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Type : Chinese restaurant

Location : Atascadero, CA

Based on 288 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.5 stars. Price $

Golden China Restaurant 93422

7425 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422



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Katie Martinez-Tipton
I lived in Atascadero, CA until I was 5 and recently went back to revisit and was so happy to see the Golden China Restaurant was open. All Chinese food I eat in life is judged based on the food here since it was my 1st memory of eating Chinese food! The staff and owner as great! It looks so similar to what I remember as a kid!! The food is still good and when I go down memory lane again I hope they are still there!! Much love from Sacramento, CA ❤️ ❤️

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Andrew Alan
I’m giving this restaurant an overall 2-star for customer service and effort. The food was disgusting except the egg flower soup. We were there right around 6:15-6:30 pm on a Saturday and there were two other tables aside from us. The food didn’t look inviting, but since we were there already, we decided to give it a try and provide readers with an honest review.

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Jim Wood
Yesterday I viewed their website and said it was buffet , even pictures were buffet and their sign out front when I visited today says , “buffet now open.” Well , it’s not buffet. I do give 3 stars because the food was very good. No soda fountain , I was given a Sprite in a can. May or may not be back.

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Aude Mahieu
Used to work there. Gréât staff and family. I miss them all so much. The buffet was great and I had an amazing experience each time I would eat out of work or when I was working. If the restaurant was now where I lived. It would be my go to restaurant once again ❤️

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No buffet! Just huge plates and fresh food of 3 to 4 items. I’m stuffed!

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camille n
I often get take out delivered and have for several years now-it’s made with care exactly like I like. Tony is a great cook who really goes the extra mile to make your meal fresh and tasty. I’ve also had the buffet and if they’re running out or out of something they’ll make

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Crystal Harris
I used to love this place, but going there today with my husband and my kid might have been a huge mistake. Not only was the man that seated us rude, he also hovered two seats behind us watching us eat? The food was so old sitting in the buffet, they’re going to get someone very very sick. Dirty plastic cups of warm tap water is what we got… My daughter was upset because there were small black grains of old food in the bottom of her cup. I went to get her desert, and there was MOLD on the jello, so I’ll be addressing that issue immediately. Be safe eating at this restaurant, it’s not the same place anymore…

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Wish I could give these guys negative stars , unfortunately it only gives me the option of a 1 . The experience I had when I made a phone to go order was very unprofessional while placing my order online. When I went in the restaurant to make sure my order was correct the same Asian women wanted to keep trying to talk over me.rather than being quiet so I could address my concerns she chose to try and argue with me. I have been coming here for years but sadly because of the poor customer service I have received I will no longer ever come back here. Not to mention when asking her why she is arguing with a paying customer, she referenced that I wasn’t working and that the money that I was spending was stimulus money. Little does she realize I worked in one of the local icu unit for six months straight during the peak of the pandemic. I work mode my money and I never expect a hand out. But this was completely pathetic and makes me never want to go back there again. I hope they go out of business.

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Charmaine Quinlan
At the Golden China restaurant the server was very helpful and friendly. The food had good flavor, and was displayed nicely. However, the dining area looks like it needed some fresh paint.

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Tim Allen
Something has changed and is very wrong with this restaurant. The food that was delivered was not edible. When I called to tell them, the woman I spoke to wouldn’t listen to my concerns and told me I should be grateful. She even threatened to call 911! The only reason I am giving 1 star is because when I returned the food they did give my money back. That is the only positive thing I can say about this restaurant.

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