Sushi Axiom Addison Menu – Dallas, TX

Type : Sushi restaurant

Location : Dallas, TX

Sleek Japanese fusion eatery with a lineup of maki rolls & cocktails amid colorful, modern lighting. Based on 802 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.2 stars. Price $$

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery

Sushi Axiom Addison 75254

Address: 5225 Belt Line Rd Suite 240, Dallas, TX 75254

Phone: (972) 233-0003



Wednesday 3–9 PM
Thursday 3–9 PM
Friday 11 AM–10 PM
Saturday 12–10 PM
Sunday 12–9 PM
Monday 3–9 PM
Tuesday 3–9 PM



Choose from sea salt, spicy, spicy garlic, chilly lime, or parmesan $5.95
Crab Puffs
fried wontons stuffed with crab scallions and cream cheese
pan fried pork dumplings served with ponzu salsa
Egg Rolls
pork and crab in crispy wonton shells
tempura fried octopus puffs (6pc)
Lamb Chops
seasoned New Zealand lamb chops (2pc)
Ginger Lime Tofu
diced tofu stir-fried with garlic and ginger
Crab Poppers
fried jalapenos stuffed with blue crab and cheese
Crab Cakes
panko crusted with mango salsa and signature sauces
Beef Satay
grilled skirt steak skewers (3pc)
Crispy Calamari
tempura fried calamari with shichimi aioli
Steam Buns
choose from chasu pork or bulgogi beef
Agedashi Tofu
Fried tofu with dashi broth
Cold Starters
choose from beef, tuna or albacore
Tuna or Salmon Tower
spicy tuna or salmon , crab, avocado, rice, signature sauces
Salmon Ceviche
fresh salmon sashimi topped with mango salsa
Hamachi Ajillo
fresh hamachi sashimi with cucumber, garlic and jalapeno
Yuzu Snapper
fresh snapper sashimi with fried garlic yuzu ponzu
Tuna Nachos
spicy tuna, crab, avocado, pico and wonton chips
Hamachi Heaven
Yellow tail, cilantro, jalapeno, ponzu, sriracha (9pc)
Hamachi Truffle
hamachi sashimim, pico, fried onion, and truffle ponzu
Tuna or Salmon Tartare
chopped tuna, miso glaze, tobiko, wonton chips
Octopus Ceviche
Octopus, tako wasabi, jalapeno, cilantro, ponzu, mango salsa
House Salad $4.95
Avocado Tomato
avocados tomatoes spring mix bleu cheese blueberry balsamic crushed walnuts
Caribbean Chicken
Grilled chicken, avocado, cucumber, tomato, toasted coconut flake, sesame jalapeño dressing
Sashimi Salad
Tuna, salmon, escolar, cucumber, asparagus, scallion, masago, spring mix, yuzu ponzu
Squid Salad $6.95
Seaweed Salad $4.95
Sunomono Salad
Cucumber, crab ponzu
Tako Wasabi $6.95
Spicy Miso Ramen
Miso broth, sriracha ground pork, chili oil, poached egg, bamboo, leak, fried garlic
Butter Corn Ramen
White miso broth, pork belly, jumbo corn, butter, leek, bamboo
Garlic Ramen
Pork broth, pork belly, roasted garlic oil, poached egg, bamboo, leek, fried garlic
Vegan Ramen
Creamy vegan mushroom broth with kale noodles, enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots and white button mushrooms.
Egg noodle with cabbage, seasonings, and sunny side egg, choose chicken, beef, or pork
Signature Rolls
Big Easy
Tempura shrimp and scallion topped with crawfish, avocado, cajun spices, and signature sauces
Liion King
Crab and avocado topped with baked salmon, spicy mayo, and sweet soy
Fresh Jalapeno
tempura fried with crab, avocado, cream cheese, jalapeños, spicy mayo, sriracha, and sweet soy
California roll with baked sweet corn topping, chili powder, parmesan
Tempura shrimp, cilantro topped with avocado, tuna, strawberry, kiwi glaze, and spicy mayo
Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, asparagus, avocado, wasabi cream, and sweet soy
Tempura fried with crab, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, and sweet soy
Happy Ending
Tempura fried white fish, cream cheese scallions and signature sauces
Tempura shrimp, scallion, avocado, lobster claw, garlic butter, spicy mayo, filo strings
Crunchy Salmon
Panko fried with salmon, cream cheese, sweet soy, and spicy mayo
Axiom Roll
Salmon, crab, and avocado, in soy paper, topped with tuna, wasabi cream, and spicy mayo
Cucumber wrap with shrimp, tuna, salmon, white tuna, crab, avocado, ponzu, and sriracha
Crouching Tiger
Tempura shrimp and spicy crab, topped with cajun salmon, serrano, cilantro, and spicy ponzu
Hidden Dragon
Tempura shrimp and spicy crab, topped with yellowtail, serrano, cilantro, and spicy ponzu
Cherry Blossom
Tempura shrimp, crab, and cucumber, topped with tuna, avocado, and signature sauces
Love @ 1st Bite
Spicy tuna, salmon, and crab with avocado in soy paper, topped with tobiko and wasabi cream
crab, and cucumber topped with pepper-seared tuna, avocado, ponzu, and scallions
SMU (Mustang)
Tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, and cucumber topped with crab and signature sauces
Snow White
Spicy crab, avocado, and asparagus topped with escolar, spicy mayo, and ponzu
Rice paper wrap, salmon, tuna, escolar, crab, greens, tomato, mango salsa, cilantro, spicy ponzu
24 Carrot
carrot wrap, crab, tuna, escolar, avocado, gold flakes
Soy paper, salom, spicy crab, avocado, spicy ponzu
cucumber wrap, crab, salmon, tuna, avocado, Himalayan sea salt
shrimp tempura, cream cheese, crab mixed and snow crab
Sake Sake Bomb
Salmon roll, avocado, spicy salmon, fried garlic, jalapeño
Umami Hamachi
Hamachi scallions, avo, spicy hamachi, fried garlic, jalapeno
Max Maguro
Tuna roll, sliced avo, spicy tuna, crunchy garlic, jalapeno
Spicy salmon, tempura flakes, avocado, nachos, sauce spicymayo, olive oil, eel, wasabi cream, truffle oil
Crawfish or Scallops Dynamite
Cream cheese, avo, crab mix, crawfish or scallops dynamite
Crab Dynamite
Crab mix, avo, shrimp tempura, top crab dynamite, eel sauce
Cream cheese, spicy tuna, crab mix, avo,tempura flakes, spicy mayo, eel
7th Street
Cream cheese, avo, crab mix, shrimp, jalapeño
Mt. axiom
Crab mix, cream cheese, tempura shrimp, kanikama 4 sauces
Smoke House
Salmon skin, blue cheese, asparagus, smoke salmon, bacon bits, sweet soy, spicy mayo
Alaskan Roll
crab mix avocado cucumber salmon on top
Avocado Roll
avocado rolled with seaweed outside
Spicy Hamachi Roll
spicy sriracha hamachi cucumber inside out sesame seed
Hawaiian Roll
crab mixed avocado cucumber topped with tuna
Louisiana Roll
crab mixed fried crawfish rolled inside out masago
Rainbow Roll
crab mixed avocado cucumber with assorted fish on top
Spicy Tuna Roll
spicy tuna cucumber inside out sesame seed
Spicy Salmon
spicy salmon cucumber inside out sesame seed
California Roll
crab mixed avocado cucumber inside out sesame seed
Caterpillar Roll
eel cucumber inside out avocado
Philadelphia Roll
cream cheese avocado cucumber top with smoke salmon
Shrimp Tempura Roll
tempura shrimp, cucumber avocado rolled seaweed outside
Spider Roll
soft shell crab cucumber avocado rolled seaweed outside
Veggie Roll
kampyo oshinko cucumber asparagus inside out sesame seed
Dancing Eel Roll
crab mixed cucumber shrimp tempura inside out eel and avocado
Volcano Roll
crab mixed avocado cucumber topped with crawfish dynamite
Cajun Devil
crawfish, spicy mayo, house chili, avo, cucumber
Spicy Scallop
Spicy scallop, sesame seed
Cali roll, top eel and avocado, eel sauce
Hamachi Scallion
Chopped hamachi and scallion
Poke Bowl
Choose salmon or tuna or combo +$3, with crab mix, avocado, pico de gallo, seaweed salad, cucumber kimchi, spring mix, spicy mayo, sushi rice
12 sashimi 1 eel sampler with seaweed salad over bed of furikake sushi rice
Choose chicken or salmon +$3, served with mixed vegetables and steamed rice or fried rice +$3
Blue Crab Fried Rice
Fried rice topped with lump blue crab, melted mozzarella cheese, and panko bread crumbs
Chicken Hibachi
Stir-fried chicken and vegetables served with steamed rice
Ginger Beef
Chopped tenderloin sauteed with ginger and garlic, served with steamed rice, tempura asparagus, and sweet potato
Axiom Fried Rice
Wok-fried rice with sprouts and scallion. Choose chicken, beef +$2, or shrimp +$3
Marina Salmon
Grilled salmon, crab dynamite, stir-fried veggies
Veggie Delight
Seasonal wok veggies
Veggie Fried Rice
Assorted Veggies
Vegetarian Rolls
Veggie Summer
Kampyo, spring mix, cucumber, asparagus, avo,sesame seed
Cucumber wrap, asparagus, cilantro, spring mix, avo,tofu, yuzu mango
Veggie Tempura
Sweet potatoes, onions, zucchini, aspara
Manco Roll
Kampyo, avo, asparagus, cucumber, seaweed salad,yuzu mango
Froot Roll
Apple, mango, avocado, strawberry, kiwi glaze
Kampyo, oshinko, cucumber, asparagus, yamagobo, avo
5 pc Sushi $15.95
9 pc Sashimi $22.95
16 pc Sashimi $40.95
Sushi/Sashimi $32.95
Boat For 2
8 Sushi, 8 Sashimi, Crunchy Salmon Roll, Elotes Roll, Omakase Salad
HAPPY HOUR – Mon-Sat 3pm-7pm & Sunday All Day
Edamame $3.95
Seaweed Salad $3.95
Squid Salad $3.95
Quail Egg Shooter $3.95
Gyoza $4.95
Crab Puffs $4.95
Egg Rolls $4.95
Ginger Lime Tofu $4.95
California Roll $4.95
Spicy Tuna Roll $4.95
Spicy Salmon Roll $4.95
Salmon Sushi (2pc) $5.95
Tuna Sushi (2pc) $5.95
Yellowtail Sushi (2pc) $5.95
Escolar Sushi (2pc) $5.95
Crispy Calamari $6.95
Crab Poppers $6.95
Beef Satay $6.95
Vegetable Tempura $6.95
Alaskan Roll $9.95
Fresh Jalapeno Roll $9.95
Hawaiian Roll $9.95
Addison Roll $9.95
Pacific Roll $9.95
Happy Ending Roll $9.95
Snow White Roll $9.95
Crunchy Salmon Roll $9.95
Spicy Miso Ramen $9.95
Garlic Ramen $9.95
Butter Corn Ramen $9.95
Vegan Ramen $9.95
Choose: Mimosa or Sakebomb $3.95
Beer: Choose from Bud Light. Miller Lite, Dos XX, Shiner, Sapporo $3.95
Choose: House Wells or Hot Sake $4.95
Wine: Choose from house Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blend, Rose $5.95
Martinis: Choose from – Lemondrop, Bellini, Lychee, Apple, Texican $7.95

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Anthony Conner
Service want the greatest. Real slow and almost no english spoken. Food was great. Atmosphere was extremely loud. There where two birthday parties there though so maybe just bad timing on our part.

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Krista Waller
We stumbled upon this place after checking out another that had a 3 hour wait. We chose to sit at the bar. They had purse hooks at the bar which was really nice so I didn’t had to sit my purse on the floor. The atmosphere was really cool and I really enjoyed the music they had playing. The sushi rolls we ordered came out very presentable and tasted amazing! Only reason I gave it four stars was the service was a little slow but that could be because we sat at the bar and one person seemed to be handling the bar minus someone that came up every once in awhile.

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Ibolya Manderfield
Sat at the bar; our bartender was attentive and friendly. Sashimi and sushi rolls were so fresh and delicious! My favorite was the 24 carrot; riceless roll! Will definitely come back

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Ibrahim Shahin Juma
Staff very friendly, and nice. Ordered poke bowl was tasty bit spicy, big portion, edamame are perfectly cooked the lime chili is so good! Food served quickly.

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Average sushi place. Very laid back staff.

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matthew mcintosh
I like this place. I’s not groundbreaking or unique, but it is a nice restaurant with good staff and great food that fix your week night sushi craving. Sometimes you want something simple yet classy enough to elevate a Wednesday night out into an experience with a little more.

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