Domínguez Tacos Menu – Compton, CA

Type : Mexican restaurant

Location : Compton, CA

Based on 78 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.6 stars. Price

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Domínguez Tacos 90221

Compton, CA 90221




Friday 5:45 PM–12 AM
Saturday 12 AM–5 PM, 5:30 PM–12 AM
Sunday 5:45 PM–12 AM

(Labor Day)
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed

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Adriana Rodriguez
My God, these tacos are delicious. The red salsa is super spicy. My man goes for the carne asada burrito everything is cut fresh.

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Brenda Vizcarra
Tacos are delicious, best in the area. I visit from Victorville and I can never leave Cpt without having my favorite tacos! Authentic, delicious and best grern sauce!

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Mari Gonzalez
All their meats are good but love their pastor. Not stingy with meat always well served. But watch out for that red salsa! Its really spicy. We have been getting out tacos here for 9 years.

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José Luis Martinez Lomeli
I love this place cuz they make the tacos berry taste and juicy flavor of any meet yoo want berry stromboli

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Miguel Regalado
Great tacos at a good price!

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Alfredo Rocha
Really good tacos! I love their mulitas & tacos. I’m not a fan of their burritos. My favorite are apastor, asada, & tripas! Make sure to add some pineapple to your apastor tacos and mulita! I wish they would set up during the week as well.

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Leonard Levine
Very nice taco stand that stands out among the rest because of their spicy salsa and well seasoned asada meat. We have been going to this taco stand since it opened five years ago (every Friday). Their pastries although limited are great. Try the Flan.

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Lesly Alvarado
His tacos & burritos are the best. His season in all meat choices is just amazing! I go get his tacos at least once a month! A definite recommendation.

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Manny Calderon
Best tacos in town by these tacos

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Ariana Torres
The best tacos. Quesadillas. Mulitas. Burritos. The best green salsa too.

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