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Type : Italian restaurant

Location : Arvada, CO

We are a finely curated group of highly trained chef’s and cocktail chemists. Our goal is to provide our community with the finest blend of Italian and american cuisine as well as Detroit Style Pizza. Mangiami’s food and beverage programs have been created with our beautiful community in mind.

Based on 127 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.6 stars. Price

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Mangiami 80002

5614 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80002

Phone: (303) 997-9605


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Saturday 12–11 PM
Sunday 12–9 PM

(Labor Day)
Tuesday 5–10 PM
Wednesday 5–10 PM
Thursday 5–10 PM
Friday 5–11 PM


Chefs Meatballs
Local Ground Beef + Breadcrumbs + Garlic + Onion + Red Wine Reduction + Crimini Mushroom + Onion + San Marzano Sauce + Parmesan I Basil + EVOO
Focaccia + Chile Soffritto
Made In House Daily! Focaccia Bread + Garlic + Soffritto Oil
Roasted Cabbage
Roasted cabbage + East Coast Cheese Blend Crust + San Marzano Sauce + Pesto + Parmesan
Tahini + Lemon Hummus
Chefs Hummus + Lemon + Tahini + Fire Roasted Pita + Celery + Carrot + Watermelon Radish + Cucumber + Sesame Seed + EVOO
Mangiami Stock + San Marzano Tomato + Mirepoix + Roasted Garlic + Garbanzo Bean + Cabbage + Potato + Rosemary + Thyme + Sage
Mangiami Insalata
Greens + Watermelon Radish + Cherry Tomato + Red Onion + Olive + Sunflower seedHouse Dressings: Italian, Ranch, Elderberry Vin, Balsamic + Oil
Michigan Harvest Insalata
Fresh Spring Greens + Romaine + Apple + Red Onion I Elderberry Vin Dressing + Dried Cranberry + Salted Marcona Almond + Sunflower + Sesame Seed
Caesar Insalata
Romaine Lettuce + House Caesar Dressing + Focaccia Crouton + Watermelon Radish + Red Onion + Parmesan + Sunflower+ Sesame Seeds + Lemon
Pistachio Pesto Gnocchi
Potato Gnocchi + Pistachio Pesto + Roasted Tomato + Parmesan + Lemon + Chiffonade Basil + Pistachio
Mushroom Alfredo
Crimini Mushroom + Red Onion + White Wine + Butter + Cream + Parmesan + Linguine + Sesame + Sunflower Seed + Lemon + Parsley Add Pancetta +4 Add Prosciutto +4 Add Aged Parmesan +2
Mom’s Spaghetti
San Marzano tomato sauce + Roasted Garlic + Onion + Red Wine Reduction + Spaghetti + Sherry Vin + Chiffonade Basil + Crushed Red Pepper + EVOO
Linguine Bolognese
Charred Italian Beef Crumbles + Crimini Mushroom + Onion + Garlic + San Marzano Sauce + Local Linguine + Chiffonade Basil + Pistachio
Build Your Own Detroit Style Pizza
Base Pizza
Model T
East Coast Cheese Blend + Old World Pepperoni + San Marzano Sauce I Basil
East Coast Cheese Blend + Old World Pepperoni + Calabrian Peppers + Red Chili Flakes + Garlic Confit + San Marzano Sauce I Basil
Gusto + Amore
House favorite! Pizza insalata! East Coast Cheese Blend + Lettuce + Watermelon Radish + Red Onion + Giardiniera I Sesame Seed + Sunflower Seed Choice of Dressing: Italian, Mangiami House Ranch, Balsamic + Oil
East Coast Cheese Blend + Potato + Red Onion + Parmesan + Rosemary + Pistachio + Garlic Confit Oil
Mozzarella + Sundried Tomato + Pesto + San Marzano Sauce
East Coast Cheese Blend + Old World Pepperoni + Pancetta + Prosciutto + Roasted Tomato + Pepperoncini + Red Onion Crimini Mushroom + Giardiniera + San Marzano Sauce + Basil + Garlic Butter + Aged Parmesan Crust
East Coast Cheese Blend + 4 Chefs Meatballs + San Marzano Sauce + Garlic Confit Oil + Parmesan + Basil
Cheese blend + Italian Beef Crumbles + Pepperoni + Red Onion + Pepperoncini + Greens + Tomato + House Italian Dressing + Roasted Garlic Ranch + Sesame + Sunflower
Chevy Caprice
Fresh Mozzarella + East Coast Cheese Blend + San Marzano Sauce + Cherry Tomato + Parmesan + EVOO + Basil
Coke Bottle, Sprite Bottle, Diet Coke
Bevimi – Mangiami House Lager $6.00
New Terrain Golden Haze IPA $7.00
Left Hand Sawtooth Amber Ale $7.00
Montucky Cold Snack $5.00
Honey Brown Lager $7.00
Odell Sippin’ Pretty $7.00
Odell IPA $6.00
Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout $7.00
Grolsch $7.00
Peroni $7.00
Birra Moretti $7.00
Lindeman’s Framboise $12.00
Bitburger Drive
Non-Alcoholic (0.0%)
Non-Alcoholic (.5%)
Sangria Rubino
Lambrusco + Stravecchio Brandy + Bauchant Orange Liqueur + Fruit
White Negroni
Broker’s Gin + Breckenridge Bitter + Carpano Bianco Vermouth + Lavender Bitters
Italian Margarita
Reposado Tequila + Bauchant Orange Liqueur + Lemon + Sugar + Amaretto
Lil’ Italy
Rye Whiskey + Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth + Amaro Pellegrino + Bitters
Standard Espresso Martini
Vodka + Caffe Borghetti + Irish Cream + Cold Brew
Vanilla Espresso Martini
360 Vanilla Vodka + Caffe Borghetti + Irish Cream + Cold Brew
Chocolate Espresso Martini
360 Chocolate Vodka + Caffe Borghetti + Irish Cream + Cold Brew
Tuscan Sea
Gin + Elderflower Liqueur + Blue Curucao + Lemon + Egg White + Sugar
Biscotti Olde Fashioned
Bourbon + Stravecchio Brandy + Faretti Biscotti Liqueur + Bitters + Amaretto Spritz
(S.I.T) Sicilian Iced Tea
Vodka + Don Q Cristal Rum + Shanky’s Whip + Amaro Nonino + Bauchant Orange Liqueur + Lemon + Sugar + Cola Splash
Spinelli Montepulciano
Spinelli Cabernet Sauvignon
Donna Laura Alteo Chianti Reserva
Spinelli Pinot Grigio
La Capranera Falanghina
Folonari Chardonnay
Valdo Numero Uno Prosecco
Cantina Terlan Pinot Grigio
Odell Wine Project Riesling
Donna Laura Bramosia Chianti Classico DOCG
Legit Cabernet Sauvignon
Caparzo Brunello Di Montalcino

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Sarah Reinke
Absolutely love Mangiami! It is so hard to find a place with vegan options and Mangiami has plenty! We started with the hummus, huge portion and absolutely delicious. Then we had the pasta and the pizza, both were amazing. I don’t love vinegar so I asked if the sauce could be modified, it couldn’t but the server brought me a taster so I could try it before ordering. Great service, great vibes and great food! We will be back!

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Overall Mangiami is really good. The service was a little slow but it happens when a restaurant is busy. The pizza was fantastic and tasted almost like blue pan pizza in Denver. The pizza is the best in Olde Town, way better than home grown. The gnocchi was dry and overcooked, but other than that everyone really enjoyed the food. Definitely worth a try if you are in Olde Town.

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Yvonne Lee
If you’re looking for amazing Detroit style pizza, search no further!! We got the Firebird pizza, soft dough piled with tons of cheese, pepperoni cups, with a little bit of spicy zing. Other dishes were also amazing – mushroom Alfredo pasta was rich and creamy, Mom’s spaghetti was simple but fresh. The meatball appetizer special pairs great with the pastas, and the Caesar salad is a more elevated than what you normally find elsewhere.

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Jeff B
Incredible. I’m from Detroit and have had different Detroit style pizzas over the years. This was by far the best one I’ve ever had (bronco). The ingredients were fresh and the crust was perfect. Highly recommend to all.

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Very good food the Chicago pizza it’s awesome, crispy taste… we order the Cadillac and firebird. Nice ambience and service, live music (we aware that it’s difficult to chat when the music is on). Good bar with selection and it was a Friday Fernet with many fernet cocktails options. Cool glasses for some drinks..

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Lina Kleinschmidt
It is very clear the chefs care deeply about the food. We got the cabbage, gnocchi, and pizza and all were tasty and interesting in their own way. We are excited to come back and try more dishes!

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Steve Baron
As a long time Arvada resident, I am thrilled that an artisan Detroit-style pizza place has popped up seemingly overnight! To call them just that is selling this fantastic restaurant short, however that is what I ordered. They also have a delicious looking entree menu which I will undoubtedly come back to try. However, I ordered an amazing Old World pepperoni style pizza and added what was clearly homemade giardiniera. I asked for it well done so if you think it looks black in the pictures don’t let that throw you off because that is how I like it and they nailed it. Oh and the cocktails! The espresso martini and housemade limoncello reminded me of the times I visited the Western side of Italy. And the service was outstanding! Ashleigh was delightful and so attentive. Although this restaurant is new she knew the menu up and down and even recommended a spicy balsamic to drizzle on my pizza and that took it to a whole new level.

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Becca Wolf
Not impressed. Food was fine. Service was fine. Atmosphere was fine. But for the price I was hoping for better than “fine”. Not many entrée options on the menu unless you are there for the pizza (we weren’t, so maybe that’s what we should have ordered?). Pasta was good, sauce was okay.

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Matt P
This is top tier Detroit style pizza! The meatball appetizer and Caesar salad was great too. Service was excellent.

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Kevin Anderson
Excellent service and fantastic food. Couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m thrilled this new restaurant picked Old Town Arvada for their location. Was undecided about my favorite style of pizza before but it’s definitely the Detroit style they serve here. Got the Firebird pizza and it had just the right amount of spice. Highly recommend.

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