T. Arcobasso’s Italian Ristorante Menu – Weldon Spring, MO

Type : Italian restaurant

Location : Weldon Spring, MO

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T. Arcobasso's Italian Ristorante 63304

1057 Wolfrum Rd, Weldon Spring, MO 63304

Phone: (636) 300-4680

Website: http://www.tarcobassos.com/


Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)

Holiday hours
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 4–8 PM
Thursday 4–8 PM
Friday 4–8 PM
Saturday 4–8 PM


Bruschetta Ala Thomas
garlic toasted bread, topped with fresh diced tomatoes, cheese, and special spices baked to a golden brown
Breaded Zucchini
served with our house red sauce
Toasted Ravioli
served with our house red sauce
Cannelloni Bites
filled with spinach and artichoke, and deep fried. served with Arcobasso’s famous red sauce
Skillet Mushrooms
served in a creamy butter garlic cheese sauce
Arcobassos Famous Cheese Garlic Bread $7.95
Potato Skins
topped with cheddar and bacon, served with a side of sour cream
Chicken Wings 1LB
Traditional hot wings, honey bbq or lemon pepper served with your choice of creamy ranch or bleu cheese
Onion Rings (Battered) $5.95
Appetizer Platter
toasted ravioli, potato skins, breaded zucchini, onion rings, breaded cauliflower and canneloni bites
Breaded Cauliflower $8.95
Potato Antoinette
double-baked diced potatoes with unique blend of butter, sour cream, spices and cheese baked to a golden perfection
Italian Wedding Soup & Soup Du Jour $4.95
hand-breaded and fried to a golden brown, topped with parmesan cheese, served with our spicy seafood sauce
Artichoke Hearts
lightly breaded and fried to a crispy golden brown, served with melted butter and lemon wedges
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
a creamy blend of artichoke hearts, spinach & cheeses. baked to perfection & served with freshly made tortilla chips
Combination Salad
iceberg lettuce, olives, cheese, onions, pepperoncini and tomatoes
Dinner Salad
small version of the combination salad
Deluxe Salad
a meal in itself iceberg lettuce, salami, turkey, egg, cheese, olive, tomato and pepperoncini
Caesar Salad
tender young romaine lettuce, tossed with croutons, parmesan cheese and an anchovy based caesar dressing
Filet Mignon
8 oz charbroiled to perfection, topped with fresh mushrooms, sauteed in our house butter au jus sauce
Filet Concetta
8 oz charbroiled filet mignon, topped with fresh mushrooms, sauteed in a lemon butter sauce and melted provel cheese
Steak Spencer
Center cut , certified angus beef strip steak, topped with shrimp and bacon in a honey drambuie glaze
Bleu Nicole
Center cut , certified angus beef strip steak, topped with bacon and bleu cheese crumbles in a honey Drambuie glaze
12 Oz New York Strip
Center cut , certified angus beef charbroiled Served with a touch of Au Jus
Pork Chop
10 oz charbroiled
Provimi Veal Cutlet
lightly breaded and sauteed in olive oil and topped with your choice of sweet marsala wine sauce, parmigiano, or concetta
Tenderloin Baci
Marinated medallions of beef rolled in bread crumbs and charbroiled, served Kabob style topped with a lemon butter sauce and extra virgin olive oil drizzle
Tenderloin Juliette
Marinated medallions of beef rolled in bread crumbs and charbroiled, served Kabob style topped with a sweet marsala wine sauce with bell peppers, mushrooms and onions
Special Pizza
topped with sausage, bacon, green peppers, mushrooms, and onion
Veggie Pizza
our famous pizza topped with broccoli, mushrooms, onion, green peppers, and black olives
Green Pepper
Black Olives
Artichoke Hearts
Additional Toppings
Pizza Ala Holden
Chicken breast, peppered bacon, artichoke hearts and housemade Ranch dressing, topped with provel and mozzarella cheese
Margherita Pizza
Tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Chicken breast, red onion, BBQ sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Broccoli Garlic Pizza
Topped with a butter garlic sauce, broccoli and provel cheese (great for an appetizer !)
Ravioli, Fresh Or Toasted
stuffed pasta, served in our house red sauce
Pasta Con Broccoli
shell noodles and broccoli in a white cream sauce
with a rich white cream sauce
Chicken Fettuccini
our house fettuccini with charbroiled chicken breast
Shrimp Fettuccini
our house fettuccini with tender plump shrimp
a special combination of meat and lasagna noodles with a thick italian sauce and ricotta cheese and a perfect blend of mozzarella and provel cheese, baked to golden brown perfection
meat filled tubular pasta, served with red sauce and melted provel cheese
ricotta filled tubular pasta, served with red sauce and melted provel cheese
Baked Spaghetti Or Mostaccioli
our own creation of spaghetti or mostaccioli with meatball and meat sauce, topped with a combination of provel and mozzarella cheese
Spaghetti Or Mostaccioli $15.95
Pasta Julia
Shrimp, scallops, crab meat and mushrooms tossed with shell pasta in a lightly spicy red seafood sauce
Pasta Cauliflower
Penne pasta and cauliflower tossed in a creamy Parmigiano sauce
Pasta Dominique
sauteed shrimp and charbroiled chicken in a cajun cream sauce with cavatelli pasta
Tortellini Red
Meat stuffed pasta topped with our house meat sauce
Tortellini White Sauce
Meat stuffed pasta topped with our house cream sauce
Seafood Ravioli Antoinette
shrimp, scallops & lobster, stuffed into pasta pillows. served on a bed of our house cream sauce & a touch of spicy red seafood sauce
Mama Mia Pasta
Penne pasta tossed with grilled chicken, olive oil, garlic, tomato and fresh basil
Our Own Special Dishes
Chicken Blake
Charbroiled boneless breast of chicken topped with fresh tomato, basil, mushrooms and provel cheese
Chicken Christina
Breaded boneless breast of chicken in our house cream sauce, garnished with broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms
Chicken Sherri Parmigiano
Breaded boneless breast of chicken, topped with red sauce, provel and parmigiano cheese
Chicken Concetta
Charbroiled boneless breast of chicken, topped with melted provel cheese and fresh mushrooms sautéed in a lemon butter sauce
Baked Orange Roughy
topped with fresh mushrooms sauteed in a lemon butter sauce
Breaded Shrimp
Crispy panko breaded shrimp served with cocktail sauce
Baked in a miso butter or choose fresh mushrooms sauteed in lemon butter

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Becky Dole
I came to Arcobasso’s with a group of friends. It’s always been a favorite of mine so I was really excited to go.

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Mike Reise
This is an awesome restaurant and part of a long tradition of North County Italian Restaurants that have moved out to St Charles. The real tragedy is they are going to drive the business into the ground with the ridiculous hours they are open now. 4-8 4 days a week is just not workable for most people wanting to enjoy a night out with friends and family.

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Larry Noto
Placed a to-go order over the phone. Very pleasant attendee took the order. When I arrived I sat at the bar and the bartender was extremely attentive. When given the bill, I made a simple request for extra Parm cheese for the two large Pasta dishes and for the two salads. If dining in we would have used plenty. When arriving home and taking out the items, there were two small plastic containers with about a teaspoon of Parm cheese in each. Very disappointing.

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Dave S.
Not as friendly as the original owners and location. Last time we went, we were told 20 or so more minutes multiple times. After waiting 90 and the hostess avoiding eye contact with us like the plague we just. Sad to see it slip. Their salads were amazing.

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Tom Budde
First the hostess was great. We had good service until she saw someone to visit with ,we became a second thought.

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Yvette Domke
I’ve been wanting to try this place for awhile… so glad we did tonight! Food and service were terrific! We had wine and dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives. Bruschetta was fabulous. House creamy Italian dressing was very good .. apparently had anchovy base, but I couldn’t taste it and thought it was flavourful and mild. Bread and butter was fresh and warm. Pizza was traditional st louis style thin crust, but with mixed mozzarella and provel cheese. My son and man had seafood ravioli and pasta Julia. Lasgnaga was very good as well. Portions were generous. Prices were very reasonable. Great atmosphere..trendy upscale, but casual and family friendly. Cheesecake and chocolate cake were not house made, but tasted very good. Overall wonderful dinner and we will be back!

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Melissa Brown
We used to frequent Arcobassos at the old location many years ago, but don’t live in close proximity now. We thought we’d be nostalgic and made the drive for dinner tonight. We were SO disappointed. In the 15 minutes we waited to be seated, 3 other families came and left…without dining. 15 minutes is not long to wait for a table, but the hostess was away for most of that time (cleaning tables or simply out of sight).

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Cindy Manyik
Now that’s Italian. Authentic, not reheated corporate Italian. Excellent bartender and server. 5 stars for sure. Keep that family tradition going.

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Thomas Moore
All the food from appetizers, salad and main entree were on point. Service was great. Brought memories of when they were in Ferguson, MO. Still killing it.

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greg rutherford
Been eating at Arcobassos since I was a kid in all their different locations great food great people

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