Malty Mike’s Menu – Hutchinson, KS

Type : Takeout Restaurant

Location : Hutchinson, KS

Based on 72 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.6 stars. Price

Malty Mike's 67501

1524 E 4th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501

Phone: (620) 888-5781


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Kylie Campbell
So happy to have them open again! Stop in and check them out! New menu items and original beef burgers are back! The snack wraps are amazing and the fries are a 10/10!

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Bryan Massingill
Great to see the little ice cream shop going again. They took the old Darie King and renovated and cleaned up the building, inside and out. Beef burgers still taste great! You can buy them by the bag now! The staff is super friendly, and helpful.

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Michael Wallace
How awesome was it to pull up to a newly renovated DK. I loved this place as a kid growing up just a few blocks away. And now it being opened again all brand new and shiny makes my heart happy. Thank you for opening it back up and sorry for the city making it so hard to do. Oh, and the beef burger was great, the baked potato salad was really good and the vanilla shake was awesome. And we had the prettiest little cashier. My niece what can I say we love her, a lot. I do need to find time to build them some over size (sticky from ice cream) benches like what used to be there. And I pray that the locals around it will cherish it and protect it not break windows, spray paint or do circles in the parking. Please people be nice to it! God help anyone I find tearing it up.

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Brandy Stoughton
So Happy they are open again! (Loved this place as a little kid!). Good food, handmade drinks and shakes, Incredibly Friendly Staff and decent prices.

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anon anderson
Just got one of their little burgers, great little slider, really tasty, got it really fast, It’s great place to grab a bite, I will definitely be going here more often!!

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Jeremy Mock
A blast from the past! You can’t go wrong with a bag of Beef Burgers. I wish they had more open hours though.

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Scott Garibay
Cool ice cream shop. Like a Foster’s Freeze. Only issue I have, is the area you order is pretty hot in the afternoon.

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Brady Cole
Very good food and good halp thank you very much for reoping the old Derry king I love the food I hope that you will be in benuss for a long time thank you

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Laney Pamelo
If you live in Hutchinson, and have not been to DK carryout, you are missing a darn good crumnly burger at a very low price. The help is also on point!

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CJ Logue
Beef burgers are so good! Everybody should have two or three with a cherry limeade!

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