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Type : Caribbean restaurant

Location : Stone Mountain, GA

Simple, compact counter-serve dishing out classic Jamaican & Caribbean fare including breakfast. Based on 594 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.1 stars. Price $

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Sun City Caribbean & American Restaurant Better Food, Better Service 30083

6201 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Phone: (770) 755-5897


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Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)
7 AM–9 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 7 AM–9 PM
Wednesday 7 AM–9 PM
Thursday 7 AM–9 PM
Friday 7 AM–9 PM
Saturday 7 AM–9 PM


Menu – Bundles
Oxtails Bundle
Served with your choice of Coca-Cola product
Jerk Shrimp Bundle
Sauté shrimp, bell peppers, onions seasoned with spicy jerk seasonings. Served with your choice of Coca-Cola product.
Curry Goat Bundle
Served with your choice of Coca-Cola product
Menu – Most Popular
Jerk Wings $6.49
Oxtails $26.00
Curry Chicken $14.00
Beef Pattie $4.00
Menu – Wings
Jerk Wings $6.49
Menu – Beef and Goat
Oxtails $26.00
Curry Goat $18.50
BBQ Jerk Ribs $18.00
Menu – Chicken Entrees
Brown Stew Chicken
Chicken stewed in a brown gravy with bell peppers and onions.
Curry Chicken
chicken stewed in a curry sauce with potatoes bell peppers and onions.
Grilled Jerk Chicken Meal
Marinated jerk flavored chicken slowly grilled.
Grilled Jerk Chicken Only $10.50
Fried Chicken $16.75
Menu – Veggie Items
Brown Stew Tofu
Deep fried Tofu sauté in a brown gravy with bell peppers and onions.
BBQ Tofu
Tofu sauté in BBQ sauce with bell peppers and onions.
Curry Tofu
Tofu stewed in a curry sauce with bell peppers and onions.
Menu – Seafood
Curry Pepper Shrimp
Curry marinated shrimp with bell peppers and onions and Jamaican indigenous spices.
Brown Stew Shrimp
sauté shrimp, bell peppers and onions in a brown stew gravy.
Jerk Shrimp
Sauté shrimp, bell peppers, onions seasoned with spicy jerk seasonings.
Brown Stew Tilapia
Lightly breaded Tilapia stewed in a brown gravy with peppers and onions.
Fried Tilapia
cornmeal seasoned and battered.
Escovish Fish (Whole Snapper)
Fried and simmered in a spicy vinegar sauce with bell peppers, onions and carrots.
Brown Stew Snapper(Whole Fish)
Fried and simmered in a brown gravy with bell peppers and onions.
Fried Red Snapper(Whole Fish)
cornmeal seasoned and battered.
Steam Snapper(Whole Fish)
Red Snapper steamed in butter with okra, carrots, onions and peppers.
Ackee And Saltfish $18.00
Callaloo And Saltfish $18.00
Menu – Salads
Jerk Chicken Salad
Grilled Jerk chicken over a bed of lettuce with carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomato and cheese.
Jerk Shrimp Salad
Jerk shrimp over a fresh bed of lettuce mixed with carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese.
Side Salad
fresh romaine mix greens with shredded carrots, cucumber, bell peppers.
Menu – Sides
Bake Macaroni And Cheese $7.50
Rice And Peas $7.50
White Rice $6.50
Saute Cabbage $6.50
Plaintains $5.50
Fries $4.50
Menu – Kids Meals
Curry Chicken
Chicken served with your choice of one side.
Brown Stew Chicken
Chicken served with your choice of one side
Jerk Chicken
Chicken served with your choice of one side.
Veggie Plate
kids portion of cabbage and your choice of side.
Menu – Desserts
Carrot Cake $5.50
Red Velvet Cake $5.50
German Chocolate Cake $5.50
Seasonal Cakes $6.00
Menu – Burgers
Jerk Burger
With fries.
All American Burger
With fries.
Veggie Burger
With fries.
Crispy Tilapia
With fries.
Menu – Patties
Beef $4.00
Chicken $4.00
Veggie $4.00
Coco Bread $3.75
Speciality Patties $4.50
Menu – Beverages
Pineapple Lemonade $3.75
Mango Sweet Tea $3.75
Fruit Punch $3.75
D & G Soda
Ginger beer, pineapple, cream,koala champane,Grape,Orange, pineapple Ginger
Tropical Rhythems $3.75
Ting $4.50
Vita Malt $4.00
Aloe Drinks $4.00
Irish Moss $4.50
Nutriment $4.50
Suppligen $4.50
Fruit Smoothies
Seasonal.( summer months)
Energy Drink $4.00
Ginseng Root $6.50
Baba Root $6.50
Pepsi $3.00
Coke $2.75
Lemon Lime Soda
Orange $2.50
Apple $2.00
Cranberry $3.00
Coke Cola
16,9 oz
House Pineapple Ginger $6.00
Menu – Soup
Chicken Soup
Mon- wed
Red Pea Soup
Thursday & Fridays
Fish Soup
Saturday’s only
Breakfast Mains – Breakfast Mains
Oats Porridge $5.50
Corn Meal Porridge $6.50
Callaloo And Saltfish $16.00
Bacon, Egg And Grits Plates $8.00
Breakfast Sandwich
Egg & cheese on coco bread with your choice of turkey bacon or pork bacon
Ackee And Saltfish $18.00
Jerk Chicken And Waffles $10.00
Waffle $2.00
Fried Dumplings
2 per order
Beef, chicken, or veggie

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Dawn Childress
Food is good. Nice staff, but took forever to get the food – at least 20 minutes after I arrived to pick up a call-ahead order. Be careful if you’re going here. Not in a safe neighborhood. In 20 minutes, had 2 people come knocking on my car windows asking for money, gas, etc. (it’s attached to a gas station). Cars parked next to me were riddled with bullet holes, too. Just be careful and aware of your surroundings if you’re going here. Might want to uber or door dash it if you’re craving Caribbean food.

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J Love
I actually love trying Jamaican restaurants whenever I see them, however this restaurant has women that work the counter that barely mutter 2 words to you. Sometimes they look at you like why are you even there. Unfortunately they should realize that customer service is everything! And people do not have to spend their hard earned money with you. My last time going was the last time! I said thank you to the young lady who gave me my food, and she had no response, no you’re welcome, no see you next time, nothing that will make me want to come back. Do better.

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Celeste McCall Griffith
Omg, I’ve been looking for some good Benji food and I’m very picky. Excellent choice for me and my daughter food on point. I also got Sorrel and ginger drink that was purely amazing. I’m not going to hold you very happy

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Tore Parker
I got to say I really enjoyed my food. I was looking for something tasty, yet affordable and I said “Why not try this place”. I saw they had a few vegan/vegetarian options so I wanted to give a try. I am glad I did. I ordered the Tofu Brown Stew Small ($8.00) and the Veggie Plate Small ($6.50). Also a veggie patty ($2.00) I was pleasantly surprised of the flavors bursting in that and I would definitely try again. I really enjoyed the tofu brown stew. The tofu was flavorful, not silky and had a nice chewable texture. The Plaintains was great. It was sweet combination to add with the rice and peas. Those are extra to get, because of the wait he gave them to me for free. Overall everything was great. You can’t beat good food for this price. Definitely will come back again! Thanks!

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A Wat
Was my first time and I got Rasta pasta when I entered the lady said nothing I told her what I ordered she rang me up and just left my bag on the other counter and walked away.I asked for more sauce she was vet rude the 2 men in the back understand and fixed my plate better. She was very rude for no reason but I guess I’m. It the only one who says that. Never again

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Ragan Aughtry
I purchased lunch from here today at 12:20 p.m. and it was a HUGE mistake, rice&peas were very dry, I could tell by the way it hit the container(which was HARD), no plantains (which comes with the meal), dry chicken (taste as if it was left out too long or from yesterdays servings) this is the 2nd time I’ve had this issue, but the worst part is my food was served with plenty of attitude. For a $20 meal, if the food is old at least serve it with a side of DIGNITY and RESPECT! Yup, I will not be going back and I will share my experience!

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Sidnee Freeman
Really nice customer service. Server explained how they make the food to cater to their American audience as well and let us enjoy some samples. Wasn’t expecting that. Food was good. I wanted the cabbage to be soft and cooked more but the flavor was good. The veggie patty was A1! AND the coco bread was nice and hot. So good! Some of the plantains were a little dry like I recurved the last of the batch. That could of been better but overall it was really good.

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Ashley Sabrina
I will no longer be eating from here. I use too enjoy the breakfast sandwiches. I went this morning to order my usual without cheese. When I got home it was cheese on it and when I called they said “it’s not cheese on it I don’t know what you seeing.” I took offense because i know what cheese on/in my eggs look like. Also they forgot the sausage I didn’t notice at first because I thought it was under the eggs but nope just eggs and cheese I didn’t ask for.

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Nicole Belcher
So…my client ordered this for me off of Uber Eats. I asked for extra gravy on my oxtails and this isn’t even gravy. It’s water with some color. The oxtails are soooooo tough! By the way, this was a large with 4 pieces of meat. Unfortunately I will never eat here again.

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Nece Mickens
The absolute worst customer service in the world. I walked in at 8:50pm and the server rudely said we are close. When in fact they close at 9pm. If you don’t want to be there ma’am stay home. Don’t waste your time! Spend your money somewhere else.

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