Sakura Japanese Menu – Brecksville, OH

Type : Japanese steakhouse

Location : Brecksville, OH

Eatery for tableside hibachi cooking, bento boxes, sushi, Thai staples & traditional Japanese fare. Based on 211 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.0 stars. Price

Sakura Japanese 44141

8409 Chippewa Rd, Brecksville, OH 44141

Phone: (440) 526-3300


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Audrey Hornyak
My boyfriend and I went there yesterday for our anniversary and not only was the grille master fun and outgoing but we told him it was our anniversary and he made the food say I ♡ you! Most hibachi places probably won’t do that. Food was delicious not too overly soy sauced. Definitely worth the price! We will be going back there again!

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I have been to several Hitachi restaurants. I am not sure if the chef was new but he didn’t say anything, offer anything and said he never gets tips,, hmm. It was absolutely awful and the steak tasted like it was on its last leg.

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victory vday
Great food. Everything from hibachi, to curry, to beer and liquor. They specialize in sushi. A good place to go once a week just to try something different every time. I had chicken curry and Volcano Sushi if I remember correctly. Service was great and experience authentic.

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Nate Bezik
I had a wonderful lunch here, had a nice variety of sushi, sashimi, and a tuna roll, plus the miso soup was good starter. I would love to have the opportunity to come back and try more of what they have available.

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Anne Gearo
Sushi was to die for! Drinks were great as well, and service was nice. Our server was very knowledgeable and answered any questions we had.

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Андрій Ребрик
Very, very nice place! Tasty shrimps, rice and beer! Best recommendations

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Came here for lunch and got the Chirashi. It was great! Nice clean restaurant close to the Brecksville reservation. Wouldn’t mind stopping by again.

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Dorothy Zhao
Super cute place! Great, efficient service for a birthday dinner

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JA Martin
It wasn’t busy so we sat right down. Hibachi was delicious and staff was friendly and attentive.

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Nicole Rapp
It was okay. Rap music was playing fairly loudly and was hard to hear each other. My husband’s vegetarian dish was perfectly stir fried and not overdone but my sushi was not that good. The seaweed wrap was chewy, the avocado seemed less fresh and I could not taste much tempura on the spicy salmon tuna roll. I would try a stir fry there again but not sushi.

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