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Wild Japanese BBQ & Shabu 78232

1540 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78232

Phone: (210) 626-8087


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Wednesday 12–10 PM
Thursday 12–10 PM
Friday 12 PM–12 AM
Saturday 12 PM–12 AM
Sunday 12–10 PM
Monday 12–10 PM
Tuesday 12–10 PM

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Nate Jones
Love, love, love this place! We have been twice and this last time we had a party of 5 and they did not disappoint!

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Christopher Borg
First time going for me was good though the cooking your own food was sort of fun it was also a task. The food was great and you can order about anything from a wide menu. We sat at a 4 top table with little space due to the stove top and soup warmers. My biggest complaints would be not enough table space for all the dishes and drinks we had and little leg space due to the warmer box under the table. Food was great though and our server kept us happy and the food flowing.

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You can’t have a good experience if the service is bad or mediocre. That said, the service we received from Gwen was amazing. She was friendly and explained how best way to experience what they offered. We came to try both BBQ and hot pot. However, we quickly realize that we need to try them separately. So, he settled on the hot pot first (BBQ, next visit). The broth (tonkatsu and spicy szechuan) were both good. The food items were pretty good. It is not the best selection, but this is San Antonio. Their selection is top tier in this location. We had 120 minutes, but the server came often, and food came quickly. We didn’t need the whole 120 minutes before we were stuffed.

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It’s an incredible experience and definitely one to enjoy if you have the time. The menu for both options is very generous, and depending on what you’re feeling offers a lot. The staff was incredibly friendly and very attentive, and genuinely, it was a great atmosphere to be in. Miss Melissa, who was our waitress, was an absolute delight and easily made our experience go from great to amazing. More on the pricier end, but I would say compared to other all you can eat style restaurants such as Brazilian steakhouses, this one is hands down the most enjoyable and worth it for the money. I can not wait for them to open up fully and visit again.

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First, this is a cook-it-yourself place so if you don’t like the meat seasoning or the cooking – that’s all on you. Also it is touch on the pricey side but I would still go for the $5/person upgrade, the extra ingredients are worth it.

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Meg Shipley
It’s such a great concept! The sauce bar is incredible they have recipes posted to create your own sauce as well as unlimited goyza, chicken wings, edamame, and fruit. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The hot pot and ice cream were my favorite parts!

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Nicoleigh DeArman
The price is high, but it’s unlimited for two hours and honestly I ate so much for lunch that I didn’t have dinner that night. The quality of the food and the quantity of items to choose from is phenomenal. I got to try Japanese vegetables that I’ve never had before. It was enjoyable to mix my own sauces together for dipping and cooking my own shabu shabu. This is the only shabu shabu restaurant in San Antonio so I’m not surprised at the price. This isn’t someplace I could afford very often, but it was totally worth the experience. The waiter was great. The Japanese and Korean music was fun to listen to. It’s definitely an elevated experience from where I normally eat and review. But it was hands down the best food I’ve had this year!

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Victoria Lopez
Went for my husband’s birthday and will definitely be going back! We got the BBQ and shabu but honestly will only probably go with the BBQ next time. Shabu was good but it was too much to juggle both. The pork belly was the best. My favorite was that they had a sauce bar with so many options and recommended combinations on the wall. Yum!

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The Last Real Foodie
Came for the yakiniku experience for 35$ per person. It was also all you can eat! Just make sure to order what you need as they will charge you extra (15$/LB)if you don’t eat all of your proteins at the end of your 2 hour mealtime.

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JB Courvoisier
Finally, a Shabu-Shabu-Yakiniku joint that is as close as to what you are going to find in the Far East. Having lived in Japan for close to a decade, I am very critical of the rash of recent Japanese joints popping up and advertising an “authentic” culinary experience. So, I was pleasantly surprised that Wild Japanese BBQ and Shabu delivered a true table BBQ experience with all the trimmings. Including, I might add, ASAHI SUPER DRY on DRAFT! For me this is a first in San Antonio as I have searched high and low for a place who serves Japanese beers ON DRAFT. In my opinion, that touch alone warrants 5 stars! Anyway, it is “all you can eat” but you’re not going to eat it all-Lo juro!-and the side dishes are on point. In fact, there is a sauce/salad bar that helps you add to the flavor of your cooked meats. Speaking of the meats, they are delicious and proportioned correctly so that you can time your cooking accordingly. It’s a clean, cozy fun place and if I had one thing that they could improve on it would be the music. A variety of Asian fusion Lo-Fi music would put you in the right vibe for eating, drinking and having fun. Well done and please don’t let your food and service wain overtime.

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