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Type : Vietnamese restaurant

Location : Garden Grove, CA

Based on 78 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.0 stars. Price

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Hồng Hương 92844

8861 Westminster Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92844

Phone: (714) 890-0805



Friday 8 AM–5 PM
Saturday 8 AM–5 PM
Sunday 8 AM–5 PM

(Labor Day)
8 AM–5 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 8 AM–5 PM
Thursday 8 AM–5 PM

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Joe P
This place make best authentic banh cuon (Spring roll) in OC with good pork loaf and fried pork loaf. Banh Cuon is my favorite breakfast food so trust me i know my banh cuon well. Pho Tau Bay is second best compares to this place. The only best banh cuon i would give a 5 stars is a place in Long Xuyen, Vietnam due its awesome fresh fried pork loaf daily, its fresh roasted soy drinks, and a peaceful riverside seating.

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Long Pham
Small but friendly and cozy. The foods was good just like mom cooking. I am not a banh cuon person but the bún canh was on point.

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Sonny N
Had their famous banh cuon. Service was good. Nothing to complain about. Was told this place has the best banh cuon.

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J Nguyen
Really good banh cuon. The rice paper is soft and freshly made. The pork and mushroom filling taste awesooome -not hard and tasteless like how other people make it. I especially like the steamed and fried pork sausage/cha lua and cha chien. It taste really diff from other brands. They make it all in house. Only bad thing is its cash only but at least it opens late until 8pm!

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David Pham
The service is very bad, customers who come later will be served first. We arrived first and had to wait more than 30 minutes for our food. staff and hostess attitude is very bad, no respect.

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Linh Nguyen
Great food. Affordable prices

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Kairy Le
Servers would’ve been a 5/5 until the manager literally told the server not to ask who ordered what drink, just leave it there for them to figure out. The head manager or kitchen lady was rude with an attitude the entire time. Food was mediocre at best, bland unless doused in sauce. Servers were attentive until scolded for doing what you would want from a server.

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Tuan Tran
Good local eatery. Good banh cuon, pho ga and great bun moc. Limited menu but it’s all good, cheap, fresh and delicious.

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Love the banh cuon here. Taste good as always. Number 1 is my favorite everytime I come here.

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Tuan Nguyen
Good place for “banh cuon” rice cake with pork roll

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