Westlake Fish House Menu – Montauk, NY

Type : Seafood restaurant

Location : Montauk, NY

Located at the Westlake Marina, right next to the docks, Westlake Fish House has that old Montauk vibe combined with new and innovative ways to serve seafood. Sit inside or outside at the Dockside Bar and watch boats come in with their catch. Our menu features local seafood, fresh sushi, fish & chips, chowder, raw bar and kid’s menu. Families welcomed. No Reservations.

Casual seafood staples, higher-end items & drinks in a simple indoor/outdoor setting on the marina. Based on 205 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.3 stars. Price $$

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Takeout ✔️ No delivery

Westlake Fish House 11954

352 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954

Phone: (631) 668-3474

Website: http://westlakefishhouse.com/

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Saturday 12–9 PM
Sunday 12–9 PM

(Labor Day)
4–9 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 4–9 PM
Wednesday 4–9 PM
Thursday 4–9 PM
Friday 12–9 PM


Fried Calamari
Sweet chili teriyaki or marinara
Li Duck Potstickers -4pc
Hoisin, scallions, cucumbers
Gluten free
Westlake Clam Chowder
New england style
Crab & Corn Chowder $12.00
Montauk Clam Chowder
Gluten free manhattan style
Fluke Ceviche
Gluten free lime, jalapeno, red onion
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Gluten free blue cheese, celery and carrots
Crab Nachos
Gluten free pickled jalapenos, black beans, salsa, cheese sour cream
Westlake Salad
Local calamari, basil, mint, scallion, cilantro, bibb lettuce
Tossed Salad
Chopped romaine hearts, cucumber, pear tomatoes, spiced pecans, carrot – ginger vinaigrette
Shrimp & Baked Goat Cheese
Arugula, roasted red peppers, almonds, sherry vinaigrette
Mediterranean Plate
Hummus, tzatziki, olive tapenade, warm pita bread.
Korean Bbq Sandwich
Skirt steak, spicy slaw, fresh fries
Chicken Sandwich
Grilled chicken, arugula, fantina, pesto, roasted red peppers, french fries
Pork Bolognese
With farfalle
Romaine, tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, red wines vinaigrette, feta cheese, one pita bread
Surf & Turf Cheeseburger
Lobster, fantina romaine, saffron – garlic mayonnaise, french fries
Fish House Burger 1/2 Pound
2 sirloin patties, aged cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, magic sauce, french fries
Fried Fish Blt Sandwich
Fish of the day, french fries, remoulade sauce
Fish House
Grilled Salmon
Gluten free asparagus risotto, pine nuts
Fish & Chips
Fish of the day, french fries, remoulade sauce
Lobster Roll – Hot Or Cold
Tossed salad
Allen Brothers Sirloin Strip 14 Oz
Gluten free asparagus, french fries
Udon noodles, savoy cabbage shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, carrots
Kids Menu
Chicken Fingers With Fries $11.00
Hamburger With Fries
Cooked well
Cheeseburger With Fries
Cooked well
Bowtie Pasta With Marinara Or Butter $11.00
Grilled Chicken Breast With Broccoli And Rice
Gluten free
Whole Wheat Cheese Quesadilla $11.00
Salmon With Broccoli And Rice
Gluten free
Grilled Cheese With Broccoli $11.00
Bok Choy
Gluten free
Sushi Rice
Gluten free
Roasted Asparagus
Gluten free
Baked Mac & Cheese $11.00
Gluten free

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Eileen R
If you really want to feel like you’re eating in Montauk… This is a great place to do it. The best food is really the sushi… Which is fresh off the boat. All their other food is good as well… Including salads, burgers, and delicious desserts ( we loved the lava cake and key lime pie). Johnny was our server and he was good and a lot of fun too

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Tom Brady
This place is a vibe! Great food! Great service. Great atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back!

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Darius Ali
Hands down the best! Even better if Darius is your bartender… On point Sushi and the baked Mac & cheese will make you want to slap your mama…

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Nic Nei
Great food and live music. Live music was a bit too loud, forcing us shout across tables. My linguini clams is one of best I’ve ever had. It’s not cream based so the whole fish was light and enjoyable. Fried calamari is tasty and crispy. Sushi was well made and presented.

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Scott Falzone
Excellent sushi and fresh catch, lively bar indoor/outdoor, live music overlooking marina

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Phil Frost
Best sushi in Montauk. Family friendly with live music.

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Mary McPartland
We come here 2x/week all summer for outdoor music & authentic dock vibes – the real Montauk gathers here after they hop off their fishing boats! Interior is just how we love it, step back in time to an era where the guys washed their catch out back and then earned a barstool to toast a great few days on the high seas. It’s a special atmosphere and quite unique on the East End. Check the hand-written charts near the front door for the biggest fish catches of the week!

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Jahn Xavier Bonfiglio
Westlake is even better than its interesting menu might let on. Every dish was a delight. I don’t know what they put in the broth their mussels are steamed in, but I could have easily drank it down like water – it was EXCELLENT. The grilled shishedo peppers were a standout appetizer, and the sushi was so fresh that if you threw it back in the water it might have swam away. The linguine with clam sauce was just right, and even would have satisfied my Italian dad, and the steamers (a family favorite) were super-fresh, and – bonus points – very well cleaned. Major kudos to the kitchen staff here: there was not a single speck of sand in a HUGE serving, which is seldom the case in even the fanciest of restaurants. I wish I could remember more of what I sampled, because the four of us shared everything, and not one flavor missed the mark; each dish I tried was better than the last. The atmosphere and staff were very welcoming, and the surroundings are quite comfortable, as well as very clean and well-kept. Despite our arriving a bit close to the end of service on an end-of-season Saturday, we were treated with care and attention. Not once were we made to feel rushed or hurried. Though I’m sure the staff wanted to get home, we were treated in a friendly, relaxed, and attentive manner. My family has eaten in almost every restaurant that has opened up shop in Montauk for about 40 years now, and many greats amd not-so-greats have come and gone, but after our first meal there, Westlake is now at the top of our list. We left satisfied, happy with our experience, and determined to come back soon – and often!

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Barney Simon
Nice marina side eatery. crab nachos, fish tacos, and beer. Indoor and outdoor seating areas.

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Jay Goldstein
Each year gets better. Our first visit this season was excellent. Started with their award winning clam chowder and fabulous Westlake Salad with crisp calamari and banana peppers. The MTK roll was as fresh as I’ve ever had sushi. Kudos to James and Lara for keeping the great quality food and service.

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