Wagon Wheel Fish Camp Menu – Cowpens, SC

Type : Seafood restaurant

Location : Cowpens, SC

Burned down March 2022
We are a family restaurant serving many traditional fish camp seafood dishes since 1959. We are the oldest fish camp in Spartanburg County. We also offer homemade southern sides, chicken, and steaks. We now have a second location, Boathouse Fish Camp, in Cross Hill SC!

Based on 228 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.3 stars. Price $$

Wagon Wheel Fish Camp 29330

115 Wagon Wheel Rd #9260, Cowpens, SC 29330


Website: https://www.wyff4.com/article/fire-destroys-cowpens-restaurant/39548304?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Email%20-%20Local%20Breaking%20News&utm_source=6240b3341e4d7aefeb167397b27856ff&brzu=8599b2f279309a4f3775e6578d3ad6cdfb075c20e3fcef200cf6f16ebb26bc0b&lctg=5e7520f10e49c22f69cf0728

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David Berry
The staff were very good and worked together to serve us and were very kind and professional. The place was clean and has plenty of parking. The food was good and we enjoyed on plates. The food did not take very long to get to us. The menu has a lot to choose from.

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Our waitress was awesome. No complaints at all. Now, I will say this; I ordered shrimp & oysters, my husband ordered flounder. I have been so sick since Sat morning. The oysters had a milky substance coming out of them but I had already eaten 4, before I noticed it. So, with them covered in cocktail sauce, I did not know they were possibly ruined. So yes, sick is an understatement for 3 days of it. I will know to never eat oysters again. I’ve never had food poisoning, & never want it again.

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Angie Hansen
The Wagon Wheel is Fantastic. I can’t believe I’ve never ate here. The menu has everything from seafood to pulled pork. The wait staff and everyone were absolutely the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. The service was fast all of the food was fresh and hot. Prices were very budget friendly. The restaurant was very clean. I can’t say enough good things about this place. Its been right in my backyard for 30 yrs. I’d recommend this place to anyone. Definitely a new Favorite. We’ll be going back soon for sure.

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monica H
Called ahead of time and picked up order right on time. The food was great and had a good flavor. I wish there was a option to buy a small order of calabash chicken instead of 1.50 for each piece since my kid does not eat much. I love that you can use your debit card now. Staff always friendly and would recommend new comers.

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Debbie Jackson
This summer we had the privilege of a new waitress helping us several times. Kayla is sweet, attentive and friendly. If we need extra items she gets them then and not after we finish our meal. I hope she stays. She’s a valuable player for your team. Need more like her.

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Susan Trotter
First time eating there. The staff is very friendly and attentive. The prices are very reasonable and you get a lot of food for the price. Will return again. The food is excellent.

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Christian Perry
Heard a lot of good things about this place so we thought we would give it a try. Had the steak and shrimp and it was delicious. Cooked perfectly and very tender and flavorful. Wife had the Shrimp lover platter and ate it all! Will definitely be back! Great friendly service too

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Heather McCravy
The Best Fish Camp we have found!!!! The staff was very friendly and knew the menu. They were able to tell us about the food and give suggestions. The veggie had flavor (mac and cheese yummy!) The portion size shocked me. I thought I would get maybe 5 pieces of large shrimp, but nope a nice amount (enough to take some home for lunch)

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Mike Camp
Food is good but owner doesn’t treat her employees like she should. Fired a child that came to work sick and could barely hold their head up. The employee had only missed work 1 day prior. The employee has had numerous health problems and worked even though they rarely felt like it. They loved the job and was proud to work there. The owner stated that she was fired because she was crying in front of customers. I manage over 30 people and if I have an employee that makes an effort to come to work and is to sick to be there I let them go home and I pay them for the day anyway. That’s how a business should work. Business owners like this put profits above people. Restaurants like this employ children and need to take a long look in the mirror and think about what’s important. If it’s profits above crushing the soul of a child then I feel sorry for them.

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Dawn Hoover
I had the fried flounder with green beans and onion rings. My husband had the sea food combo with fried okra and mashed potatoes. Everything was excellent including service. This was our first visit but we will definitely be back!

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