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Type : Caribbean restaurant

Location : Miami, FL

A fast-casual takeout Caribbean & Jamaican restaurant, conveniently situated at 9534 SW 160th Street in Kendall, Miami, Florida (Palmetto Bay) within the Colonial Plaza Shopping Center. Known for their family recipes of classic Caribbean food staples, from Jamaican beef patties and coco bread, to jerk chicken, oxtail, and curried goat or chicken. Offerings now include vegetarian and beyond meat alternatives. The bakery boasts numerous enticing options including spice bun, hard dough bread, and carrot cake (among many more delectable items).

Island-themed counter-serve chain offering Jamaican beef patties, jerk chicken & curry dishes. Based on 235 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.0 stars. Price $

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Takeout ✔️ No-contact delivery

Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant 33157

9534 SW 160th St, Miami, FL 33157

Phone: (786) 592-2595



Saturday 8 AM–8 PM
Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)

Holiday hours
Tuesday 8 AM–7 PM
Wednesday 8 AM–7 PM
Thursday 8 AM–7 PM
Friday 8 AM–8 PM


Reggae Fest Meals
Jerk Chicken
Savoury and spicy, slow-cooked jerk chicken with a kick. Seasoned in our signature Golden Krust Jamaican jerk seasoning.
Braised Oxtail
Succulent, slow-cooked, tender braised oxtail in a rich gravy that will make your rice and peas rejoice – a true Caribbean favorite.
Brown Stew Chicken
Tender brown stewed chicken drenched in a rich and thick gravy – one of those classic dishes that pretty much every Jamaican has had before.
Jerk Pork
Tender and spicy, this slow-cooked juicy Jamaican classic will leave you licking your fingers and asking for more.
Escovitch Fish
Served across most Jamaican beach-front restaurants, this perfectly fried red snapper comes marinated in a zesty sauce of vinegar, spices, onions, carrots, and peppers.
Fried Chicken
Golden brown, crunchy outside and tender inside. Fried in a well-seasoned batter with a hint of spice.
Curried Chicken
Tender chunks of curry-clad chicken cooked to the bone. Includes potatoes and carrots for a hearty anytime meal.
Curried Goat
Tender chunks of curry-clad goat cooked to the bone. Includes potatoes and carrots for a hearty anytime meal. Perfect with white rice.
Tofu Vegetables
A delightful assortment of sauteed vegetables mixed with tofu, in a flavorful curry stew.
Ackee And Saltfish
Jamaica’s national dish! This buttery, creamy, flavorful combination literally melts in your mouth. The Jamaican breakfast of champions.
Callaloo And Saltfish
Jamaican callaloo is a popular local green leafy vegetable, cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, thyme, and Scotch bonnet pepper – perfect healthy side dish for a tropical breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Saltfish And Beans
Sauteed saltfish simmered in onions, tomatoes, and a mix of peppers. Perfect to pair with our boiled bananas, yam, or fried dumplings.
Cornmeal Porridge
Tired of the same oatmeal for breakfast? Start your day right with some sweet and thick porridge infused with earthy spices for a rich flavor.
Beef Patty (Spicy/Mild)
Savory, flavorful spicy or mild ground beef wrapped in flaky layers of our signature golden crust. A Jamaican classic.
Jerk Chicken Patty
Chunks of boneless chicken marinated in authentic smoky Jamaican jerk seasoning wrapped in layers of our signature flaky crust.
Chicken Patty
Chunks of boneless curry-covered chicken, wrapped in our signature flaky golden crust.
Patty And Coco Bread
Try your favorite Jamaican patty wrapped into a soft, buttery coco bread.
Spinach Patty
Seasoned steamed spinach wrapped in a spinach-speckled whole wheat flaky crust.
Vegetable Patty
Flaky whole wheat pastry filled with tender steamed cabbage, broccoli, corn, carrots.
Cocktail Patties
The miniature versions to our classic sized patty, these tokens of flavor are perfect appetizers for events, or even hosting at home. Available for pre-order in beef, and chicken.
Fried Dumpling
Originally called “johnny cakes,” these fried flour dumplings are crispy, golden brown on the outside, and soft on the inside. A perfect accompaniment for almost any entree; it ought to be Jamaica’s national side dish.
A sweet, fried, flour-based dumpling best served with fish or jerk chicken to provide a deliciously complimentary taste. If fried-dumpling had a party, this would be it.
Fried Plantains
These sweet ripe plantains are sliced and fried to perfection, leaving them crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. A classic Caribbean side dish traditionally served as an appetizer or with your favorite meal.
Rice And Peas
Aromatic traditional Jamaican side dish. Seasoned with thyme, garlic, and a blend of spices, this pairs perfectly with our stews, oxtail and jerk dishes.
White Rice
Gravy’s best friend.
Spinach Rice
Nutritious, flavorful and versatile, this healthier option goes well with every item on our menu.
Yellow Rice
Delicious yellow rice with a mix of corn, carrots, and green beans.
Steamed Vegetables
A medley of cabbage, carrots, corn, and peppers steamed perfectly.
Chicken Soup
The perfect balance of protein and vegetables in a hearty broth that warms you up, and fills you up.
Red Peas Soup
Red peas cooked in a flavorful herb infused coconut broth with potato, carrots, yam, and dumplings. So flavorful, comforting and warming.
Baked Goods
Bun And Cheese
A slice of cheddar cheese between two slices of our spiced bun with raisins makes a delicious snack or dessert.
Hard Dough Bread
Our famous family recipe, since 1949. Thick on the outside, dense and tender on the inside with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for sandwiches, or to toast with butter.
Rock Cake
Crunchy outside, fluffy inside, with sweet bits of coconut throughout.
Spiced Bun
Using the finest ingredients, this soft, dark, sweet bread boasts a mix of fruits and raisins. Pairs perfectly with your favorite cheese.
Tutti Fruitti
Imagine pound cake, but better, and with fruits – that is Tutti Fruiti.

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Katrina Mirazo
The staff at this Golden Krust is absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting both morning and afternoon shift employees and they were all absolutely wonderful. They were kind, patient, helpful and passionate. Aside from the amazing service and personalities, the food is delicious. Everything is fresh and full of flavor. I highly recommend visiting and enjoying some delicious Caribbean cuisine.

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Adriana Molina
Everything about this location is 5 stars. Food was amazingly delicious & service top notch. Highly recommend this location and can’t wait to be back. Much love to owners of location.

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Nikeisha Walcott
I was very disappointed with my Large Chicken soup. I was craving some good homemade Jamaican chicken soup, so I decided to check out Golden Krust (Kendall) in Colonial Plaza shopping center. When I walked in the staff was pleasant and the restaurant was clean. There was a young man who greeted me and took my order, I asked him if he could add extra dumplin to my soup and he said yes without hesitation. I could not wait to get home to devour the soup… The soup was cold, had three tiny tiny tiny pieces of dumplin, extra salty like it came out of a bag or can, and just overall REPULSIVE. Needless to say, I did not have any lunch to eat. This is NOT the Jamaican chicken soup I know and grew up on. I usually drive all the way to Golden Krust in Miami Gardens at 183rd and 7th Ave, when I want to satisfy my Jamaican food cravings. I was very hopeful that with Golden Krust Kendall reopening, the food and service would be exceptional. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Sadly, I do not plan to return as I do not want to waste my time, money, and be disappointed again. I did call the store to let them know the soup was repugnant, and I was told a manager would call me back. I never received a callback.

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Andre Ashmeade
Great service and good food. I had a spicy beef patty and some pineapple ginger. Great combination. The two girls up front were pleasant and helpful.

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Carlos L
This particular Golden Krust has come a long way, at least from my last visit which has been a few years ago. Although a small establishment, It was very clean and updated. The staff was very friendly and the Manager in charge during my visit was very courteous. The food was great, I had the traditional “Jerk Chicken, rice & peas and plantains” this meal wouldn’t be complete without the “Festival Bread” that compliments the Jerk spice speaking of Festival, I forgot how huge and dense they are and I ordered quite a few ‍♂️ I named it the “Jamaican Olive Garden breadstick” anyhow, good food, clean establishment and a courteous staff keep up the good work!

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Judy Pierre-Louis
The service was great, atmosphere is very welcoming. But the food… can’t be a real Jamaican in that kitchen. I ordered a large (which comes in what the average restaurant would consider to be a small container) stew chicken with rice and peas and that was absolutely the worst “Jamaican plate” I’ve ever had in my life. Hands down. No allspice seasoning. No browning. No scotch bonnet. The gravy is TOO sweet and the rice tasted like water. Absolutely no flavor. Driest plaintain EVER. Couldn’t finish the plate, I gave it to the homeless guy down by the Family Dollar and went across the street to Sangos. Food is overpriced and unauthentic. My most humblest opinion. Not Jamaican food but JAMERICAN food.

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Shauna Mitchell
I was so happy to see the reopening of Golden Krust. My family and I enjoyed the oxtail, jerk and brown stew chicken. The staff was wonderful while I placed my order.. Big Ups to Bridgette, Michael and Wayne.

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This evening dinner was fantastic with great courtesy from the owner now highly recommend to come in and enjoy a good Jamaican Caribbean food this place is a five-star in service and great food.

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Sharon M Thompson
My husband I went to check out the restaurant customer service was excellent, not to mention the food delicious highly recommend them. Awesome service

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Abiola Mcintyre
I am delighted to see golden krust opened couldn’t wait to get their and go food crazy.I love the patties,oxtails peas and rice was delicious the cucumber ginger juice was my favorite ❤️.

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