Detroit Grill King Menu – Highland Park, MI

Type : General store

Location : Highland Park, MI

Based on 11 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.6 stars. Price

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Detroit Grill King 48203

Address: 19645 Hanna St, Highland Park, MI 48203

Phone: (313) 221-0617



Wednesday 8 AM–9 PM
Thursday 8 AM–9 PM
Friday 8 AM–9 PM
Saturday 8 AM–9 PM
Sunday 8 AM–9 PM
Monday 8 AM–9 PM
Tuesday 8 AM–9 PM


Christopher E
I’ve been wanting a double barrel grill for years and I’m finally getting one! And I got to add a few bells and whistles to it. Looking forward to seeing what Mr Felton is going to bless me with!

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Kevin Brooks
My second grill I just got and a buddy got one and he gave us his free bbq sauce which taste great and some dress wood but grill is the best.

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Love my grill he is great! Builds them but hand baby! Custom made best deal! Love my neighbor!

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Rudolph Patrick

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Derrell Coleman
Awesome grill!

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