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Type : Jamaican restaurant

Location : Kennesaw, GA

Easygoing restaurant offering Jamaican beef patties, jerk chicken & curry dishes in laid-back digs. Based on 372 reviews, the restaurant has received a rating of 4.1 stars. Price $$

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Fern Gully Jamaican Cafe 30144

2756 S Main St, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Phone: (678) 401-3719


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Sunday Closed

(Labor Day)
Tuesday 11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–8 PM
Thursday 11 AM–8 PM
Friday 11 AM–9 PM
Saturday 12–9 PM


Coco Bread
Jamaican buttery and sweet yeast-risen rolls, pairs deliciously with any of our patties.
Pastry that contains various fillings and spices baked inside a flaky shell.
Soup $0.00
Classic beef burger grilled to perfection and topped with melted cheddar cheese.
Chicken $0.00
Chicken & Waffles
Chicken paired with buttery waffles.
Curry Goat
Goat meat marinated and cooked in curry spices and herbs makes this an exotic dish.
Garden Salad $8.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Chicken marinated and lightly seasoned then grilled and served on a bun.
Tender oxtail slowly cooked in a Caribbean broth, bay leaves and onions. Served with your choice of side.
Seafood $0.00
Stir Fry
A Jamaican vegetarian dish with cabbage and other traditional vegetables sautéed and steamed.
Tour of Fern Gully
Combine your 3 Fern Gully favorites: oxtail, jerk chicken, curry goat, stewed chicken or curry chicken. Served with your choice of 2 sides.
Veggie plate $0.00
Lunch Special
Jerk Lunch $9.99
Lunch Curry Chicken $8.99
Lunch Stew Chicken $8.99
Lunch Tilapia $9.99
Arizona $2.50
Beer $0.00
BottleCanned $0.00
Fountain Drink $0.00
Homemade $0.00
Jamaican Soda $2.50
Boiled Green Bananas $0.00
Collard Greens $0.00
Dumplings $0.00
French Fries $3.50
Fried Dumplings $0.00
Fried Plantains $0.00
Mac $0.00
Rice & Peas $3.50
Steamed Vegetables $0.00
White Rice $3.50
potato pudding $5.00
Rum Cake $5.00
Collard Greens $0.00
Curry Chicken $0.00
Curry Goat $0.00
Fried Plantain $0.00
Jerk Chicken $0.00
Mac N Cheese $0.00
Oxtail $0.00
Patties $0.00
Rice And Peas $0.00
Steamed Vegetables $0.00
Stew Chicken $0.00
White Rice $0.00

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P B Idol
Best Jamaican food anywhere near here, Donna and her crew really bring Jamaican cuisine to an authentic level. Get the tour of fern gully, highly recommended jerk chicken, curry goat and ox tails. Collard greens, plantains and rice were delicious. Go here and you will not be disappointed.

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Janelle Anderson
The FOOD!!!!! AH- MAZE-ZING!!!! The curry goat was some of the best I have ever had outside of the island! The staff was courteous and welcoming which made me wonder when I called, lol! I am glad I went into this establishment! The atmosphere reminded me of the restaurants/bars in St. Ann and was very homey! You will not be disappointed! Check out the menu and enjoy your visit to the Fern Gully! They even practice Social Distancing for those worried!

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Adam Morris
This is my favorite spot to eat in downtown Kennesaw. The food is always incredible and they give you a big serving for the price. I like the stewed chicken and the jerk chicken, but everything I’ve gotten has tasted great. Take advantage of the lunch specials for an even better value deal!

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Allison Odenthal
Very small place. Took awhile to be served. Their patties were delicious! Everything else we got (the tour of Fern Gully) was just ok. I think they are more of a take out place than dine in. Overall, not too bad though.

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Arlene Hedgepath
Met a friend at this restaurant last week, it was the first time for both of us. Upon walking in we heard a shout from the back that someone would be right with us. A few minutes later a woman came up the register, handed us one menu telling us to decide then come back up the register to order. So after taking turns with the menu my friend and I placed separate orders then sat at a table directly in front of the register. As we sat and talked a young man brought my friend’s food in two paper bags (1 Jamaican Patty and 1 Coco Bread) even though we had intended on eating at the restaurant. Neither of us were asked if it was to eat at the there or to go. So my friend and I talked as we waited for my food, figuring it would take a little longer since I had ordered Jerk Chicken with two sides. Finally, after waiting about 25 minutes I went up to the counter and spoke up trying to get the attention of an employee since none were around since we were seated. When someone arrived I inquired about my order only to find out it was packaged to go sitting on the bar for who knows how long because no one ever announced my order was ready and we were the only customers there. I took my food bag to the table to dine with my friend only to find I was not given a fork. Back up to the counter I go looking again for an employee who finally came back in to view and gave me a fork. Why did they bring my friend’s food to the table but sit mine at a bar to sit and get cold? I will never know. My friend enjoyed her Jamaican Patty and Coco Bread. I did like the Jerked Chicken which I ended up eating back at the office since I was on my lunch and ran short on time. The two sides I chose were the Rice and Peas (bland) and Fried Plantains which seemed more boiled than fried. It was just a really strange experience.

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judith shelby
Yummy. Stewed chicken has a mild curry flavor that I loved. Plantains could be a little darker, I like them almost burned. Everything was so filling. Will be back for patties.

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Ivan Williams
First visit to this restaurant, and with it being local, during this current period, really need to support local businesses.

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Destiny Okonkwo
I’ve been to a lot of Jamaican restaurants in my life and by far this was the most disappointing, not only in service but in taste. Upon walking in, it took over 10 minutes for my presence to be noticed so I could be serviced. Even when my order was taken, it felt like someone was forcing them… like they were working against their will. After all this, the big guy still got my order wrong and overcharged me. 0 out of 10. If you’re not dying out of hunger, I would keep your dignity and money. Please if you don’t want to work, it’s not by force

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Xavi Jones
5 stars for the quality and the way the food tasted. I had the stew chicken and it fed my soul. For a small jamaican restaraunt I was very pleased. The service was slower due to staffing but I was still shown so much hospitality from both women. I will come back for more for sure.

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National Transport logistics
Food was exactly what i hoped to receive wonder authenticity. Curry goat had powerful seasoning. Need a drink with that. Curry chicken not to powerful spicy but good curry flavor. I was very happy. Greens and rice made wonderful. My partner was pleased as well.

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