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Type : Venezuelan restaurant

Location : Tampa, FL

Orselis and Julio, the owners are from Venezuela. They recently bought this amazing and unique fusion of Venezuelan and Lebanese cuisine in September 2020.

Orselis is a lawyer and her husband is an engineer from Venezuela. They have 2 beautiful kids an older daughter and a son. Although Orselis had a professional career as a lawyer

Classic Lebanese & Venezuelan eats such as arepas & falafel in a colorful counter-serve setup. Based on 976 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.6 stars. Price $

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Are-Pitas 33612

2734 University Square Dr, Tampa, FL 33612

Phone: (813) 849-5050


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Saturday 8 AM–8 PM
Sunday 10 AM–5 PM

(Labor Day)
8 AM–8 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 8 AM–8 PM
Wednesday 8 AM–8 PM
Thursday 8 AM–8 PM
Friday 8 AM–8 PM


ArePitas Lebanese Pita Chip ‘Nachos’!
Our home made pita chips with feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, and your choice of protein!
Fried Yuca And Garlic Sauce
9 yuca chunks with our delicious garlic sauce!
Hummus And Pita
Our delicious Hummus with pita bread or pita chips!
Baba Ganoush And Pita Chips
Eggplant mixed with tahini sauce
An Order Of Fries $3.50
Platanitos – Sweet Fried Plantains
Sweet fried plantains
Fried Yuca
Delicious Fried Yuca chunks with Garlic Sauce
Large Salad $8.75
Small Salad $4.99
Large Soup $7.00
Lental Soup $6.99
Queso De Mano (3 Unit) $13.50
Guayanes (32 Oz) $9.00
Pita Bread (6 Pieces) $3.50
Veggie Hummus $4.50
Garlic Sauce $5.50
Tequenos (4)
Venezuelan style cheese sticks!
Tequenos (8)
Fried cheese sticks
Hummus Plate
Hummus with olive oil and parsley on top, with tomato and cucumber on the side and a chose of pita chips or pita bread
Chicken Shawarma $10.99
Venezuelan Empanadas! (sweet dough)
Cheese Empanada $4.20
Chicken Empanada $4.20
Ground Beef Empanada $4.20
Ground Beef And Cheese $4.25
Guava And Cheese Empanada $4.25
Pulled Beef Empanada $4.20
Sausage Empanadas $4.20
Pelua Empanda $4.99
Shimp Empandas $4.75
Pita wraps
Venezuelan Pita
rice, beans, pulled beef, plantains, cheese, and garlic sauce
Chicken Shawarma $10.99
Lebanese Pita
Gyro (lamb)
Falafel $9.99
Hummus Pita $7.99
Babbaganoush Pita $7.50
Pulled Beef Pita $10.99
Pulled Chicken Pita $11.24
Mix Pita $9.99
sweet corn flour pancake-like with butter and cheese folded in half
Cachapa Mixta $14.20
Pabellon $12.50
Plantain And Cheese $11.20
Cachapa Viuda $3.50
Desayuno Criollo $12.75
Pabellon Cachapas $15.50
Hummus Plate
Hummus with olive oil and parsley on top, with tomato and cucumber on the side and a chose of pita chips or pita bread
Lebanese (Vegetarian)
salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley), with hummus, babaganoush 2 pieces of falafal and one dolma with your choice
Lebanese (Chose Of Protein)
salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley), with hummus, babaganoush 2 pieces of falafal and one dolma with your choice of pita bread or pita chips
Kids Meal
6 nuggets and french fries
Quesillo $3.99
Baklava Large
2 pieces
Baklava Small $3.99
Tres Leches $3.99
Fries And Drink $4.50
Yuca Fried And Drink $4.50
Plantains And Drink $4.50
Hummus, Chips And Drink $5.50
Dessert And Drink $4.99
Fountain Medium $2.50
Fountain Large $2.75
Parchita $3.99
Mango $3.99
Guanabana $3.99
Bottled Water $1.50
Coca Cola $3.00
Lipton $2.99
Minute Maid $2.50
Frescolita $2.50
Bai $3.25
Milk $2.00
Chicha $5.50
Nesti Limon $3.50
Yerba Mate $3.99
Nesti Durazno $3.50
Espresso $1.95
American $2.50
Capucchino $3.50
Doble Espresso $3.00
Moccachino $3.50
Hot Chocolate $3.00
Hot Tea $2.25
Chicken Shawarma $10.99
Large Salad $8.75
White Cheese (Lb) $6.50
Plantain $0.25
Guayanes (32 Oz) $9.00
Queso De Mano (3 Unit) $13.50
White Cheese (Lb) $6.50
Nata Criolla $7.00
Queso Llanero $7.75
Margarina $4.99
Guayanes $9.50
Cachapa Pack $12.50
Piricream Lata Grande $6.50
PIrucream Lata Pequena $4.99
Mantequilla Mavesa $4.99
Plato Criollo Con Carne $12.75
Kids Meal
6 nuggets and french fries
Tequenos (8)
Fried cheese sticks
Tequenos (4)
Venezuelan style cheese sticks!
Kids meals
Kids Meal
6 nuggets and french fries
Nuggets 6 Pieces $5.99
Ice Cream
Giant Vanilla San $1.99
Strawberry Shortc $2.25
Original Barquilla $2.25
Popsicle Rainbows $1.99
Ms Fields Cookie $3.25
Premium Ice Cream $2.25
Snickers Bar $2.25
Sponge Bob $1.69
Cachitos $4.25
Arepa Viuda $2.75
Cheese Arepa $8.99
Chicken Shawarma Arepa $9.99
Domino Arepa $8.50
Falafel Arepa $9.99
Mix Arepa $9.99
Lebanese Arepa
gryo (lamb) basic toppings onion, tomato, cucumber, taztziki sauce (yogurt and mint)
Pelua Arepa $12.20
Perico Arepa $9.99
Pulled Beef Arepa $11.50
Reina $12.20
Shrimp Arepa $13.99
Venezuelan Arepa
grilled cheezy/doughy cornflour bread with black beans, pulled beef, plantains, cheese and garlic sauce
Arepa Cabimera $15.99
Arepa Llanera $15.99
Arepa CATIRA $12.20
Tequenos (4)
Venezuelan style cheese sticks!
Tequenos (8)
Fried cheese sticks
Tquenos 36 Piece
Combo 12 Tequenos $11.99
Golfeados $5.00
Mantequilla Mavesa $4.99
Build Your Own Pita $0.00
Falafel (Pieces) $0.50 $0.50

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Kimberly Menezes
Amazing option for takeout! Process was easy for scheduling pick up and the food was hot and delicious: got the Venezuelan pita, empanada (which was large) and yucca fries were perfect addition

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R Lazarini
If I lived in Florida, I’d visit this place often so I could try every item on the menu. I ordered the arepa filled with meat and cheese. Delicious! The green sauce on the side was a great complement. If I could eat more, I’d have order another one. The girl explained the dish when asked. She was really nice and the tables were clean. I recommend this place.

… more

D Brown
Phenomenal service, clean environment, yummy food. My family loved it too!

… more

Fonzo Afre (Mr. Real Reviews)
Rare find!! Lebanese and Venezuelan cuisine done the traditional way Very delicious We had to try a few empanadas, as well! The Chicken, beef and cheese empanadas were to die for The staff was so friendly and helped us navigate the menu by giving us samples and comparisons to food we’re familiar with. Awesome service!! The fresh fruit juices are amazing and will compliment any dish you eat

… more

BEYOND DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS, JANET the chef makes outstanding humus. ANDREA is amazing! Healthy Delicious fusion of Lebabese and Venezuelan delights!!!!!! Amazing staff ,friendly and dedicated! Super cool , refreshing and tasty! More extensive Menu on their Website! All the staff are friendly courteous and just amazing!

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Mayra Cecilia
I have tried Venezuelan food in different parts of US (San Francisco, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando and Tampa) and some were good but this place without so much pretension is one of the best arepas, empanadas and tequeños that I’ve ever had. Additionally the owner was very nice checking that we were happy with all that we ordered. We had arepas, tequeños, empanadas, cachapas and they were so good that we had breakfast there every day while visiting. Do not lower your good standards and keep it up. . The place is very simple but food is what built a place right?

… more

Ana Fernandez
Great food, excellent environment, warm and friendly folks. My husband and I came across this restaurant as we were driving in the plaza deciding where to eat. From the moment we walked in, to the moment we left the staff was absolutely amazing. Janet was super helpful, friendly and patient with us as we took our time in deciding on what to order. Their food is FANTASTICALLY delicious, wonderfully balanced and flavorful. The preparation was done with attentiveness to details – just look at the photos! Their falafel was delicious and the pulled chicken platter was full of flavor. Highly recommend this restaurant you won’t be disappointed!

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Carlos Curramba
The place has parking in front, and around. Small, clean, and the servers and owners are very friendly, helpful, and attentive. All the menu items are made on request. They offer a variety of natural juices, and also beers. I ordered a Venezuelan delicacy, an arepa con queso de mano( corn cake with white hand-cheese sliced). It was warm, fresh, and the cheese was soft, creamy, and tasty. I also ordered a falafel Lebanese plate which had salad, hummus, a specialty sauce, 2 falafels very delicious. To drink i ordered a blackberry(mora) juice made with water, tasty. The overall customer experience was 2nd to none. You can tell the service is provided with a lot of pride, and professionalism. I’ll definitely comeback for more. You have a choice of one of the South American cultures, Venezuela which caters to Rice, beans, protein, and delicacies, and the other culture a middle eastern culture, Lebanon, offering more of a vegetarian style along with protein or other vegetarian options available…. there are a variety of options for both cultures. I’ll be back.. rating 4.7.

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Vanessa Cohello
It is ridiculous that my coworker went on Saturday paid and made orders for a specific time to go during his lunch break on Monday and the food was not even ready. Customer service is everything and you guys totally lacked it! He is from your country and introduced us to you and we were willing to get empanadas every other week. Just horrible management skills and lack of respect for his time.

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Eliana Nuñez
DELICIOUS FOOD AND EXCELLENT SERVICE! People here are so kind. They gave me the food exact how I wanted it. 100% recommended

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