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Boiler Room Crawfish 77384

110 FM 1488, Conroe, TX 77384

Phone: (936) 446-9188


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Wednesday 3–8 PM
Thursday 3–8 PM
Friday 1–9 PM
Saturday 1–9 PM
Sunday 1–6 PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 3–8 PM


Shaved Ice Flavors
Wedding Cake
Blue Cotton Candy
Pink Cotton Candy
Birhday Cake
Blue Coconut
Tiger Blood
Lemon Lime
Blue Bubblegum
Green Apple
Tutti Frutti
Blue Raspberry
Bahama Mama
Mai Tai
Blue Hawaiian
Dill Pickle
Root Beer
Pina Colada

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Phuong Del Rosario
Love their crawfish and can’t wait for next season. I am a snob in crawfish for Asian style w garlic butter/thai/special flavor but I love Cajun style crawfish here. Perfect cooking crawfish w a balance of salty and a little sour kick in flavor. In the picture, I put extra garlic butter on it at home.

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Brian Long
This is always our go to vendor when crawfish season rolls around. We’ve been stopping here for about 3 years and have never had a bad experience. Crawfish is reasonably priced with good flavor, and they give you spice on the side if you need an extra kick. Catfish basket is a good choice if you aren’t a fan of crawfish. The fish is always fresh tasting with a nice thin batter. Definitely recommend stopping by if you’re in the area.

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Jenny B
Their crawfish are my favorite. Perfect spice and so juicy. I thought the sides might not have much flavor by looking at them but I was wrong, they were delicious. Great size and peeled easy. Highly recommend!

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Ryan Pedro
Boiler Room Crawfish Absolutely amazing!!! Not only did they have a special 30 bucks for 5 lbs today, they waited in this horrible weather for me to run over… Had to try their boudin egg rolls as well… Amazing service and delicious crawfish. Can’t wait for the prime season as these were a very good size for this early…

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matt chadsey
Service was amazing, staff was super friendly. The food was just as good! Fried seafood platter was cooked to perfection, seasoned perfectly. The crawdads weren’t huge when we went, but they gave us a bunch of them with lots of butter. They were kind enough to put the spice on the side so that my wife and son could enjoy them with me.

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James Ferguson
Food was not prep well food tastes very citrusy, it’s very common to use citrus juices and fruits for flavor but not this much where every bite taste like I’ve bitten into a orange or I bite a orange peel. Shrimp needs to be cooked a little longer, I asked for spicy and nothing was spicy at all, not even the corn or potatoes and those are usually always spicy anywhere you go because they soak up a lot of the juices while being in the boil sack. Tried them because they were close to the area I was in at the time. Definitely will drive a little further next time and not settle for this. This place needs someone to stop by and give them a few pointers.

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Had a memorial day party and despite them being closed for the holiday, they cooked 60 pounds of crawfish for us and it was fabulous! I really appreciate them working with us and everyone loved it. Best crawfish around!

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The service was good, the taste of the crawfish was good, but I got sick the next few days including an upset stomach. Not sure if it was the crawfish, but this is the leading suspect. Anyone else get sick after eating there in the evening of 4/22/23? Just want some confirmation if it was the crawfish

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Crystal R
The best.

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David Buster
We went for crawfish and they were right sized and prepared first rate. We also brought home boudin stuffed egg rolls, crab stuffed jalepenos, shrimp, extra mushrooms. The only problem was shrimp over cooked and really hard to peel, but still tasty.

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