Taco Bell Menu – Blacksburg, SC

Type : Fast food restaurant

Location : Blacksburg, SC

Based on 16 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 2.1 stars. Price

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Takeout ✔️ No delivery

Taco Bell 29702

2768 E Cherokee St, Blacksburg, SC 29702

Phone: (864) 936-3777

Website: http://tacobell.com/


Wednesday 7 AM–11 PM
Thursday 7 AM–11 PM
Friday 7 AM–11 PM
Saturday 7 AM–11 PM
Sunday 7 AM–11 PM
Monday 7 AM–11 PM
Tuesday 7 AM–11 PM


Bobby Finck
Food was good, staff was friendly. The eating area was pretty much right outside the bathroom door, so a little odd. Convient enough if you are already getting gas at pilot.

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Jerry Hopper
I work in the food industry so I am very understanding but I get off my job working in the food business and just wanted to grab my family and I some quick dinner. I come in and notice only TWO employees working the whole ship on a FRIDAY night??? I understand under staffed but this was not that. The cook was cussing really bad the whole time telling the cashier what they will not do since they are so far behind. This cook was very disrespectful and very loud about her behavior. Taco Bell y’all need to wake up and pay attention I don’t blame the employees even tho yes their service was beyond unacceptable I blame management. What manager would let a FAST FOOD restaurant only have two employees at 8pm on hey guess what a Friday night (when a ton of people get paid so yes they are going to eat out) and actually stay at home and not care about their store drowning?

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Richard Weber
Taco Bell must do better with the hard shelled tacos and tostadas for crunch wrap supreme, you can’t keep hard shelled corn on a shelf for hours, once they are opened, they go rancid in a matter of hours, you need to figure out how to keep the shells fresh once they have been opened and exposed to the air! This isn’t the only Taco Bell that I’ve had this experience, it seems to be more frequent in the Truck Stop Taco Bells! Do better, your feeding those who feed you!

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Jared Brown
Horrible place. Was out of just about everything on the menu. I finally ordered the Trio meal and only got a burrito and a doritos locos taco. Nothing else of what was supposed to come with it. Kitchen was a huge mess and the guy making the food was slinging stuff around and cussing anytime someone ordered.

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Charlotte Erickson
Worse experience. Spent 25 dollars for food for my husband and myself. We got 2 craving boxes and a Mexican pizza add sour cream. All we got was a mess of a Mexican pizza and 2 chulupas and 2 tacos. Called and because we are truckers all they said was sorry but we can’t do anything about it. Seriously. Tried doing the survey and the store number isn’t even recognized. Poor customer service and poor food quality.

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M Church
Don’t know why they have people giving bad reviews, I order a big order they only had 2 employees working and they handled it food was good and made professional…July 13, 2023 at about 9 pm those 2 ladies deserve a raise..

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Eva Welborn
It was okay, got our food reasonably fast. Sort of dirty tables so get it to go

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Melony Shinn
Saturday January 14,2023 approximately 6:30ish me a long with 5 costumer’s were waiting in line for our food as we all had done made our orders, meanwhile Ms. Amanda (tacobell employee) decided that she’d come in and bring herself to the front counter place a quite long order and had the two workers stop making us 5 costumer’s order to make hers…Do better folks.

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Emily Baenen
Water was good, that’s about it, couldn’t even get just a bean and cheese burrito order right

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Stacey White
I go to Taco Bell (the newest one at the pilot truck stop, exit 106) & it says the hours are until 11 pm… but it’s 8:00 pm & the employee tells me they are closed… the guy in the line in front of me says that they’re closed bc the one employee told the other employee that she wasn’t going to get anymore food out of the back… so that’s how this taco bell does business… they just opened & it’s guaranteed that they won’t last long with lazy employees like that!

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