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Type : Puerto Rican restaurant

Location : Colonial Heights, VA

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Puerto Rican Bakery & Café 23834

1410 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Phone: (804) 898-3096


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Mofongo With Fried Pork / Carne Frita $15.00
Mofongo With Garlic Chicken / Pollo Al Ajillo $15.00
Mofongo With Chicken In Creole Sauce / Pollo En Salsa Criolla $15.00
Mofongo With Garlic Shrimp / Camarones Al Ajillo $17.00
Mofongo With Shrimp In Criole Sauce / Camarones En Salsa Criolla $17.00
Surf & Turf Mofongo / Shrimp & Chicken
Chicken and shrimp (pollo y camarones). include lettuce tomatoes and chicken broth.
Mofongo With Fried Pork Chop / Chuleta $16.00
Mofongo With Octopus / Pulpo $19.00
Mofongo With Crispy Fried Chicken Bites / Chicharrones De Pollo $15.00
Mofongo With Roasted Pork / Pernil Asado $15.00
Shrimp & Octopus Mofongo / Camarones Y Pulpo
Include lettuce tomatoes and chicken broth.
Plain Mofongo
Includes the mofongo lettuce tomatoes and chicken broth.
Sweet Plantains Plain Mofongo $8.50
Homemade Chicken Broth / Caldito De Pollo $1.75
Mofongo With Kan Kan Pork Chop / Chuleta Kan Kan $33.00
Mojito Dipping Sauce $0.50
Tropical Dipping Sauce $0.50
Daily Menu / Menú Del Día
Daily Menu / Menú Del Dia
The daily menu includes one kind of rice, one meat, one side, and a fountain drink. / el menú del día incluye un tipo de arroz, una carne, un acompañante y un refresco de máquina.
Cuban / Cubano
Pork, ham, mayo, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard.
3 Meats / Tripleta
Pork, chicken, ham, mayo, provolone cheese, tropical sauce, potato sticks, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Garlic Shrimp / Camarones Al Ajillo
Shrimps, mayo, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Garlic Chicken / Pollo Al Ajillo
Garlic chicken, mayo, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Philly Cheese Steak
Philly steak, mayo, mozzarella cheese, peppers, and onions.
Ham & Cheese / Jamón Y Queso
Mayo, American cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Ham, Cheese, & Eggs / Jamón, Queso Y Huevo
Mayo, American cheese, eggs, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Mayo, peppers, onions, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Pork / Pernil
Pork, mayo, provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Turkey Ham & Cheese / Jamón De Pavo Y Queso
Turkey ham, mayo, American cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Tuna / Atún
Mayo, provolone cheese, green peppers, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes.
El Jibarito
Roasted pork, provolone cheese, tropical sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes in flattened, fried green plantains.
Fritters / Frituras
Beef Empanada / Empanadilla De Carne $3.50
Beef & Cheese Empanada / Empanadilla De Carne Y Queso $4.00
Chicken Empanada / Empanadilla De Pollo $3.50
Chicken & Cheese Empanada / Empanadilla De Pollo Y Queso $4.00
Pizza Empanada – Empanadilla De Pizza $3.50
Cheese Empanada / Empanadilla De Queso $3.50
Shrimp Empanada – Empanadilla De Camarones $6.00
Octopus Empanada / Empanadilla De Pulpo $6.00
Beef Stuffed Potato Balls / Rellenos De Papa $3.50
Beef Stuffed Fritters / Alcapurrias $3.50
Corn Meal Sticks / Sorullitos De Maíz (Per Dozen)
Per dozen.
Ham Croquettes / Croquetas De Jamón (Per Dozen)
Per dozen.
Crazy Fries / Papas Locas $12.00
Guava And Cheese Empanada / Empanadilla De Guayaba Y Queso $4.00
Vegetarian Empanada / Empanadilla Vegetariana $3.50
Tropical Dipping Sauce $0.50
Mojito Dipping Sauce $0.50
Sides / Acompañantes
Plantains / Tostones $3.50
White Rice / Arroz Blanco $3.25
Beans / Habichuelas $3.25
Fried Rice / Arroz Mamposteao $5.00
Chinese Rice / Arroz Chino $5.00
Yellow Rice With Pigeon Peas / Arroz Con Gandules $3.50
French Fries / Papas Fritas $3.25
Yuca Fries / Yuca Frita $3.75
Lettuce & Tomatoes / Lechuga Y Tomate $2.75
Salads / Soups
House Salad / Ensalada De La Casa
Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and a tropical dressing.
Octopus Salad / Ensalada De Pulpo
Include plantains and salad
Shrimp Salad / Ensalada De Camarones
Include plantains and salad
Shrimp – Vaso De Camarones $13.00
Octopus / Vaso De Pulpo $14.00
Chicken And Rice Soup / Sopa De Arroz Y Pollo
Include plantains
Shrimp Soup / Sopa De Camarones
Include plantains
Desserts / Postres
Vanilla Custard / Flan De Vainilla $3.00
Cheese Custard / Flan De Queso $3.00
Bread Pudding / Budín De Pan $4.00
Chocolate Chips Cookies $2.50
French Macarons $1.75
Cheesecake $5.00
Lemon & Cream Pastry / Limón Y Queso Crema $2.50
Pineapple & Cream Pastry / Piña Y Queso Crema $2.50
Lemon Cake / Bizcocho De Limón $5.00
Chocolate Cake / Chocolate $5.00
Three Milks Cake $5.50
Carrot Cake / Zanahoria $5.00
M & M Cookies $2.50
Guava Pastry / Pastelillo De Guayaba $2.50
Bavarian Cream Pastry / Tornillo De Crema Bavarian $2.50
Strawberry & Cream Pastry / Fresas Y Queso Crema $2.50
Red Velvet Cake $4.50
Cream Cheese Pastry / Quesito $2.50
Apple Pastry / Manzana $2.50
Guava & Cheese Pastry / Guayaba & Queso $2.50
Chef’s Menu
Paella De Seafood $18.00
Paella Criolla $15.00
Drinks / Bebidas
Malta India $2.25
Fountain Drinks / Bebidas De Máquina $2.00
Piña Colada $6.00
Soft Drinks / Botellas De Refresco $1.99
Natural Juices / Jugos Naturales
Guava passion fruit tamarind pineapple or mango.
Bottle Of Water / Botella De Agua $2.25
Americano $3.00
Latte $4.00
Milk / Leche $2.29
Powerade $2.29
Minute Maid $2.29
Cappuccino $3.75
Kola Khampagne $2.00
Espresso $2.50
Goya Soda $2.00
Parcha Colada $6.00
Guava Colada $6.00
Others / Otros
Puerto Rican Bread / Pan Sobao $3.50

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Ada Santiago
Looking for a Puerto Rican place to eat I went here after a friend found them on the Internet. I am from FL and went to Richmond VA on a personal trip. Not knowing anything or any place around finding this place was amazing. I ordered mofongo with fried pork, ham croquettes, meat turnover (empanadilla), and he ordered asopao de pollo (chicken soup), arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas), pork chop and salad. We were delighted.☺️ ❤️

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Rebecka Montgomery
They were super busy when I went in to place my to go order. It did take a little bit to get my food. But like I said they were busy. I ordered the pastrami sandwich, beef empanada, beef fritter, the beef potato ball, and the cream cheese flan. This was so much food for 35 dollars. I did not expect the sandwich to feed 4 people. I personally didn’t care for the fritter. But the rest was fantastic! Delicious doesn’t even begin to cover it. I wish I lived beat by so I could get this more often.

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Eddie val
Staff was friendly and helpful, food a lil pricey, in the picture minus 2 flans total was a lil over $26.00, I had the Bacalao Guisado with Arroz con Gandules and 4 Maduro and a tasty Malta. I wish they could’ve gave me another plate to mix, it’s all good, they should the rice on a paper plate atleast, you be the judge

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Daniel Perez
Love that they are making Boricua Chinese food but the wait time was crazy, we waited 1 hour and 10 minutes for our food so that was disappointing, hopefully they can work on the waiting time, other than that is a nice place to have a good meal.

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Edwin “Ed” Rivera
Food was ok. I am from Puerto Rico so I can tell food is similar now it lacks flavor, on some of their food. Had a bad experience found a glove in a Empanada.

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terrena wallace
Heard so much about this place. We decided to stop by for lunch. Upon entering the restaurant was very clean and tables were spaced out. The cashier was very friendly and helpful. Also the young guy was very knowledgeable about the menu. We ordered grilled chicken breast with white rice and beans. My wife ordered fried snapper with yellow rice and peas plus sweet plantains. Reasonable prices and the food tasted so darn good. We also ordered fountain drinks. Powerdade. Bathrooms were clean and dining area was also clean. Will definitely be back soon maybe next week. Highly recommend.

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Titi C
Food is delicious my gosh the Cuban sandwich I will be coming back

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Trinity Chambers
Amazing quality, flavor, friendliest staff, and clean place to eat. Service can be super fast or slow, depending on how busy it gets, but I can clearly see why it gets packed sometimes. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a taste of authentic Puerto Rican food.

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Georgia Peach
This place has really good food! The young lady that works there was so polite and helped me pick the best meal for me. The place was clean and organized. They also sell desserts!!! I would definitely recommend for authentic Puerto Rican food!

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Allyson Oden
Some friends and I came here to eat and to practice Spanish together – we had a wide range of comfort levels with Spanish – some were native speakers with Spanish as their first language and some were just beginning to learn. The employees were so kind, patient and helpful as we ALL ordered our food in Spanish, even though the employees clearly spoke English.

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