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Type : Chinese restaurant

Location : San Jose, CA

Based on 107 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 2.9 stars. Price $$

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xian kitchen(de anza) 95129

1183 S De Anza Blvd suit 60, San Jose, CA 95129

Phone: (408) 899-4267

Website: https://www.39miles.com/p/15929971


Friday 11:30 AM–9 PM
Saturday 11:30 AM–9 PM
Sunday 11:30 AM–9 PM

(Labor Day)
11:30 AM–9 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 11:30 AM–9 PM
Wednesday 11:30 AM–9 PM
Thursday 11:30 AM–9 PM


Xi’an Style Foods 西安特色
Combo Appetizer Of Three $11.69
Fried Jelly 炒凉粉 $14.94
Stir Fried Cold Noodle 炒凉皮 $14.99
Basin Beef Of Mutton 水盆牛肉 $18.84
Basin Lamb Of Mutton 水盆羊肉 $18.84
Rice 米饭 $3.00
Pita Bread Soaked In Lamb Soup 羊肉泡馍 $18.84
Hometown Style Steam Noodle 腊汁肉面片 $16.24
Pita Bread Soaked In Stir-Frying Lamb 羊肉小炒泡馍 $18.84
Extra Lamb 加配羊肉 $6.00
Hometown Style Pork Rouburger 腊汁肉夹馍 $8.58
Pita Bread Soaked In Beef Soup 牛肉泡馍 $18.84
Spicy Rice Noodle 麻辣肉燥米线 $17.54
Fried Rice W. Shrimp 虾仁炒饭 $18.84
Haggis Soup 羊杂汤 $18.16
Cold Noodle 凉皮 $8.59
Qishan Noodles W. Grand Pork 岐山臊子面 $18.84
Extra Haggis 加配羊杂 $6.00
Pita Bread Soaked In Stir-Frying Beef 牛肉小炒泡馍 $18.84
Braised Chicken W. Pototo & Pepper 大盘鸡拌面 $26.44
Beef Fried Rice 牛肉炒饭 $17.59
Hometown Style Dry-Cured Beef (Half Lb) 腊牛肉(半磅) $19.49
Hometown Style Noodle 地方面食
Braise Shell Shaped Noodle 烩麻食 $17.54
Special Hot Oil Noodle W. Vegetable & Pork 油泼三掺 $18.84
Hometown Style Pork W. Noodle 腊汁肉揪面片 $17.54
Noodle Of Soybean Paste Sauce 炸酱面 $18.31
Special Hot Oil Noodle W. Tomato & Eggs 西红柿鸡蛋油泼面 $18.31
Lamb Stewed Noodle 羊肉烩面 $18.84
Hot & Spicy Beef Stew Noodle Soup 麻辣牛腩面 $18.84
Stir-Frying Noodle W. Beef 牛肉炒拉条子 $18.84
Hot & Spicy Beef Noodle Soup 麻辣牛肉面 $18.84
Entrails Of Sheep Stewed W. Noodle 羊杂烩面 $18.84
Garlic Sauce W. Noodle 蒜蘸面片 $16.24
Stir-Frying Noodle W. Egg 鸡蛋炒拉条子 $18.84
Special Hot Oil Noodle 油泼面 $18.31
Stir-Frying Noodle W. Lamb 羊肉炒拉条子 $18.84
Spicy Large Intestine Noodle 麻辣肥肠面 $18.84
Qishan Noodle W. Grand Pork 岐山哨子面 $18.84
Dumplings 水饺
Dumpling W. Pork & Leeks 猪肉韭菜水饺 $17.54
Dumpling W. Pork & Cabbage 猪肉白菜水饺 $17.54
Pork & Celery Dumplings 芹菜猪肉水饺 $17.54
Cakes 饼类餐品
Sesame Cake 辣子锅盔 $16.89
Hometown Style Dry-Cured Beef Rouburger 腊牛肉夹馍 $8.58
Qishan Style Grand Pork Burger 岐山臊子夹馍 $8.58
Stir-Fry Lamb W. Cumin Burger 孜然羊肉夹馍 $8.58
Beef Burrito 牛肉卷饼 $16.24
Stir-Fry Beef W. Cumin Burger 孜然牛肉夹馍 $8.58
Vegetarian Foods 精选素食
Light Sauted Greens Bok Choy 清炒青江菜(蒜蓉) $16.23
Dry Sauteed String Beans 干煸四季豆 $18.83
Tofu Braise In Soy Sauce 红烧豆腐 $14.54
Cooked Shredded Cabbage 手撕包菜 $17.54
Hometown Style Tofu 家常豆腐 $17.54
Braised Eggplant & Green Beans 地三鲜 $18.96
Stir-Fry Shredded Potatoes 醋溜土豆丝 $16.23
Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐 $17.54
Featured Cooking 精选炒菜
Hot & Spicy Lamb Chop 香辣小羊排 $22.99
Stir-Fry Tripe 小妙牛肚 $19.99
Sirloin & Tofu Skin 牛腩腐竹 $19.99
Quick-Fried Mutton Slices W. Scallion 葱爆羊肉 $19.99
Quick-Fried Beef W. Scallion 葱爆牛肉 $19.99
Twice Cooked Pork W. Garlic Sprout 蒜苗回锅肉 $18.99
Griddle Layears Of Tofu 干锅千叶豆腐 $16.99
Braise Pork Intestine 红烧肥肠 $19.99
Potato W. Sirloin 土豆烧牛腩 $19.99
Chinese Style Braised Vegetable W. Pork 陕西老碗炫菜 $24.99
Griddle Fatty Intestines 干锅肥肠 $19.99
Quick-Fried Mutton Slices W. Cumin 孜然羊肉 $19.99
Sweet & Sour Pork Fillet 糖醋里脊 $19.99
Stir-Fry Pork Slice W. Lotus Root 莲菜炒肉 $19.99
Brained Eggplant & Potato W. Pepper 地三鲜 $18.96
House Special Fried Chicken Diced 辣子鸡丁 $19.99
Fried Pork Intestine W. Hot Pepper 辣子肥肠 $19.99
Griddle Cauliflower 干锅花菜 $17.59
Quick-Fried Beef W. Cumin 孜然牛肉 $19.99
Hot & Spicy Shrimp 香辣膜片虾 $29.99
Boiled Fish Beef Intestine In Spicy Sauce 水煮两样 $24.99
Casserole 砂锅
Rice Noodle Casserole (Fresh) 砂锅米线(三鮮) $17.54
Rice Noodle Casserole (Spicy) 砂锅米线(麻辣) $17.54
Sauerkraut & Pork Casserole 酸菜白肉砂锅 $19.99
Yummy Shabu 涮涮香
Shabu Cabbage 涮白菜(6串) $9.99
Shabu Beef Tripe 涮牛肚(6串) $12.99
Shabu Potato 涮土豆(6串) $9.99
Shabu Tofu Skin 涮豆皮(6串) $11.99
Soup 汤
Egg In Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup 蛋花醪糟 $14.99
Tofu Soup W. Vegetables 青菜豆腐汤 $11.99
Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Ball) In Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup 酒酿汤圆 $14.99
Tomato &Egg Soup 西红柿鸡蛋汤 $14.99
Drink 饮料
Chinese Ice Tea 王老吉 $3.00
Coke(Bottle) 瓶装可乐 $3.00
Soda 雪碧 $2.00
Coke 可乐 $2.00
Ice Peak 冰峰汽水 $3.00

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Alex Zepka
Ok, I have only been here once, but I really liked it. Don’t expect any Chinese American dishes. Instead, this is a traditional Chinese restaurant that felt just like many I have been to in China. The dish I had was a bit bland, but that is compared to spicy dishes from Sichuan and Chongqing. I liked the convenience of the online menu ordering. I left more than satisfied.

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Donna Kim
This place is Xian style cuisine. It was my first time trying Xian food and I love it. Thick noodles were so chewy and delicious. We orders like a beef sandwich. It tasted a little too salty and dry. Besides that, everything was good. Especially it was so nice to have a chance to try Xian food in the U.S. We will definitely come back again to try other menu.

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Kenta Onodera
Always come here to have the Special Oil Noodle. Don’t expect for service and atmosphere but the quality of the food here is higher than the google review score. Recommend if you like Xian Food.

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H N.
Not sure why the reviews are so bad. We had a good experience here. Came for a Saturday dinner on a rainy day. Was seated right away. Ordering was easy, through the QR code.

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Leng Ooi
This place serves some really good hand made noodles, the Chinese equivalent of the Korean kalguksu. They are pretty authentic in terms of flavors from North western China. The orders are served quickly enough. They might have had issues with their ordering system when they 1st opened.

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kailiang huang
Xi an style Chinese food, famous for their noodle dish.

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Xiaohui Liu
I tried many pulled noodle places, this is one of the best. Their 羊肉泡馍 was great. We also tried 地三鲜 和糖醋里脊,all are great and they serve a big amount. The service was fast too. Will definitely come back.

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Sijie Zhang
I had food poisoning here.

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Jingyu Li
Amazing place, don’t know why it has bad reviews but as of March 2022, the service is fast and the food is super fresh. The best hand pulled noodles I’ve ever had, extremely chewy and fresh tasting.

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Melody Li
Cannot believe this plate is still being used as of now in 2023. Extremely unsafe. Very disappointed.

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