Type : Caribbean restaurant

Location : Indianapolis, IN

Based on 36 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.5 stars. Price $$

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10045 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Phone: (317) 986-4116



Sunday 9 AM–8 PM

(Labor Day)
9 AM–10 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 9 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–10 PM
Thursday 9 AM–10 PM
Friday 9 AM–10 PM
Saturday 9 AM–11 PM


Hello Ladies and gentleman , we The SASHA CARIBBEAN RESTAURANT located at Indianapolis, Indiana. Our wonderful restaurant welcomes everyone who love new tasty delicious Caribbean foods. LOVE TO HAVE YOU GUYS, WE SERVE YOU WITH GREAT RESPECT ATTITUDE AND LOVE. STAY BLESS.
Fries Goat Curry
Serve either with fry plantain and vegetables salad and, or white or brown rice.
Haitian Griot
Come with fries plantain and, or white or brown rice and some spices.
Big Fish Or Medium
Come with fries plantain, macaroni cheese, white or brown rice.
Chicken Wings Dinner
With French fries, or fries plantain, or rice.
Haitian Legume(Mixes Vegetables)
White rice with beans, or brown rice.
Source Goat Curry
White rice with beans, or brown rice.
Fries Turkey
Serve with French fries, or fries plantain, or rice.
Turkey Curry Source
Serve with white rice or brown.
Serve with white rice and beans, or brown rice or fries plantain.

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Shirley C
The food was a little overcooked. They do not have diet drinks. We had to ask for our drink after our food was brought out. The black rice was very good. Salad no dressing offered.

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Chioma Nwadike
I ate everything except the legumes because it contained meat. I requested one without meat but maybe the lady forgot. The akra is the most spiciest akra I have ever eaten but everything was very flavorful.

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Rolandia Paul
The food is okay most of the time. I usually get turkey but whenever I do change im not always ecstatic about it. There isnt much consistency with what they have available. But i guess its okay cant ask for much

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Missy Vail
Absolutely amazing food!! I love this place. We came on a Thursday. I had the oxtail and my daughter had the fried chicken.

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Jean Zidor
I honestly don’t know why I thought an in person order would make a difference. Ordered the fried chicken with rice and beans & Fried pork fritay with a side of rice accompanied by two cola courounne totaling $50. The pork, fried plantains and chicken was charred, the oil was too hot. I guess that’s acceptable to their regular customers. It’s really not worth the price…

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Linda E
Ok, hate to say it but… jerk chicken no

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Jumall Lan
Worse restaurants I’m town the food tasteless and expensive .come on people do something good .

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Bland food and long waits. My buddy and I walked in and there was no staff or instructions on whether to sit or order at the register. After a few minutes we had to go up to the register to order but the waitress took another couple’s order at their table. She was very nice despite the odd ordering style. I ordered the fried chicken and a side of plantains. There were only two other tables of people in the restaurant and it still took 30 minutes for the food to arrive. The food was cooked very well–hot and crispy–but I don’t think they seasoned the chicken and the plantains weren’t quite ripe. The spicy cole slaw looking stuff in the plastic container was really good though. Unfortunately, that was the only highlight of the experience.

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Fdn Future
I don’t know how but on Monday the food was good but Tuesday the food was completely trash . They need to taste them good before serve it to people. Really disappointed that day . I know u guys know how to cook if u not available do not just give someone to cook.

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yessi malikidogo
This is like going back home for my children and I, regular customers in addition to the barbershop, they are like family and treat us as such WE LOVE IT!

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