved to Converse that love has diminished! They’ve messed up two orders within a month, they’re always late and the food quality is horrible, I ordered them Friday and it was terrible! They messed up my order, they were an hour and a half late and the driver was unprofessional, rude, unpleasant and unfriendly. He even got upset, because I didn’t tip. Usually I do, but I don’t believe anyone deserves a tip for being late or rude! If you’re going to spend your money go to a actual Chinese restaurant, but if you like cold, raw, terrible food delivered by unprofessional drivers, this is the place for you. I won’t be ordering from them again!

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Joshua Cox
Ordered off of Grub Hub app at 6:30 Thursday evening. It finally showed up at 8:30 (an hour after the expected delivery time). They forgot my 2 liter soda and I didn’t notice until the guy had left. I purchased the family deal and it was close to $45 thinking for the price it would be a decent amount of food. They gave a TON of rice and not very much meat. I saved some for lunch the next day and I woke up and realized my nephew ate it during the night while I slept. That wasn’t the restaurants fault but it still bummed me out. I gave 2 stars because the food tasted pretty good

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Audrey Geweily
First time here, and it was a good experience. I called in for pick up, and the girl on the phone was very helpful. I ordered Japanese teriyaki steak. It was a smaller portion then expected, but the flavor was great. I’ve been tired of all the same mall tasting Chinese food, and this place finally had me satisfied. I also ordered lemon pepper wings, and they were sooooo good. A tiny bit over cooked, but very crispy, just the way i like. The flavor was very good. I will definitely be returning.

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Lakeisha Sanders
I ordered the family special everything was amazing, the delivery driver was such a sweetheart and the delivery time was about 20 minutes, he was very polite and was apologetic because his last customer kept his pen, so I gave him my pen and a tip because of his personality, the food was delicious and was hot, I’m a major fan of the spicy egg drop soup and the triple delight. I haven’t ordered from them in about a year, because there was a local Chinese place that opened and was closer but it doesn’t compare to here. I’m still a fan and will be ordering from them again!

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Rachel Kusama
**I always order online. I’ve been a customer since 2009 or 2010, I can’t remember exactly which year. They have always been wonderful to me.

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Lorena De Leon
We ordered food an hour ago. We showed up 25min after placing the order and they told my husband it was going to be another 10-15min. My husband goes back in after 15 min and the girl starts getting very ugly saying that she doesn’t know the status of our order and tells my husband to leave. He says he wants a refund and she refuses..mind you, we never received the food. The ‘general manager’ comes out and tells my husband that he needs to leave as well and he states that he wants a refund. She refuses to refund our $30 for NO FOOD so my husband called the police just to get refunded the money we paid for the food we did NOT receive.

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Ryan T
Store is located 13 minutes away. Order has been “out for delivery”, according to email, for 1 hour.

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J Dog
When you open the door to this place it immediately gets stuck on the concrete slab with a loud scraping sound so don’t expect much in terms of a dining experience. Our server was very pleasant but young and experienced and seemed overwhelmed by 3 tables and handling take out orders. Their street & bldg signs are dark and when we first pulled up to the place we thought it was closed.

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Caroline Smith
I have given this place numerous chances.I love the food but the mistakes they may just are making me feel like maybe its time to not allow myself to order from them again. Be weary when ordering for delivery, I have had the wrong amount of tips taken out of my card, orders that had to be sent back and instead of waiting for the usual 1 hour time i had to wait 2 1/2 hours because of their mistake. They did not charge me for their mistake however I did have to wait long. I got the best service at the restaurant only.

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