Billionaire Pizza Company Menu – Compton, CA

Type : Pizza restaurant

Location : Compton, CA

Based on 24 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.1 stars. Price $$

Billionaire Pizza Company 90221

1101 E Compton Blvd # A, Compton, CA 90221

Phone: (310) 635-4876


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Maurice Williams
In a word not impressed let’s start off I ordered their New York style pizza(Big Apple) pepperoni extra cheese mushrooms and heavy sauce. Let’s go one by one so there was pepperoni on the pizza nothing special about that definitely didn’t see signs of extra cheese but if it was I would hate to think of what a normal Pizza would look like. Now where the problems begin the mushroom and red onions no I’m no pizza Pizza magician but I do know the rules about cooking and that’s uniformity. If all the pieces are roughly about the same size they will cook evenly. These onions and mushrooms looks like they were thrown in a blender for a few seconds then thrown on the pizza large sizes bits and pieces but still edible. Now as bad as that was I could deal with it the worst part about this pizza was the Soggy crust which tells me is not cooked in a hot enough oven and then lastly was the fact the pizza was delivered warm like whoever the delivery driver was took the long route here but I was so maybe there were other orders going out I can’t say I’ll go back pizzas one of those things that’s hard to mess up but yet they found a way I can deal with the unevenness but not the Soggy crust it’s like making a pizza out of Wonder Bread and not putting it in the oven to crisp up

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Pucker Up Lemonade Company
Who knew you could get the most scrumptious, juicy, and amazingly prepared Lamb Chops from a Pizza parlor? Served over garlic mashed with sauteed veggies, there’s nothing that should be added or taken away from this dish! The Billionaire Brand never disappoints! Oh and the Meat Lovers Pizza was an A+++ as well.

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Omar Guzman
I’m a big fan of their Billionaire Burger Boyz restaurant and became excited when I heard they were opening up a pizza joint.

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NyChele Campbell
Online says they close at 8pm, it’s 6:18pm on a Thursday and the door is locked. Thumbs down. Do better or change the hours. Period.

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Jovette High
Website said they were open. But when we got there it seemed like they were out of business. It was a waste of time and money for gas

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Chanell Ponce
The food was absolutely amazing! The pizza and the wings were really good, and amazing quality. The owner was nice and friendly.

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Isabel Rios
1 of my fav spots

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Folran Power (M P)
Best Pizza in town

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Ilena Shells
Not open yet

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Isabel Rios
Seafood pasta fire

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