Izzy’s BBQ Bar & Grill Menu – Haledon, NJ

Type : Barbecue restaurant

Location : Haledon, NJ

Based on 86 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.4 stars. Price

Izzy's BBQ Bar & Grill 07508

237 Haledon Ave, Haledon, NJ 07508

Phone: (862) 257-3219


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John Mateus
Cute. Small, but we’ll kept. Fairly authentic Portuguese items on a generalized menu. Food was good, portions large, prices reasonable. Probably my new go-to Portuguese place.

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Mohammed Haopshy
I have ordered the beef cubes and moved vejtables from Izzy’s barbecue grill in Haledon NJ at least a doson times today 6/24/2018 I ordered the same food but this time they served it with shrimp. I am highly allergic to shrimp. After talking to the manager, he seemed to be iratated ( he said I’ll make you another one no charge but will not deliver my food. ) I will never eat there again because of the manager and there lack of customer service.

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Selma Bayram
Awesome food, great cook and friendly staff!!! They even have Happy Hour 3-6 and weekly specials M-Thursday. Delicious food.

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Jonathan Zamudio
quite horrible. ordered whole ribs with the fries and rice. nothing but fat on the ribs,the rice felt as if i was eating mashed potatos and the fries felt like i was eating a banana. although they offered me to make it right, i wasn’t going to take the chance. 2 stars for the service.

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Izzy’s BBQ an enjoyable experience everytime. Fanatics place to drink and eat with friends and family. Come enjoy the awesome BBQ chicken and pork ribs with smoke flavor.

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Cindy Bills
Our first time here and really loved the food and the service was fantastic!!!! They all were very friendly and fast service!!! Loved it…will definitely be back!!!

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Terrence Randall
Went this evening with my wife for the first time atmosphere was great and the food was excellent steak & ribs along with the vegetables were amazing !! When you go you will not be disappointed!!

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Jos Xavier
I just got the fried calamary out of this place and it was good, but as i am finishing the plate, i came across a piece of bone… So I stop eating and ask myslef, why is there a piece of bone in my calamary… Damnnn my thinking endless..as to why there is a bone. i better stop otherwise i am going to puke…. … Make ur own judgement….

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John Rodriguez
Grand Opening. Great BBQ food and drinks.

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Mia Correia
In town, from Massachusetts….tried this place, it’s amazing! Really amazing Portuguese cuisine. The owner and staff are so friendly!

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