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Type : Japanese restaurant

Location : Honolulu, HI

Casual Japanese venue known for tsukune (chicken meatballs), robata items, housemade tofu & sake. Based on 153 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.3 stars. Price $$

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Tsukuneya 96822

1442 University Ave, Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 943-0390

Website: http://www.tsukuneyarobatagrill.com/

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Saturday 5–10 PM
Sunday 5–10 PM

(Labor Day)
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 5–10 PM
Thursday 5–10 PM
Friday 5–10 PM


Fried Cheese
japanese pickled vegetables
Crispy Daikon $15.00
Ripened Avocado And Shrimp Salad Roll $15.00
Fresh Tsukune
Teriaki Tsukune $2.00
Lightly Salted Tsukune $2.00
Miso Tsukune $2.20
Wasabi Tsukune $2.20
Parmesan And Tartar Sauce Tsukune $3.00
Garlic Tsukune $2.20
Taste Of Nagoya
Nagoya Chicken – Miso – Kushikatsu
deep fried skewered chicken with miso
rice ball with shrimp tempura
Nagoya style buffalo wings
Paitan Nabe
Paitan Bijin – In
fresh tsukune and mixed vegetable in white chicken soup rice in collagen, cooked and served in the same pot
Nagoya Misoni
fresh tsukune and mixed vegetable cooked in nagoya style miso based soup and served in the same pot
Kamadaki Goahn
Chicken & Vegetable Kamameshi
style rice cooked with chicken and mixed vegetables
Scallop &Mushroom Kamameshi
style rice cooked with bbq eel
Suman Chicken Thing
natural salt or teriyaki
Sumi Chicken Cartilage $3.50
Sumi Ray (Skate) Fin $9.75
Tofu Dengaku
grilled tofu with sweet miso sauce.(4pcs)
Agedashi Deep Fried Tofu
served with muchrooms and dipping sauce
Hawaiian Maguro Ahi
Ahi Sashimi $20.00
Rice And Noodles
Rice Bowl With Tsukune
and poached egg and miso soup
Paitan Soup Ramen
japanese ladies say it makes for smoother skin
Nigirimeshi Rice Ball(4pcs)
wrapped with dried japanese or korean seaweed, served with miso soup
Warabi Mochi
with ice cream
Home Made Annin Tofu $5.25

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Jeff Nash
The food was amazing. Great selection, very tasty and well executed presentation. I think their food is much better than Jenya. But the service! Yikes.

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Tony Tran
good service and food was fine! food was served too fast!!! all dishes – salad and as large good did not get to eat 40% salad before hot dishes came out nearly within minutes of each other – especially yakitori sticks – felt pressured to eat fast and not enjoy the sticks- chef should monitor servings speed say 10 minutes between dishes and guests to experience together but only eat fast so hot yakitori do not go cold

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Jessie Shen
I tried different Japanese cuisine here! The taste is very good and service is even better!! Love It!

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I enjoyed the fast and very helpful waiters and waitresses! The food comes in very small portions and it’s a very good place to share dishes. I personally ordered the Paitan ramen and was very pleasantly surprised with the thick broth.

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Tyson Webster
Fun place to eat but not as many vegan options as I was hoping for.

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Sasha Kealalio
The parking and location are a little off-putting, but once inside you are in for a great experience. The food is delicious. Dishes appear when they are ready hot savory and mouth watering. The pace is laid back and mellow. Staff are always happy to help and work well as a team.

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Zane D.
Amazing restaurant with great prices for Asian food. The Cheese Fondu was my favorite.

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Nicholas Lim
Prices definitely did not justify the quality nor the quantity of the food that was served here. The fish did not feel fresh at all. Would not recommend the sashimi/raw fish at this restaurant.

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This place has become one of my favorite restaurants to go out with friends or for dates! This place has been my first experience of trying tsukune, and while I can’t compare it to other places yet, in my opinion the flavor is awesome, meat is tender, and they have many flavor/topping options to choose from. While certain items may seem overpriced and smaller in portion, the quality and taste is great and consistent everytime I go, so I think it’s worth it if it’s a party of 2-3 sharing food. The staff is also very kind! The atmosphere is quite dim lit but very calming. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to wine down and indulge with others. Definitely a hidden gem meant for special occasions!

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Issac G
Nice ambiance, tasty food, good service. Also, dig those after 9pm specials. Valet parking available as is ample street parking.

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