Little Caesars Pizza Menu – Ardmore, OK

Type : Pizza restaurant

Location : Ardmore, OK

Carry-out chain featuring chicken wings, signature breadsticks & pizza tossed from housemade dough. Based on 549 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.5 stars. Price $

✔️ Takeout ✔️ Delivery ✔️ No dine-in

Little Caesars Pizza 73401

1600 N Commerce St, Ardmore, OK 73401

Phone: (580) 490-9900



Wednesday 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday 11 AM–10 PM
Friday 11 AM–11 PM
Saturday 11 AM–11 PM
Sunday 11 AM–10 PM
Monday 11 AM–10 PM
Tuesday 11 AM–10 PM

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Allen Bartee
Little Caesars in Ardmore is great in every area now in my opinion. The employees are smiling and they will even answer the phone. The other people wouldn’t answer the phone and they couldn’t smile for a million dollars. Anyways it’s great and me people are serving armor little Caesars!

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I’m sitting in my car in front of the store waiting for my order. Im concerned. I’ve seen 5 workers walk in & out to gist & smoke and go in & our of the liquor store next door. Only friends of the workers get service in a normal time. Inside the store, I didn’t see anyone wearing gloves or washing hands.

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Sidney Rosengren
I had little Ceasars years ago, and it tasted like cardboard. Fast forward 20 + years. I took a friend to pick up her pizzas and thought I would give it another try. I ordered a thin crust pepperoni pretzel with the sause it was made with. (Not the ref stuff)

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Daniel Davenport
Service was friendly, atmosphere was friendly. Thing is when you order a half and half pizza the point is that both halves would be of equal size so both people eating the pizza can have an equal share. This wasn’t the case.

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I had to wait about 10-15 minutes before I even got to place my order because the counter person was to busy pulling and cutting pizza then had to wait for my pizza to be made while doing so i noticed that the two people making pizza we’re doing so without gloves on using their bare hands when I finally got my pizza and got home to eat it it was missing a couple of toppings on the supreme Pizza and I had to cut it myself

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Casey Shelton
This location has certainly gone downhill. The last four times I have gone in I was told there were no pizzas ready, and the last time I was told they weren’t taking any walk in orders. I guess getting a hot and ready is no longer an option at this joke of a pizza place.

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Charles Rose
Do not have anything ready. The staff that worked there touching people’s food look like they needed to take a bath. There’s nothing hot and ready about this place. Other than the staff itself.

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Alec Dunham
They didn’t cut my pizza right I had to tear it apart. The guy with the lazy eye at the counter was really rude to me and a little girls who had came in for her mom. Honestly I would rather go to Durant next time.

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Melissa Shaw-Branch
Didn’t receive my complete order from Ardmore, Ok location. My husband picked up the order after work and when he got home I realized he didn’t have the complete order. Missing extra most bestest pepperoni and 2 crazy sauces. We live about 45 minutes from Ardmore and it’s to far to drive back tonight. I tried calling for 2 hours straight, a total of 70 calls, and got no answer.

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Daphney Owen
Ordered a pepperoni pizza and a cheese pizza in store. Went to Walmart while I waited on it to be made. Looking at my receipt coming back to the store to pick up my order noticed I was charged for a EMB pepperoni pizza and a Cheese Pizza Extra. When I asked the manager what was up when I simply ordered a cheese and a pepperoni pizza. He said they have to charge you for the most expensive ones unless you specify your simple pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza are the CLASSIC hot and ready pizzas. That is a scam. Businesses are supposed to ask to upcharge you. Little Caesars Pizza business is all about the classic hot and ready pizzas. If someone asks for a Pepperoni pizza that is $6.49 on their menu. Don’t just charge them the more expensive option to make yourself look better. Manager with the crazy eyes needs to learn better business skills and ask if you’d like to upgrade to the EMB pepperoni pizza before charging you for what you didn’t order.

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