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Type : Restaurant

Location : Paterson, NJ

Based on 132 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.3 stars. Price

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Gyro king Restaurant 07503

838 Main St, Paterson, NJ 07503

Phone: (973) 250-6222



Tuesday 10 AM–3 AM
Wednesday 10 AM–3 AM
Thursday 10 AM–3 AM
Friday 10 AM–3 AM
Saturday 10 AM–3 AM
Sunday 10 AM–3 AM
Monday 10 AM–3 AM

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Akshar Jani
Humble Gem Serving Delicious Gyros and More

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Jessica Catherine
Do not eat here. I just purchased a lamb and chicken over rice and had to throw it away. The meats are not prepared to order like most gyro king stores and the worst of it all is that I can taste the dirty tap water throughout the food. Every bite I took tasted like dirty tap water and I hate tap water. I also found a hair weaved into my falafel. I love the gyro king franchise but this particular store is disgusting.

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Jay Gray
One of my favorite spots for a quick bite.

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Raj S
First time.. Lotssssss of food 🙂 if you are really HUNGRY this is the place to go ! cheap food , worth the money.. a gyro costed around 5$ , and they had so much meat that we couldnt finish.. Same with chicken over rice.. if you see the pic, its filled with meat, and rice, and still 7$ only.. Make sure you can sleep after a good lunch 🙂 parking is an issue and thats why the 4 stars.. nice spot for a quick lunch.. I asked for kebabs, but they ran out of it (not sure if it was frozen, as he looked inside the fridge).. overall, we loved it.. keep up the good food.. Time to sleep now …. grrrr

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O Ok
Warning DO NOT COME HERE. They only use the halal name to lure the customers in the area. Not halal

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Safwan Hussain
Worst place ever to go to this place takes forever. I waited there for 45 min and they still didn’t give me my food after a while they did and they forgot to make something else I ordered. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!!!

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I LOVE middle eastern food but MAN, when I first smelled the food, it was not right at all. This is probably the first time I’ve ever thrown out food after buying it.

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I used to go to this store everyday but now that there are new workers they seem to miss out on some training. Yellow rice very bland with no type of flavor whatsoever on the chicken & lamb mix. I also remember when prices for that dish were 7$ they bumped to 10$ all of a sudden within a couple of months I would not recommend at all. Go get your money well spent somewhere else no cap it was so bad I had to write a essay on this that’s crazy gang.

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Sophie S
We didn’t get gyros but my kids liked the chicken strips and burgers.

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edgar ochoa
The ugliest gyro i”ve ever eaten.

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