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Type : Chinese restaurant

Location : San Jose, CA

Part of a local chain of no-frills eateries serving dim sum, BBQ pork & other Chinese dishes. Based on 752 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.3 stars. Price $

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King Egg Roll 95133

980 Lundy Ave, San Jose, CA 95133

Phone: (408) 729-8307



Friday 10 AM–7 PM
Saturday 10 AM–7 PM
Sunday 10 AM–7 PM

(Labor Day)
10 AM–7 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 10 AM–7 PM
Wednesday 10 AM–7 PM
Thursday 10 AM–7 PM

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mars gemini
Prices as of 2022.12.20

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I TOTALLY RECOMMEND KING EGG ROLL for ALL travelers who love Chinese food. Locals u must be new to the area if u haven’t tried this joint. Look at this menu and if u don’t mind driving off course go here! This joint is WAY BETTER than ur usual fast food place. I know it’s better than Panda Express! Egg rolls are fresh and so crunchy… Shumai is so good… u have ur veggies. All of the menu is soooo good!!! Fried rice… noodles Oh Yeah! Fried Shrimp Balls! Whenever I am near King EGG ROLL in San Jose I always make that B-line for it! I live in the Central Valley. A++++ 5 Stars!

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Joanna Fuentez
I loved how quick the line moved here! The food is delicious and I recommend the fried bananas if you’ve not yet tried them. I’ll be back here soon!

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Dolores Cudia
Convenience food. Thought. the sweet and sour was pork, but it was chicken. And only two chairs were available, we grab them. Just a very small eatery.

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Recetas de Lili Anna
You need to try the chicken chow main and chicken egg rolls with fried rice

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Angela Chung
My mom loves this place, but I think it is just okay. We of course got their egg rolls, as well as some other dim sum dishes. I think there are better restaurants in the area, so they are getting three stars because they are surrounded by tough competition. I would have given them six stars if they were located in a place without other good Chinese food options.

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Anthony Garcia
King egg roll is great. The food choices were excellent. I enjoyed myself.

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I got the orange chicken and lo mein, and I have to say the quality of the chicken meat itself was very poor. Could not eat most pieces as meat was too chewy/stringy.

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Jerica XO
I got the orange chicken and sweet&sour chicken it had a disgusting flavor and texture. The worst part is the after taste of blood!!Yuck!! I was so disappointed because it was so pricey and I had to basically toss it out and go back to work. Will not be back, do not recommend.

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Wendy Laney
They have the best egg rolls. I have been coming here for 30 years and they are always excellent. Cash and carry only.

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