Kseni Mademoiselle French Boutique Cafe Menu – Evergreen, CO

Type : French restaurant

Location : Evergreen, CO

Based on 7 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.1 stars. Price

Kseni Mademoiselle French Boutique Cafe 80439

29017 Hotel Way, Evergreen, CO 80439

Phone: (303) 526-0484


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Stephanie Cantu
Husband and I had to hit up Home Depot yesterday and decided to go to Starbucks before we headed home. He sighted this place out of the corner of his eye and saw macaroons, so we had to stop cause….well I live for those things. I’ve had a few macaroons in a few places in the mountains, yeah don’t waste your time. GO HERE! Honestly, they were so freaking good! Can’t wait to go and get some more. Plus, the woman who checked us out was really nice and informative. Store has a cute atmosphere too. Wonder if they serve lunch? They did have some pastries too though! Not somewhere you would sit and eat, but there are plenty of parks around!

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S Y Kang
We drove an hour to treat ourselves here and they were closed. Sign said they are open til 3, we got here around 1:30. Sign also said they’ll be closed from May 7-11th. Today is the 13th so they should be open! Disappointed and very unprofessional.

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Rab Herring
I love the evergreen cake there. It’s called the Paris cake at their other stores. It has so many layers of flavors. And they go together very exquisitely. It has finally chopped nuts on top. A little bit a raspberry drizzled. And has layers of texture too. several layers of a paper crispiness. I thin layer or two of something chewy. And several creamy pudding layers. It’s hard to describe. But it’s rich, delicate and extremely delicious.

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Love this place. But just went to have tea time and macaroons with my little girl, and they were closed. Google says theyre open til 4 today. There sign says 3 today. Its 2:45. Its a shame.

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Alex Middleton
Breathtaking works of art. Almost a shame to eat. But it’s delicious. So you have to eat it.

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Atticus Wilbern
I just went there and got Fiji water and they were friendly that a want to go back! It was I just want to go back!

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Luke Black
Great coffee, delicious cakes truffles and macaroons mmmmmm..

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