The Chinese Café of El Paso Menu – El Paso, TX

Type : Chinese restaurant

Location : El Paso, TX

Tiny Chinese eatery with a drive-thru offering a basic lineup of stir-fries, noodles & soups. Based on 157 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.7 stars. Price $$

The Chinese Café of El Paso 79924

9659 Dyer St, El Paso, TX 79924

Phone: (915) 755-3366


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Diana “Dee” Diaz
I love this place first time here fell in love! General toas very good delicious. Egg drop soup very good too!

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This is definitely one of those restaurants that you pass by thinking it wouldn’t be that good because it’s really small and isn’t always packed… but I’ve been eating here since early 2015.

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Laura Valencia
I particularly like their orange chicken. It is a bit spicy. So if you are not into spicy, the sesame chicken is better. The portions are large, it is cool inside. The restrooms are clean. The prices are a lot less than Panda Express & the portions a lot bigger.

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Sara Victoria
They were nice and the restaurant is very cute! The food was good. I’m a vegetarian so I bought the sweet & sour tofu with veggies and pineapple. It was great. Got my little brother sweet and sour chicken and he enjoyed it too.

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Jessica Gindratt
My husband and I really love the food here. It’s the most authentic amongst the few options here in El Paso. My only one complaint, is the hours, although the operating hours are shown on the window, they are often closed during those times. Almost sporadically open lately. It is family owned so do forgive me if there is an emergency issue behind that. However it isn’t unreasonable to want a restaurant to adhere to their own posted hours. Other than this minor issue. The food is amazing!

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Chrys Reyes
I just moved back and was hoping to find a place like Taste of Asia in Keller Tx….I found one. This place is fast and the woman today behind the counter was super nice. Food is good and hot n sour soup terrific. I didn’t get the special because I wanted leftovers 🙂 will definitely use them for delivery and to go. I read that it was greasy on another post. But maybe because they ordered pork? My chicken moo goo kai pan was delicious. I just wish she had given me more of their home made hot mustard. Prices are average, food delicious and customer service great.

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This place is more expensive compared to other Chinese delivery. It was my first time ordering here and was charge $43.19 for only Orange chicken that was soggy and had burnt vegetables, home tofu that was hard, steamed dumplings that were ok, chicken chow mein that was also ok, and a 8.25% sales tax.That was after I cut down on having drinks and other stuff. Only four stuff for that price? I don’t even live far away only 5.5 miles. I’ve definitely tasted better for less.

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Becka Rogers
Terrible service! I ordered for delivery and was given the wrong food. I called back to inform them and they said they would send the correct one right out. An hour and a half later, still nothing. I called again and was told all the drivers were out delivering on the east side and wouldn’t return before the restaurant closed. But they offered a free meal if I called again later that week. I kindly accepted and 2 days later called back for my free meal. I was told that since it was Sunday, it was one of their busiest nights and they only had one driver and that they wouldn’t send him out for a free meal. At this point, I was finally angry and asked for a refund. I was told it would be refunded on my card at the end of the night. Let’s hope it goes through or else I will be desputing the charges with my bank. Don’t waste your time with this place.

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Rita Melendez
I do not recommend this place! First it says open from 11am – 9pm! we went at noon it was still closed! We went at 8pm and she was already closing! Finally we went around 3pm on a different day and to my surprise it was open! The owner was very rude, I wanted to order fried bread along with my meal and she told me it would be too many for me! I said could I order half she said no! After being there for a little bit I just got up and walked out! I always wondered why I never seen cars there it’s always empty and now I know why. I would not recommend this place!

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Jose Payan
General Tso’s chicken was not flavorful or fresh it had a buffet like taste. The sauce was something from a can. My complete order was done in about 15 to 20 min. Felt like it was ready too quick for an order of three dishes…. possibly pre-cooked. Chicken wings tasted old. Chow mein combination plate for wife…she could not finish. Good portion for the dinner size order. Fried rice plain. Average rating for an El Paso Chinese restaurant. Not sure if I will go back. The place looked very clean. Good waitress. I may be picky so try it out for yourself, they have been open for 20 yrs! Maybe these are not their strongest plates. They have a drive thru and deliver. Happy eating!

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