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Type : Jamaican restaurant

Location : Chicago, IL

Based on 543 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 3.7 stars. Price $$

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Jamaican Jerk King 60616

206 E 35th St, Chicago, IL 60616

Phone: (312) 754-0480


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Sunday 9:30 AM–10 PM

(Labor Day)
9:30 AM–12 AM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 9:30 AM–12 AM
Wednesday 9:30 AM–12 AM
Thursday 9:30 AM–12 AM
Friday 9:30 AM–12 AM
Saturday 9:30 AM–12 AM


Cold Drinks
Soda Can
Choose a flavor: Pepsi, 7 Up, Ginger Ale, Orange Crush.
Cream Soda
Choose a flavor: Cola Champagne, Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Pineapple Ginger Beer.
Salad and Wraps
Jerk Salad $12.00
Jerk Salmon Salad $14.00
Jerk Chicken
1 Whole Chicken
Served with Jamaican hard dough bread.
1/2 Chicken White
Served with Jamaican hard dough bread.
Jerk Fish
3pc Jerk Catfish
Served with Jamaican hard dough bread.
5pc Jerk Catfish
Serving with hard dough bread and jerk sauce.
Jerk Chicken Dinner
Served with rice beans, bread, sauce and 2 sides.
Jerk Chicken White
Served with rice beans, bread, sauce and 2 sides.

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Louis Ko
For context: ordered the oxtail with mac and cheese + plantains on uber eats at night on a weekday. The oxtail barely has meat and it’d be hard to describe it as good tasting. The first bite of mac and cheese was somehow surprisingly bad, as if they sprayed it with vinegar or something. I didn’t even try the plantains.

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Erick Lewis
Food was nasty, the chicken was old. The Mac n cheese was crunchy… the cabbage was u describable when it comes to taste… The tacos was dry and lettuce was old… Don’t eat here

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Araro B
Worst experience with food in a while this is an absolute hell no never again. Mac n cheese was dry and cheese wasn’t even melted, the greens was too spicy and had sticks in them (not clean),

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Keyonna Haire
I wasn’t going to try them after hearing bad reviews but I had to get my own view of them and I must say they was delicious. My first time trying them was a week ago and I’ve ordered there 4 times already. I only get the whole chicken white and dark with no sides since I’m dieting but I’ve been cooking and around chefs all my life so I know good food

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Carletta Perry
Customer Service sucked real bad. The music was loud and you couldn’t hear the worker. One of the workers was rude as hell. The food was not good, mac and cheese was dry, the sweet potatoes just wasn’t hitting. They only thing that was good able my visit was the jerk chicken was tender.

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Yosef Montgomery
Best choice I could’ve made on a Monday. I randomly found them on door dash since my original choice for dinner was closed. Once I saw they had Jerk Salmon available I couldn’t resist this any longer. The salmon was perfect not over cooked or under cooked. I also love how the sweet potatoes are whole pieces instead of diced or sliced. Next time I’ll be sure to try out the deserts for sure.

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Ann K
Not bad, but I do have a few complaints. Paid almost $50 for this food and this had to pay extra for jerk sauce. When I got home , I realized that I didn’t had any bread, guess I had to pay extra for that too. Overall, the food was decent but I do not recommend the Mac and cheese it was watery and tasted old/recycled.

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In Ho Lee
Ate here for the first time in four years. The jerk chicken was outstanding, smoked and seasoned nicely. Got big portions, loved the rice and gravy, greens, and the green beans. Staff were super friendly.

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Marcus Flournoy
This place was excellent at one point but every since the jamaicans sold it to the Middle Eastern pepole it has been bad. They microwaved my white jerk Chicken dinner. It wasn’t fresh and I hate microwaved food especially if I paid $20 for it. There is no care or love in that food and you can tell. Its trash…. Never going back.

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Adam Stowie
Bottom line is that it’s not bad. They have some good meal options that come with generous amounts of beans, rice, sides, and a slice of bread. But the jerk of the meat doesn’t have a very distinctive flavor and it lacks the heat I was looking for. Not a bad value for the money though, seems popular for takeout.

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