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Type : Restaurant

Location : Salt Lick, KY

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Midland Grocery & Frostee Freeze 40371

11295 US-60, Salt Lick, KY 40371

Phone: (606) 683-6161




(Labor Day)
Tuesday 11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–8 PM
Thursday 7 AM–8 PM
Friday 11 AM–8 PM
Saturday 11 AM–8 PM
Sunday 11 AM–8 PM

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Pamela Curtis
This little frosty freeze has got it going on. The food is delicious. We love both their breakfast and lunch. We have never had a bad experience here. Very friendly people. They are a very busy little place so please have patience, they truly do their best. Enjoyed, enjoyed. Highly recommend!!!

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Danae Mullins
I have been coming here since I was a kid. This being the only place in my area to get take out, we loved it! When Mike McKenize owned it, that is. I’m not sure how long the “new” owner has had the place but the food is still the same. It taste GREAT and the young men & women who work there are sweet and polite. However, a FROSTY FREEZE is supposed to have ice-cream. I understand machines break down and parts need ordered. I ask if the ice-cream machine is working Every time I go there, in hopes the parts have arrived. Today, I ask and was told no. So I stated “ I absolutely LOVE the ice cream here, I wish the owner would get it fixed!” I then heard a man ( the owner ) say “we have the parts ordered”. Simple response right? Well, it’s the WAY he said it. He was irritated and seemed to take great offense to my statement. I told him that I loved the ice cream and no other place around has the same as he does. He stated again “the parts are ordered”. The place was PACKED so maybe he was overwhelmed or upset at something….no way to tell. But he was very rude and standoffish because I like their ice cream and was curious as to when I could enjoy it again HA HA. To beat it off, after his statement about the parts, he rolled his eyes and looked away. I continued to place my order. One of the young ladies then came to the window and grabbed the “tips” jar. Like I was going to dip my fingers in it or something. Now, maybe I’m hangry….not sure. We’ll see once I eat this chicken…but be a little nicer when people give compliments. Other than that (take the owner completely out of the equation )…perfect place for food. But remember…THE PARTS ARE ORDERED and the ice cream machine is down. For the 2nd week….and the 3rd….and now the 4th. Oh…an I waited 30min for my food while other cars ( about 10 ) got their order and left. Rant over.

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Annette HInes
Best place to eat if your close to cave run lake! Known for there ice cream cones and milkshakes, their butterscotch is my favorite. They have great home cooked food as well. I often get grilled cheese, deep fried dill pickles and the bacon ranch fries. The picture is bacon ranch fries, delicious!!

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shawn donathan
I really like this place. Good menu choices and good food. Big portions.

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Hamilton outdoors
Great food, great service. Simple country diner.

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Best chili dogs around! Not the fastest place but that tells me our food is made fresh to order. Love the onion rings here as well. Great ice cream too!! The staff is always nice.

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Tea Martin
Delicious dive! The burgers are the bomb diggity! The mushrooms are the best ever. And the carbonation in the Pepsi was perfect. Yum.

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Brandon Gamble
If you are around on a Sunday please try the meatloaf dinner. I HATE meatloaf, and this is so good I wish I had the recipe. My wife also hates meatloaf, and she also loves it. The sides included with the dinner are great also. Southern style green beans with ham and onion cooked in. Homeade mashed potatoes n gravy. They also make good shakes and malts also. Were from Michigan, and hit this place up every time we’re in town.

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brina s
Hamburger off the chain… ice cream on a cone no joke..it is big..when you order a small..

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Hurline Jarvis
Love it, great service, great food, great pricing, and big portions. Would recommend to anyone.

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