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Type : Diner

Location : Wilmore, KY

Based on 33 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.1 stars. Price

Dean's Diner 40390

319 E Main St B, Wilmore, KY 40390



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PL Taylor
Dean’s really takes you back to the day!! Very nostalgic ambiance! My wife enjoyed her pimento blt and me the fish sandwich. The fries and fried greenbeans are deeeeeelicous!!! Great eats and service for your buck!

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Richard Fuelling
Review from a former employee-

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Amanda Schwind
Enjoyed our dinner last night.

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Jake Fleck
This place is the definition of a surprise hole in the wall. It is conveniently placed on an accessible road with a great surrounding area. I went in for some ice cream not knowing what it would be like. Let me just say this, one scoop is 50 cents. It is a large amount of ice cream as well. I ended up paying $1.06 for two large scoops of ice cream, with toppings, whip cream and cherry. I will give you some advice, if you live within 15 minutes of this place, do not buy grocery store ice cream. Go here. You will not find a better bang for your buck anywhere. Could not recommend them enough.

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Ivory Printer
We called and ordered ours. The woman on the phone was very distracted and had us repeat everything several times (family of 5) then hung up. We waited until the food was delivered to our house. When it was, the guy gave us our food and took the $100 bill without giving us the change back! Had to chase him and tell him to stop because he didn’t give us change. We gathered up $55 and didn’t give a tip. The food was garbage, do not recommend. Never ordered there again.

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Kasey Dickens
Cute nostalgic spot for eats. I love the milkshakes, the buckeye is my favorite! Friendly welcoming staff, and simple eats. Will definitely be back for more!

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Rachel Webb
Wonderful staff and Hometown feel. Our family loves Dean’s. Kids night is fantastic. I also enjoy that the music is played on a record player and family friendly. 🙂

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Dean Cook
Had food delivered yesterday noon. Both the chicken quesadilla and hamburger were big enough to provide supper as well. The quesadilla was chock full of chicken, loads of cheese, tomato and onion. Delicious!

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Josh Kelly
Overpriced for what it is. Really isn’t that great. Honestly I didn’t even really see a kitchen. Saw a couple microwaves. Not sure their thought process for the prices. 2.75 for a plain hotdog that tasted like a ballpark frank.

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hope mcallister
We had hamburger and fries. The food was great. Ice cream for dessert. Best ice cream ever! Will be going back.

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