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Type : Restaurant

Location : Windsor Heights, IA

Based on 285 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.5 stars. Price $$

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Little Brother 50324

6587 University Ave, Windsor Heights, IA 50324

Phone: (515) 277-7907



Sunday 8 AM–2 PM

(Labor Day)
8 AM–2 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 8 AM–2 PM
Wednesday 8 AM–9 PM
Thursday 8 AM–9 PM
Friday 8 AM–9 PM
Saturday 8 AM–9 PM


Caramel Apple Martini
Vodka / apple schnapps / buttershot
Fall Peach Cobbler
Crown / peach schnapps / cinnamon whiskey / root beer
Holiday White Russian
Vodka / kahlua / chef mac’s house made egg nog
Irish Coffee
Jameson / baileys / whip / crème de minth
Peace Tree Brewery Lake Loop Pale Ale Can $3.00
Biscuit & Gravy Fries
Schmaltz biscuit croutons / sausage gravy / sauteed peppers & onions

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Mahlon White
Finally got around to trying this place. We were one of the only tables eating at the time. The atmosphere is interesting and the servers were amazing. The food was a little lacking, onion rings had great batter but way too much onion. The French toast was really dense and eggy, to the point it felt like a fried egg on the bottom of the french toast. The only saving grace was the brisket skillet. That was really good. I think I will try this place one more time but for breakfast.

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Hailey Warren
Food here is amazing! Been here twice for breakfast and it’s become one of my new favorite spots. Service is always great and staff is super friendly. You must also try the breakfast shots.

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Michael Wittmann
One of the best places I have ever been for breakfast. We had the banana foster pancakes and the soon to be famous breakfast sandwich with smashed baby potatoes. Sooooo good! The ice cream on the pancakes was the clincher. We will be back for sure! Well done Little Brother!

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MtZ Reviewz
Truly creative! From drinks (non alcohol) to other drinks (with alcohol) to what probably is best described as the ecclesiastical menu choices. It had words I’d heard or knew existed but had never seen them on a menu.. pressed Celery seed drink? Can anyone tell me one other place that’s got that as a drink option? I think brintz is on there somewhere, or maybe blubes, I don’t know. I do know: it’s all delicious!

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Erin Minor
The brunch items are creative and really done well. If you go early enough you can avoid the crowds (we got in with no wait) and the food comes out super quickly (it seems to operate like a well-oiled machine).

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Andrea King
Our new favorite local hang! The service is so great and speedy, and we haven’t found a dish there yet that hasn’t blown our minds. But we ALWAYS have to get the pancakes!

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Rebecca Cai
Loved coming here and trying their giant cinnamon roll! Excellent service from Chelsea, great atmosphere and vibe, also tried one of their mocktails “The Golden Ticket” which was excellent. This place is kid friendly without coming off as a Chuck E Cheese type place, but also seemed perfect for a morning out with girlfriends (which is why I was there). Will come again!

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Sally Dulinsky
Funky little place with child themed decorations and a wonderful breakfast. The bananas Foster pancakes were decadent and the serving was huge. I imbibed with an iced “Iowish” coffee which was out of this world. I could have had a couple more if I’d taken an uber! It’s similar to Irish coffee, but made with Revelton cream whiskey which was very smooth. The friendly waitress told me about a new menu item, the apple fritter, so I took one home. It also was supremely tasty with liquor soaked apples fried into heavenly pastry, drenched in chantilly cream! Not for weight watchers! I will definitely go again.

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Jason Krommenhoek
Heard about this place from a family friend so we just had to try it.

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John Marino
Great food regular Benny and lox Benny and don’t forget the breakfast shot!

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