Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Menu – Aurora, CO

Type : Fast food restaurant

Location : Aurora, CO

Soft-serve ice cream & signature shakes top the menu at this classic burger & fries fast-food chain. Based on 916 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.7 stars. Price $

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Dairy Queen Grill & Chill 80011

3701 Tower Rd, Aurora, CO 80011

Phone: (303) 576-8001



Saturday 10 AM–9 PM
Sunday 10 AM–9 PM

(Labor Day)
10 AM–9 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 10 AM–9 PM
Wednesday 10 AM–9 PM
Thursday 10 AM–9 PM
Friday 10 AM–9 PM

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princess okine
The food is mid, when I tried ordering through the drive through I asked the employee how much a medium cotton candy blizzard is? she said “look at the screen” with very intense attitude. I told her I didn’t see it because as many of you know Dairy Queen menu has multiple items on it. The manager through the window told me “not to argue in his drive through.” I just wanted to know the simple price of a medium cotton candy blizzard. Dairy Queen do better at training your employees!!

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Peter Dowding
My doggie and I stopped by for some ice cream at 2:00 in the afternoon. My Snickers Blizzard was spectacular and his pup cup sure hit the spot. We had great service and will definitely be back on our next adventure.

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Dan K
I’m not a fan of Dairy Queen’s offerings, but they have vanilla soft serve and sprinkles which is an awesome treat for my well behaved toddler on a very hot summer day.

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K. L.
My grade: A+

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Roddrick Marshall
The lobby is cozy, clean, and safe. Sometimes they are short staffed which results in longer wait times. Last night, I went to the drive thru twice. The first time, I ordered a chilli hot dog for my wife but when I got home it was a plain one.

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David Jacobson
There was a time you would get a blizzard at Dairy Queen and be confident every spoonful would have toppings. If you order from this location, the rationed toppings they give you will sit on the top, and you will find nothing but unmixed soft serve underneath. By the way this isn’t one bad experience. I don’t learn from my mistakes so I go here at least twice a month because it’s the only location in this part of town & the quality is consistently poor. Good luck if you encounter any other customers, it’s going to be a wait. The staff is kind but disinterested, the shortcomings of this location come from the ownership. Save your money & time & go somewhere else.

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Eva Zimmerman
It was like a Zootopia DMV experience. Waited forever for two blizzards even though very few people in the store. The worker who seemed high as a kite didn’t give us any spoons. When I asked why he didn’t make mine with chocolate ice cream as requested he said “we don’t have any chocolate. Corporate didn’t send us any”. Not only did he not mention this when I ordered but there were no signs indicating the ice cream shortage. Quite honestly every time we come here it’s a bad experience so this is no surprise really.

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Artemis Ravencroft
Great food, but not so stellar customer service. The elderly man working the counter was rude to a fellow door dasher, who had a speech disability. Please coach your employees on being a little more kind. The food is always great though, and orders are always accurate.

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Houston Owens
I have never written a review where I was more angry than I am right now. My family and along with about another dozen people who ordered in from of us waited approximately 1 hr for our ice cream that we never received. We were refunded our money after waiting 1 hr and somehow the manager tried to play the victim saying “I know I’m a terrible person”. The order before is was a small vanilla cone and a small mint blizzard. If you can’t figure out how to make a small vanilla cone and a small blizzard in 1 hr you may need to figure out a job that you literally have to do nothing. Get your life in order and treat people better……do freaking better.

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josh pitts
Tried my first Burger. It was definitely well worth it. Would highly recommend any the burgers, especially if you get a banna split to go with it.

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