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Type : American restaurant

Location : Little Rock, AR

Classy bistro providing refined seafood & meat dishes with wine & cocktails in a rustic-style space. Based on 320 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.0 stars. Price $$$

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No delivery

So Restaurant Bar 72205

3610 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: (501) 663-1464


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Friday 4–10 PM
Saturday 4–10 PM
Sunday 4–9 PM

(Labor Day)
Tuesday 4–9 PM
Wednesday 4–9 PM
Thursday 4–9 PM


Soups & Salads
Mean Joe Green’s French Onion Soup $14.00
Caesar Salad
Baby Romaine | Buttered Baguette Crouton | Tellicherry Peppercorns | Pecorino | Marinated White Anchovies
House Salad
Baby Kale | Shallot | Pomegranate & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds | Butternut Dijoin & Maple Crème Vinaigrette
Soup Du Jour $14.00
Bread Service $6.00
Petite Fare
Crispy Brussel Sprouts
Bacon & Champagne Aioli | Pecorino | Tellicherry Peppercorns
Panko Calamari Steak Strips | Chilled Edamame | Mirin & Plum
Blackened Seafood Fondue
Shrimp & Crab Bechamel | Blended Cheeses | Toasted French Loaf
Mac & Cheese
Trottole Pasta | White Wine Mornay
Roasted Beef Marrow
Rendered Marrow & Wilted Arugula | Toasted Baguette | Fresh Berries | Wilted Arugula Salad
Cheese Board For Two $14.00
Cheese Board For Four $22.00
Prawn Cocktail
4 Poached Tiger Prawns | House Cocktail Sauce
Steamed Blue Mussels
Saffron Tomato Broth | Caramelized Vidalia | Basil | Grilled Baguette
Roasted Beef Marrow
Canoe Beef Femur | Grilled Baguette | Mixed Berry Coulis | Wilted Baby Kale
Lump Crab Cakes
Panko-Crusted Lump Crab | Scallions | Meyer Lemon & Truffle Beurre Fondue
Oysters On The 1/2 Shell
Flown-In Chef Selected Pacific Oysters
Seafood Tour
12 Oysters | 6 Chilled Prawns | 1/2 Pound Steamed Mussels
Millennium Meatball
3-Day Braised Prime Beef | Carrot & Cognac Espagnole
Family Roast
Slow Braised Prime Tenderloin Roast | Carrot & Baby Red Mash | Crispy Brussels | Red Wine Jus
Steak Frits
French Onion Brined NY Strip | Hand Cut Frits | Vinegar’d Shallots | Compound Butter
House Filet
Prime Beef Tenderloin | Carrot & Baby Red Potato Mash | Blistered Asparagus | Marchand de Vin Jus | Melted Gorgonzola
Cold Smoked Salmon
Seared Norwegian Salmon | Purple Potato & Butternut Squash Hash | Bacon Jam | Cranberry & Orange Beurre Blanc
Monkfish Italiano
Poached Allmouth Tail | Truffle Risotto | Chanterelles | Cara Cara & Elderflower Butter | Dark Opal Basil & Chive
Duroc Pork Loin
Raspberry Tea Brined Loin Cut | Pork Jowl & Sweet Corn Mash | Haricot Verts | Smoked Paprika & Peppered Pear Crème
Everglades Gumbo
V8 Tiger Prawns | Andouille & Alligator Tail | Stewed San Marranos & File Trinity | Duck Fat Roux
Duck De Violate
Crisped Duck Breast | Purple Potato | Wine-Steamed Sweet Corn & Shallot | Crème de Violate & Cognac Reduction
Duck De Violet
Crisped Duck Breast | Purple Potato | Wine Steamed Sweet Corn & Shallot | Crème de Violate & Cognac Reduction
Sumac Roasted Chicken
Sumac Encrusted Chicken Breast | Farro | Haricot Verts | Cracklin’ | Lemon Verbena & Vermouth Velouté
Spanish Saffron & Smoked Poblano Risotto (V)
Wooden-Spoon Arborio | Gournay | Smoked Arugula
Sautéed Mushrooms $8.00
Mixed Sautéed Vegetables $8.00
Potato & Carrot Mash $8.00
Cream Corn $8.00
Grilled Asparagus $8.00
Green Bean Almondine $8.00
Hand-Cut Blackened Frits $8.00

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I had been wanting to try this place for over a year and a half and finally got to it tonight for my birthday. It was spectacular! I had a cucumber elderflower gimlet, golden beet salad and a stunning smoked mushroom soup to start. The salmon and a glass of Red Zinfandel for dinner were heaven. My fiancé had a grouper special that was a gorgeous, delicious dish. Service was impeccable. Fine dining without the snobbery. Very much look forward to a second outing!

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Sarah Huie
Went on a Saturday night at 6. Not sure what I expected, but I assumed they’d be busy so we made reservations. Besides one other couple, we were literally the only diners. Even with that, service was slow. The app was delicious (blackened seafood fondue) but my lamb was overcooked and the menu was just kinda meh to look at. Two drinks, one app, and two entrees and we were bordering on $200, which i will say I’ve happily spent on fine dining elsewhere. Unfortunately this was just really not worth it. Maybe it’s more a bar scene in the late evening? Not really sure. Either way pretty unimpressed.

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Roger Lowry
We were seated at a table beneath a dripping A/C unit. Was offered another table. The menu items we ordered referred to ingredients being lightly charred. They arrived burnt, as in charcoal briquette burnt. The server seemed surprised that we complained and stated that all items seemed to be cooked to that degree of doneness. I rated all three categories at three because I believe there is potential.

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Brian Fricke
Fantastic experience.

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Would not recommend! Took my wife here for a date night and was not impressed. We ordered our appetizer and entrees together and we waited an hour and 15min for the appetizer and then another 35min for the entrees. When we got there we were 2 of 10 people in the entire restaurant and still took close to 2hrs for everything.

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Brandon Musler
My wife and I wandered in late on Father’s Day and were amazed by what we found — an unpretentious bistro that served top notch food and drink. We started with vodka/cucumber cocktails — which were perfect — and then (gradually) became aware of the wine bottles all around which suggested a serious cellar. The “waitress” (she wore multiple hats) suggested Pinots (by the glass) to pair with our meals — but only because we asked, there was no pressure whatever — and I have to say the Noir she picked went wonderfully with my duck. My wife loved her Grigio too. Indeed, overall the service was excellent with just the right mix of hospitality and friendliness. Just don’t expect your food to arrive instantly. The combination of high culinary standards and low key vibe makes it a great place to kick back and relax. Best we’ve found in Little Rock, to date.

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Jessica Creasy
I don’t normally leave bad reviews, but…my husband and I came here for the first time and were disappointed. The drinks were good, but everything took forever. We went on a Saturday night and I’m not sure if they were short staffed or what. We were there for about 2 hours. Food was mediocre for what they charged us. We also had to go ask the bar tender to tab us out. Not sure if we’ll be back.

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Dianne Montgomery Hocut
In May we had a company function here with around thirty people and the food and service were excellent. The atmosphere was nice in the back upstairs group room. Very accommodating area for a large group. The servers worked very hard with all the food and drink orders. The desert were delicious and we cannot day enough good things about this service oriented restaurant!

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AnnaMarie Forgit
Wow! I loved So Restaurant. The food and service we’re amazing. Our waiter was on point and very friendly and knowledgeable. The wine list was very extensive and had a great selections to choose from. I loved our food and appetizer. I definitely recommend this place and I’m definitely coming back. Thank you very much. What a classy little place.

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Blake Roussel
So is one of our favorite date night spots. My wife is a wino so she loves the selection provided by this restaurant.

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