Taco fiesta Menu – Detroit, MI

Type : Taco restaurant

Location : Detroit, MI

Based on 19 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.9 stars. Price

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Takeout ✔️ No delivery

Taco fiesta 48216

3041 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48216

Phone: (313) 718-4125



Mignon Jackson
They sell and serve the best Quesa Brirras in the metropolitan Detroit area hands down. They open at noon not really sure what time they close but, they are not open late but, its so worth the drive and the price is more than fair for the delicious taste. I’m a taco expert trust me they won’t disappoint you . Enjoy and come out and get some good food.

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Justin Granke
Best taco truck in Detroit! Queso birria is amazing and they are so friendly and make you feel welcome

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Michael Schultz
Taco truck, not a building, but it has several tables covered with a canopy.

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Jaime Morote
These are the best tacos al pastor I have ever tried. This place is the bomb! Definitely coming back! Thank you Jorge!

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Ron Reed
This is one of the many very good food trucks in Mexican Town, but on the edge of Corktown.

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Juan S
As a Mexican that grew up in south west Detroit this is the only taco truck I go to. Also yes the orange pepper mixed with onions is habanero and it is hot, don’t overdo it if you don’t like .

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Jacques Lemieux
They make the best tacos in southwest Detroit. Low key they have the most amazing quesabirrias! Which are so tender and also ask for the consomé(Con-so-mei) to dip the quesabirrias!Omg it’s so good I drive an hour away just to eat here best tacos in Detroit better than parian! Try them you’ll love them! Family and locally owned.

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Greg Triplett
Been with them & they are the best food trucks taste great priced right

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The tacos from the truck were very delicious I’ve never had a problem with anything A+

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Daniel Kubacki
This place is amazing and my go to place in Detroit!

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