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Type : Jamaican restaurant

Location : Bloomfield, NJ

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Dev's Jamaican Cuisine 07003

597 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Phone: (973) 748-3868


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Tuesday 11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday 11 AM–10 PM
Friday 11 AM–10 PM
Saturday 11 AM–10 PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 11 AM–10 PM

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So Wil
Off the appearance and smell I can tell the food was going be amazing. Yes for sure it was, now am not a foodie but I have had plenty of jerk chicken and rice n peas n cabbage and my meal today was chef kiss. You can taste all the ingredients from the coconut milk in the rice and sweetness to the jerk chicken sauced up. Which is a special feeling that adds to the enjoyment and experience of the food. Don’t change the recipe or chef if you can and thank you again for the food I will be back and yes I got the large platter good size. Thank you again bless up

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Maraj Pierce
I’ve been craving oxtails for so long now I’ve been binging all the oxtails in the area. I ordered a large platter with Mac and cabbage. When I looked in it I said uhhh where’s the oxtails?!? 30 dollars I want at least 10 I got 5.5 large pieces. Thought it wasn’t gonna fill me up but I’m stuffed! Flavor wise these oxtails have a slighter sweeter taste than most I’ve had but was soft and the meat was thick. I enjoyed the Mac as well. Cabbage wasn’t too flavorful but overall the platter was tasty.

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clement quartey
This is by far the best Jamaican food I have had. Not only is the quantity of the food give great but the flavor of the food is always incredibly rich. Having tried different places for curry goat and oxtail, they always leave me wanting to come to Devs, since I found only their food is the best quality and quantity.

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Linda White
Blood in chicken. Great flavor on RAW meat! This place has gone downhill recently

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Ishan Rumph
Dev’s has some of the best oxtail flavor in Essex county. Trust me readers I had to make a review on this place because I’ve lived in jersey all my life and there’s nothing I mean nothing like devs oxtail. It’s spicy ️ savory and flavorful. Don’t hesitate to try these oxtails don’t even think just go and buy a large. Trust me people! I beg you! You’re doing a disservice not to try them at least.

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Kwame Warner
Came in with my son. Bought $50 worth of food. Tried to laugh and smile with the guy working the cash register and he literally turned his nose up to me. Decent food but terrible service. Just came in from a mission and was hungry; didn’t expect to be looked down on

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Earl Mellad
Great staff and the food were excellent. I’ve pretty much tried everything on the menu, but I’ve never been disappointed

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Urian Smith
Service: Dev’s Jamaican Cuisine was a spectacular experience for my friends and me. We called, and immediately, someone answered to take my order. I placed an order one hour before closing (closes at 9pm on Tuesday), and there was no shortage of anything. We ordered Oxtail, Curry Chicken and Curry Goat. The gentleman who took the order was very polite and professional. Food was ready after 15 minutes.

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Raquan Clemmons
The name of the lord is made great at this establishment. I mean it’s cuisine like I’ve had no where else . Long Live Devs !!

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Kerry Bird
This is the best Jamaican food I’ve had outside of Jamaica—and better than some of the food I have had in Jamaica. Oxtail and curry goat delicious. Rice and peas really flavorful and had nice heat. Can’t wait to return.

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