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Type : Hamburger restaurant

Location : Aurora, OH

Steak ‘n Shake, a classic American brand, was founded in 1934 in Normal, Illinois by Gus Belt who pioneered the concept of premium burgers and milkshakes.

For over 85 years, the company’s name has been symbolic of its heritage. The word steak stood for steakburger. The term shake stood for hand-dipped milkshakes. Gus was determined to serve his customers the finest burgers and shakes in the business.

Today, Steak ‘n Shake remains the better burger leader, serving premium 100% beef steakburgers, hand-dipped milkshakes, thin crispy fries, and more. Steakburgers are made without preservatives or artificial ingredients, topped with fresh produce, and always hand-crafted to order.

Counter-serve chain known for steakburgers & milkshakes offers a dinerlike space with retro flair. Based on 463 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.4 stars. Price $

Steak 'n Shake 44202

7020 Aurora Rd, Aurora, OH 44202

Phone: (330) 222-6303


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Tim “Hubs” Borkowski
Charming restaurant, prices are fair. With the use of a coupon it’s actually quite cheap without tasting cheap. Service was exceptional and the good was good. I had the prime burger and my wife had double cheese. Everything came to order, which reading a few of the other comments here is an accomplishment. Overall couldn’t be happier with the experience, I think they have a new manager.

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Lakkie Ricardo
We waited 30 minutes for our food and drinks, then 2/5 of our meals were cold(there were 5 of us). We had to manually get sauces and I send a picture of my triple shooter to my dad and he thought it was a brownie. Good fries though.

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Erik Krotz
Had the best service ever from Zack.. not sure if that’s how his name is spelled. We came through late at night after snowboarding and we were a bit of a pain to deal with but he was the coolest dude. Didn’t get frustrated at all and took care of us very well. Also, this location has the best shakes ever!… Like Really! Thanks again to Zack and his co-worker slinging the patties and chicken like a boss.

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Tom Foster
Very slow service, not enough staff to handle the volume of customers. Waited almost an hour for food at what’s normally a quick turnaround. Friendly employees but clearly overwhelmed. Food was fine.

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Eric Cardinal
Went here for a birthday celebration and ordered burgers and milkshakes for everyone, nothing special, and waited over an hour. The service wasn’t terrible, it was non-existent. Finally found are server and asked about our order – he didn’t know. Looking around I saw our food. The server delivered some and I grabbed the others and we served the table. Maybe a half hour later, the milkshakes made their appearance. A couple if the orders were incorrect, but by that time it didn’t really matter.

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John Wilson
Not a Steak N shake anymore. It is a Chipotle!

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Ian Mattox
That was the first time I’ve ever waited 20 minutes in a drive through…

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Xylindor Freund
My family and I always end up coming here close to midnight and the overnight staff is the friendliest I’ve ever seen in an overnight fast food place. Despite being short staffed in the early hours, they still sound energetic and I feel like they really care about their overnight customers. Tonight there was only one line cook

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Gretchen Eckerle
I don’t usually give one star to a place after one bad experience but this has happened the last few times I have tried to go here so I feel I’ve already given them the benefit of the doubt. On the latest occasion my family arrived and noticed there were two families before us, I never saw an employee come up to them, eventually they both walked out making me wonder how long they had been waiting. We waited there for 9 minutes(timed them) before anyone even acknowledged us. But even after that we continued to wait. After a few more minutes we also left and then I saw the group after us also leaving. We went across the street to Bob Evans where we were seated immediately. This restaurant lost the business of 4 parties because of their ineptness or maybe it was just apathy. I do not blame the employees although they could use some direction, simply standing at the food window waiting for food won’t make it cook faster. The management here needs to actually manage, or maybe hire more workers. If you don’t have an assigned hostess then at the very least have someone acknowledge your waiting guests, just do something other than avoid our gaze!! And yes there were empty tables.

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Steve Pandy
Had a GREAT waitress that deserves 5 stars and one of the best shakes I have had in a long time. Typically I would rate this a 3 or 4 due to it normally being very slow food preparation. The drive through is ussualy a reasonable wait but I think the dine in suffers when the drive through is busy.

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