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Type : Restaurant

Location : Lebanon, PA

Based on 248 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 2.7 stars. Price $$

Just Wing It 17042

761 Cumberland St, Lebanon, PA 17042

Phone: (717) 270-9464

Website: https://m.facebook.com/Just-Wing-It-Lebanon-207970622561492/

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Angel Ortiz
Food was good had good flavor friendly staff golden eagle fries was awesome

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B Willy
Very unprofessional business. Will never go there again! So my wife placed an order for 4 dozen wings and fries last Monday at 5:30p and picked them up a little after 6. Finally got home and sat down to eat them about 6:45/7 and noticed her order and my daughters were very dry and crunchy, mind you we just paid $50 for our order. I was coming home from the Duncannon area and it was snowing bad so I arrived home later. She awaited my arrival (9:15) to see if my consensus was the same before calling because with the snow she wasn’t looking to go back out anyway. I tried mine (mild and garlic parm) and they also were very dry. I tried calling in at 10:08 and no answer. I called the next day and realized they close on Tuesdays so I reached out on fb and the owner messaged me. I spoke of the issues and being unhappy and the owner offered 1 set free and 25% off. I mentioned that I had 4 dozen (even had a picture I took of the poor quality) that had issues and repeatedly gave the owner a chance to rectify the situation to the point that he just ghosted me and left me on “read”, not before belittling me for my wife not going back right away or us not eating them right away. I finally went in today to accept my small concession and the manager kept asking to see the messages several times, wanted to “write down” my card number for Annville to run it and couldn’t provide a receipt of any time. These people have very bad business practices and no customer resolution. Also, don’t follow their hours on google, they go by the bus schedule to when they close. Eat elsewhere! Not a happy customer and I would’ve given them another chance too if they handled this right!

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Pre-ordered for New Years Eve. When I got there for pickup the lady was all by herself because her help didn’t show. She never got frazzled and showed extreme professionalism handling customers and continuing to take orders while preparing food. I had to wait a little while but food was excellent! Just ordered again for Super Bowl. Highly recommend.

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Jordan Bashore
I LOVEEEE Just wing it. In my honest opinion, they have the best wings in the county. Even out of state! But, the Lebanon location I would neverrr go to. And I am a well seasoned “just wing it phenom”. I got wings to go tonight JUST HOW I LIKE THEM. And they were fried to a crisp. Hard. If you can, avoid the Lebanon location and go to Annville. The annville location is decent. But the business could be a lottt more than what it is. I feel so bad for the business considering what they’ve been through

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Cole Strause
Boneless wings were tasty. Dude on duty was a nice guy,had a lot to say about different things.

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gave this place three chances before I left a review. They messed my order up 3 times in a row…brought me wings without sauce and the sauce I asked for on the side…then I called and told them and said the driver would bring me my sauce and a gift certificate…they forgot to give him my gift certificate…you always have to wait longer than an hour to get your over crispy dry wings anyway…that was the last time I will give them any business and don’t recommend this place to anyone unless you hold their hands and do your order yourself

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Ashley Laureano
My wings were made perfectly the way I like. The flavor was amazing and i chose to eat in and the staff was friendly and personable. I deff reccomend this spot for some amazing wings and just a good hometown vibe from an eatery. Cajun Ranch is the best! Give em a try.

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Kevin Reilly
The food is good, the guy who usually waits on me is nice, he’s just the manager and not the owner, so this is not a knock on him. I usually go in there and get a half pound cheese burger, it’s good again, the taste of the food is not the problem. The problem I have was (and just noticed this on my receipt recently), was they charge you if you want toppings on your burger. Really? Toppings? Really? I usually get tomatoes and pickles on my burger, it wasn’t until recently when I looked at the receipt to see I was getting charged for these toppings, the one day I only got pickles and was charged .75, .75! While it’s not a bank breaker I still find it utterly ridiculous that they charge for toppings, and that’s without knowing how much the tomatoes are. Imagine if I added mayo, ketchup, onions, mustard, etc… this reason alone is why it’s only 3 stars, and I will not be returning there anytime in the near future!

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Nicholas Snyder
Ended up in the neighborhood completely accidentally. Saw the place and couldn’t not go there for lunch. Wait was a little long, but worth it. Good cheesesteak, especially when dipped in the hot sauce. The wings were great. Tried the medium, standard sauce. The food was very hot coming out, and the sauce was fairly spicy as well, making for a very hot experience for my mouth.

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Derek H.
Absolutely delicious wings BUT worse customer service I’ve ever experienced at an establishment. What kind of “Wing Place” forget’s blue cheese/ranch 3 times in a row on 3 DIFFERENT orders when you even tell them each order about the problem? French fries were burnt to a crisp and the girl answering the phone the night of September 23 2016 needs fired, her attitude wrecks the establishment.

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