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Type : Seafood restaurant

Location : New Port Richey, FL

We live on the most beautiful coast of Florida, surrounded by an amazing abundance of the freshest seafood on the planet, yet I could not find it available in any local restaurants.
So I decided to change that. As a graduate of the Culinary Art School of Astoria, I have honed my cooking skills over many years to offer pared down, no frills, only the freshest seafood on the planet. No heavy coating, no over-seasoning, only simple, elegant flavor.
From fresh Clams, Oysters, Shrimp, Lobster, Escargot, Grouper, Blue Crab, Stone Crab, Mullet, Mud Bugs, Scallops, Mussels, Piss-Clams (Steamers), and freshest catch of the day… I only serve the best, the freshest, and the most flavorful seafood available.
If I won’t eat it…you won’t get it!

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Frankies Raw Bar 34652

4903 FL-54, New Port Richey, FL 34652

Phone: (727) 666-0766


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Saturday 11 AM–10 PM
Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)
Tuesday 11 AM–9 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–9 PM
Thursday 11 AM–9 PM
Friday 11 AM–10 PM


Ahi Tuna Appetizer
Ahi Tuna ~ Seared sushi grade Ahi Tuna served with Soy sauce, Wasabi, and ginger.
Boiled Peanuts
Boiled Peanuts with a casual Cajun kick
Boom Boom Shrimp
Your choice of Rock Shrimp ~ or ~ Scallop pieces. Both are lightly fried and drizzled with sweet Chili sauce ~ or ~ Spicy sauce.
Cheese Curds
Cheese Curds – Regular or Spicy
Served with Dipping Sauce
Conch Fritters
Conch Fritters~
Served with Mustard sauce.
Corn Fritters $4.99
One Pound of Fresh Catch Crawfish steamed to perfection.
Deviled Crab
Deviled Crab Cakes
Handmade Deviled Crab Cakes made with 100% Blue Crab Meat.
Fish Spread
Smoked Fish Spread ~
Handmade Fresh Fish Spread made in house and just Dee-lish!
Fried Mushrooms
Fried Mushrooms lightly battered and juicy.
Fried Pickles
Lightly Fried Pickle Chips served with Ranch Dressing.
Full One Pound U Peel Shrimp
Hot or Cold U-Peel big juicy Shrimp served with lemon and butter.
Jalapeno Poppers Appetizer
6 Pieces of either Cream Cheese or Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers.
Served with your Choice of Sides.
One-Half Pound U-Peel Shrimp
1/2 lb. of Shell-On Shrimp.
Succulent and Perfectly Seasoned. Available Hot or Cold.
Sushi Roll Appetizer
Sushi Roll Appetizers are bite-size treats with Tuna, Rice, Ginger, and Wasabi in a light flaky batter quick fried…just delicious!
Tostones Appetizer
Tostones Appetizer includes 6 pieces with a side of Garlic Sauce.
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Smoked in house Pork Butt seasoned with Rawbar Rub. Sandwich comes with one side.
Ribs available either Smoked or Baked.
Both are seasoned with our signature “Rawbar Rub”.
Choose a Rib Dinner, Half-rack, Full-Rack, of Jumbo Rack.
Includes 2 sides of your choice.
Bottled Water $1.50
Coke $1.50
Diet Coke $1.50
Pepsi $1.50
Diet Pepsi $1.50
Sweet Tea $2.25
Unsweet Tea $2.25
Sprite $1.50
Gingerale $1.50
A&W Root Beer $3.00
Mountain Dew $1.50
Orange Soda $1.50
Cheesecake Slice
Cheesecake Slice.
Cheesecake Empanada
Cheese Cake Empanada is our own creation. Yummy Cheesecake deep fried in a light crispy Crust!
Served with a side of Fresh Strawberries for delicious dipping.
EXTRA’S ~ Sauces and Dressings
Sauces & Others $0.25
Salad Dressing $0.25
Kids Hot Dog
Sabrett All-Beef Hotdog in a Bun with Fries.
Kids Mac N Cheese $5.99
Kids Shrimp $5.99
Kids ChickenTenders $5.99
Beef Empanada stuffed with Seasoned Beef and Cheese made in-house the authentic Latin way.
Chicken Empanada stuffed with Seasoned Chicken and Cheese made in-house the authentic Latin way.
Chicken Skewers ~ Two Skewers of marinated Chicken served with Yellow Rice.
Puerto Rican Style Pork Chop and Yellow Rice
Sausage Empanada stuffed with Italian Sausage and Peppers made in-house the authentic Latin way.
OYSTER BAR ~ Cooked Oyster Selections
Oysters~ Steamed, Fried, Broasted Or Rockafeller $10.50
Mama’s Sofrito Burger
Fresh Juicy Burger patty made from premium Angus Beef and seasoned with Mama’s homemade Sofrito. Served with cheese, onion, tomato.
Comes with side of pickle spear and fries.
Grouper Po’ Boy
Grouper Po’ Boy is served on a hoagie roll with tomato and onion slices. Coleslaw, Fries, tartar and sweet sauce included.
Grouper Sandwich
Grouper filet served Fried, Grilled or Blackened. Served on a kaiser roll with tartar sauce and a side of fries.
Lobster Po’ Boy
Lobster Po’ Boy served on a hoagie roll with tomato and onion slices. Coleslaw, Fries, tartar and sweet sauce included.
Mojo Pulled Pork Sandwich
Mojo Pulled Pork Sandwich available with one choice of side.
Oyster Po’ Boy
Oyster Po’ Boy is served on a hoagie roll with tomato and onion slices. Coleslaw, Fries, tartar and sweet sauce included.
Scallop Po’ Boy
Scallop Po’ Boy is served on a hoagie roll with tomato and onion slices. Coleslaw, Fries, tartar and sweet sauce included.
Shrimp Po’ Boy
Shrimp Po’ Boy features Frankies Fried Shrimp served on a hoagie roll with tomato and onion slices. Coleslaw, Fries, tartar and sweet sauce included.
1 Lb. Snow Crab Clusters
Snow Crab Clusters
1 Pound served with a side and butter
Blue Crabs
Locally Caught Blue Crabs served in 2, 6 or 12 per order.
~ Steamed Maryland Style
~ Steamed Butter Garlic
Blue Crabs With Butter And Garlic
Locally caught Blue Crabs smothered Butter and Garlic
Butter Garlic Trio
Lobster tail, Shrimp, and scallops sauteed in butter, garlic, and pineapple.
Crab Cakes
Maryland Style Crab Cakes
Two Crab Cakes per order
Fish & Chips
Chilean Sea Bass Nuggets beer-battered and served with fries and coleslaw.
Florida Grouper Filet Or Nuggets
Florida Grouper served as:
Grouper Nuggets fried ~or~
Grouper Filet fried or grilled.
Frankies Famous Fried Shrimp ~ 1/2 Pound
Order One Half Pound of Frankies Famous Shrimp any way you like it.
Frankies Famous Shrimp One Pound
One Half Pound of Frankies Famous Shrimp served any way you like it.
King Crab
King Crab Legs ~ 1 Pound per order served with side and butter.
Lobster Tail
Butterflied Lobster tail lightly breaded and fried.
Sea Scallops
Maine cold water Scallops Pan Seared or Lightly dusted and fried.
Smoked Mullet
Locally caught fresh Mullet seasoned with our ‘magical mullet blend” and smoked.
Soft Shell Crab $13.50
Triple Tail Filet
6 oz. Triple Tail filet with Scallops and Shrimp. All three items can be served fried or grilled. You can also order them blackened for $1 extra.
Triple Threat
Triple Tail filet with Shrimp and Scallops.
Fried or Grilled. Blackened addtl. $1.00
Coleslaw $1.50
Corn On The Cob $2.00
Donna’s Homemade Baked Beans $2.50
Fries $3.00
Grilled Sweet Plantains $3.00
Jalapeno Popper (Side) $3.00
Mac N’ Cheese $3.00
Pickle On A Stick $1.00
Side Salad $3.75
Side Salad W/Chicken $5.50
Side Salad W/Shrimp $5.50
Tostones $3.00
Yellow Rice $3.00
Baked Beans $0.00
Coleslaw $0.00
Corn On The Cob $0.00
Fries $0.00
Jalapeno Popper (Side) $0.00
Mac N’ Cheese $0.00
Pickle On A Stick $0.00
Rice $0.00
Side Salad $0.00
Side Salad W/Chicken $0.00
Side Salad W/Shrimp $0.00
Sweet Plantains (Side) $0.00
Tostones (Side) $0.00

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Such a cute and nice place for lunch, gives off a Florida Keys vibe. Great and friendly service, and I love that I can bring my dog there and you can bring your own alcohol if you prefer.

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Jay Orlando
Frankie’s Raw Bar is an awesome seafood spot! My family and I go here a few times a month and always enjoy how fast they prepare the food & the freshness of it. You can BYOB as well. Awesome staff, food and atmosphere.

… more

Sharie Douglas
As a multi generation Florida native from the area I was highly impressed with the freshness and the perfect fry on the seafood. Went two nights in a row and can’t wait to visit again to try more menu items. The boom boom shrimp and grouper sandwiches were some of the best I’ve enjoyed. Nothing fancy , can byob if you want beer or wine.

… more

David Shellhart
We loved here! We had the boiled peanuts and chicken skewers with rice. We really enjoyed the rice , waitress was nice! Have a garden on the back where you can take pictures! Little gem in the city!

… more

Ashley Caldarella
We love the place so unique food is amazing !! Would be nice if they got an alcohol permit instead of BYOB because we didn’t know until there but overall awesome little place and good variety of food !

… more

Kaley Senters
Food is okay 🙂 I got the triple threat (fried) with fries and coleslaw, which was pretty good beside the coleslaw, it lacked flavor to me. Boyfriend got the fish and chips with rice, which he also said was good. For dessert we shared a key lime pie, neither of us liked it.

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Emily Rivera
BYOB, very cute quaint space. Got the seafood boil and shared it with my mom. We cook at home, so money wise is always a factor for me. I definitely can and have made this at home. Nice for a break from the kitchen. Service was nice, she was very kind gave us a candle for the mosquitoes. Although it was windy and it accidently put our napkins on fire, completely our fault since we moved it when making room for the food. Flavored butter was so good.

… more

David Hulburt
This cozy little hideout is a hidden gem! BYOB, no frills on top, but just wait for the food!

… more

Ben Mitchell
What a unique place. Two pounds of shrimp. One hot one cold. Excellent! If you are in New Port Richie, you must go here! You might even see Frank! He’s awesome!!

… more

Lynn Signori
The food was very good, the problem was once the food came out we were swarmed with an unbelievable number of flies, made it very difficult to enjoy the food. They set up a citronella candle that blew tons of black smoke . Maybe I’d go back in much cooler weather. No indoor seating.

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