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Type : Dominican restaurant

Location : Bridgeport, CT

Based on 406 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.2 stars. Price $

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Junco Restaurant 06604

557 Harral Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Phone: (203) 275-8356



Saturday 7 AM–10 PM
Sunday 7 AM–10 PM

(Labor Day)
7 AM–10 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 7 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 7 AM–10 PM
Thursday 7 AM–10 PM
Friday 7 AM–10 PM

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Bernardo Alves
I’ve been eating here for 20+ years. Same quality food, same owners. I grew up on this street. This place is worth trying. Always busy.

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Shunu Bryant
They not friendly servers I was there and some guys walked in and the lady just over looked me. And asked them what they was having. I was like no I was here first. With her rude self. If you dont want to serve black people. Then you in the wrong field .

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Sharaya Smith
This is a tough one because the food is on point, especially with the items that are more consistently placed on the menu. The service however, is not always good. I used to come here much more often than I do now. I feel like the service might be better for the non-black, Spanish speaking folk but that’s never been my experience so, take that with a grain of salt. I can’t account for your own personal feelings. That being said, another good point is that you can usually find a decent parking spot by Columbus School. I never eat in at this spot, again because I NEVER feel welcome in these kinds of spots (all over Bpt) but that’s up to you. They used to let me buy a couple pieces of the chicharron with my meals but recently, the lady tried to make me purchase a $3 minimum, so, I don’t even ask for it anymore. At any rate, the picture shows what’s left of my small order of pig ears and yellow rice. Small orders can be anywhere from $3 to $5. Good food prices are decent depending on how stingy and attentive the person is on the day you go. Sometimes you end up getting more rice than anything, fyi. Not the only spot that does that but just to let you know.

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caroline liranzo
Although the place is clean and the workers are very nice the ambience is not where I would stay to eat

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Veronica Medina
They WILL walk all over you if you don’t speak up. You’re paying, tell them EXACTLY what you want because the service is horrible. Only about 2 of the women are nice, the rest are aholes. The FOOD however. DELICIOUS.

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Akisha C
This place, and Coquito are my absolute favorite go to Spanish restaurants in Bridgeport. The food has awesome flavor and perfectly cooked. The staff is extremely nice & welcoming. I’ll definitely be back. By the way they have a big dining area in the back, so you can bring your whole family for a delicious meal!

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Jaeda Daniel
I love their liver meal and their yellow rice!!! I ordered fried fish separately . Yummy

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Raquel Reyes
It’s is the second time I order from there and I don’t think I will again! Just not good or worth the money the plantains are not crunchy the sweet ones are over ripe the rice is too bland and so are the beans! I was not happy with all the money I spent and they never have pasteles when I call!!!

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Ann Mary Flaz
Yesterday 3/8 I went to this place around 8:30pm. I have never been to this restaurant before, needless to say it was my first time there. I chose to visit and see what this place was all about due to the reviews of others. I must say people that have made these comments oh how “good” the food is here must really not know what Dominican food taste like. I am Dominican and I come from New York City (Bronx) not to be confused with upstate NY. Where you find all types of food especially Dominican restaurants in almost every single corner. The food last night was gross to say the least, the rice was tasteless! It was colored food with about 2 or 3 chick peas. The whole chicken was dry and tasteless as well, just looked “pretty “ again just painted with achote. My husband ordered the pigs feet and ears and it was disgusting. I mean I should have known better than to order from this place once I walked into the establishment and saw the food it really didn’t look appetizing, but everything else was closing so, I have it the benefit of doubt and ordered anyway. The beans tasted sweet and not savory as they should , the sweet plantains weren’t ripped as they should be even after I asked the girl at the counter if they were she assured me yes! After waiting for my sweet plantains and getting the check to pay I noticed a discrepancy on the amount of the family combo, their menu states $18.95 for the whole chicken combo but yet I was charged $21 asked the girl again, if their prices have changed because I am being charged more than what the combo on their menu says, she mentioned they did change(so why haven’t you changed it on the menus?) paid over $50 in food and it was like I took the money and threw it away in the trash, because that’s exactly where the food ended up going after a few bites of it. Husband ended up with stomach issues and diarrhea! I gave the breast of the chicken to my dogs and one of them threw up the chicken last night and this morning, that’s how nasty this food was. I wouldn’t recommend anyone who knows what food should be or tastes like go here. I will not be returning ,this place doesn’t deserve my money. When I don’t feel like cooking myself I will go to caridad restaurant, much better food way better service as well!

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Pamela Rodriguez
Place is very small ,not super clean but you can seat down and eat. as you spec from DR music always playing ☺️. I will said that’s a take out more than a date place.Foodis great price are good.

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