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Type : Fast food restaurant

Location : Forest Lake, MN

Full Menu, Delivery and Mobile Ordering available at participating locations only. At Taco Johns, we serve traditional Mexican food with a twist. By fusing bold American flavors with south-of-the-border spice, we’ve defined our signature menu. From our trademark Potato Oles’ and freshly prepared tacos to our breakfast burritos and made-in-house tortilla chips, you’ll always find something to crush your craving. Come see why our customers become life-long fans. Visit at Taco John’s Forest Lake today.

Fast-food chain featuring Mexican-inspired tacos, burritos, nachos & breakfast fare. Based on 643 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.2 stars. Price $

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No delivery

Taco John's 55025

1966 W Broadway Ave, Forest Lake, MN 55025

Phone: (651) 464-7590




(Labor Day)
7 AM–10 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 7 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 7 AM–10 PM
Thursday 7 AM–10 PM
Friday 7 AM–10 PM
Saturday 7 AM–10 PM
Sunday 7 AM–10 PM

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Nicole Mortenson
This was my 1st time there, but that was the best customer service that I’ve ever had&I’ve been to a ton of places. Her name is Christina R. at Forest Lake’s Taco John’s and I asked for specific things&nothing was an issue&she went ABOVE&beyond for me&didn’t make me feel rushed or like she was already on to the next customer like other fast food restaurants… THAT lady needs a RAISE. Good, quality&GENUINE customer service should be spoken on because it sure is appreciated as sad as it is to say how seldom I get it anymore&I smile&am nice& respectful. I give credit when credits due. I hope her bosses ABOVE her know how lucky they are to have an employee like that.

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Lindsay Ferris Martin
Local Fast Food Review

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Matthew Denn
Your drive through SUCKS. It’s way too tight and the turn approaching the pickup window is too sharp and my tires either come close to rubbing up or rub up against the curb. Not a good first impression for customers. Was here on Monday 6/12. Long line at the drive through. Wait at the intercom to order which was fine as I hadn’t decided what I wanted yet. So I ordered 2 hard shell tacos. They asked would you like sour cream and I said yes and salsa. I asked them how much their tacos were and they said $2. I get up to the drive though and they said that’ll be $8! I said I thought the tacos were $2. They said well you ordered sour cream and salsa. Condiments used to be either provided at the condiment bar for free or was an additional nominal charge. An extra $4 for a couple teaspoons of salsa and sour cream doubling the price of 2 puny hard shell tacos is absolutely ridiculous, as is not informing the customer that it would double the price of the tacos at the intercom. I told them to keep the tacos I didn’t want them and to hand my card back to me. They seemed dumbfounded and told me to have a nice day as I left. Clueless. Taco Johns has gone downhill and is now extremely expensive – not a good value at all! I don’t think I’ll be returning to this location. The Taco Johns in Superior, Wisconsin is way better. They don’t overcharge for condiments and have a much better drive through.

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Tim Adzima
Pretty standard American inspired tacos. Slightly better than the stuff you can microwave at home. The Potatoes Oles were delicious, five stars if that was the only menu item.

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Lisa Anderson
The drive thru was quick and we hadn’t ever been to this chain restaurant before, it wasn’t busy at all but the woman was still rude while we were ordering.

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H Forte
Always better than Taco Bell. Wish the prices was a little lower but everyone is taking advantage of the consumer now and using the Covid supply chain stuff.

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Mac Maccc
This is just good fast food period. Especially for the price. Everything is good here and the staff is very nice. The dining area is clean and friendly.

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Aaron Moran
First time at any Taco John’s. The super burrito was small and very meh. The potato oles were delicious. Service was super nice.

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Heidi Elmquist
This is the finest-run fast food establishment I’ve ever come across, due to excellent management and a solid built, well trained, positive-attitude team. Dawn’s leadership should be studied by Taco John’s “corporate,” or every fast food chain, to be honest. This team will go above and beyond and consistently leave customers feeling appreciated. My husband and I have never experienced such consistent, accurate, and legitimately pleasant service as we have across multiple repeat visits to the Forest Lake TJ location. Keep up the great work! P.S. – thanks for making my family breakfast this morning when you’d nearly run out of supply just before the end of the Sunday breakfast cut-off. One more example of superb service!

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Laura Schwartz
The only fast food joint in forest lake that can do there jobs awesomely with a !

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