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Location : Pikesville, MD

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Sushi Sakura 21208

3755 Old Court Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

Phone: (410) 580-1155


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(Labor Day)
11 AM–8 PM

Hours might differ
Tuesday 11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday 11 AM–8 PM
Thursday 11 AM–8 PM
Friday 11 AM–2:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday 11 AM–8 PM


Bowl Of Plain Rice $5.00
Crab Rangoon $12.00
Edamame $8.00
French Fries $6.00
Kani Popper
Kani battered and deep-fried.
Kani Salad $7.00
Mini Vegetable Eggrolls $7.00
Miso Soup $6.00
Onion Rings $6.00
Salmon Tartare $11.00
Soup Of The Day
Call restaurant for daily selection.
Soup Of The Day – QUART $11.00
Spicy Broccoli Poppers $9.00
Spicy Cauliflower Poppers $9.00
Spicy Fries $6.00
Sushi Burrito $15.00
Sweet Potato Fries $6.00
Tuna Tartare $11.00
Tuna Tataki $15.00
Fish & Chips $16.00
Fish Tacos
Three Tacos With Fried Fish, Pico de Gallo, And Vegetables
Japanese Vegetable Fried Rice $14.00
Ramen Noodle Bowl $14.00
Sweet And Sour Fish $16.00
Teriyaki Salmon
Teriyaki salmon pieces with a side of rice and broccoli
Vegetable Lo Mein $15.00
Vegetable Rice Noodle Stir Fry
Gluten Free
Vegetable Udon Stir Fry $15.00
2 pieces of raw fish served over rice.
2 pieces of raw fish served over cucumbers.
Classic Rolls
Black Pepper Tuna
Choice of avocado and/or cucumber.
Kani, avocado, and cucumber.
Combo Roll
Tuna, salmon, and avocado
Loaded Roll
Tuna, kani, and avocado topped with crunch
Salmon, parve cream cheese, and cucumber.
Choice of avocado and/or cucumber.
Shrimp Tempura $10.00
Spicy Kani
Choice of avocado and/or cucumber.
Spicy Salmon
Choice of avocado and/or cucumber.
Spicy Tuna
Choice of avocado and/or cucumber.
Choice of avocado and/or cucumber.
Vegetable Rolls
Asparagus $8.00
Avocado $7.00
Avocado Crunch $7.00
Carrot $6.00
Cucumber $6.00
Cucumber Avocado $7.00
Mango $7.00
Onion Tempura $6.00
Asparagus, and sweet potato tempura topped with crunch and sweet sauce.
Sunshine Roll
Avocado and Mango
Sweet Potato Tempura $6.50
Vegetarian Mexican
Avocado and jalapeno topped with spicy Mayo and crunch.
Special Rolls
American Roll
Spicy tuna, avocado, and parve cream cheese topped with black pepper tuna.
Dragon Roll
California tempura roll topped with avocado.
Express Roll
California topped with avocado.
Godzilla Roll
Spicy tuna and crunchy onion topped with avocado.
Mercedes Roll
Spicy kani, avocado, sweet potato tempura, jalapeno, topped with fresh tuna, jalapeno, spicy mayo and sriracha
Mexican Roll
Spicy tuna and jalapeno topped with avocado and spicy crunch.
Mojo Roll
Spicy tuna inside topped with avocado and spicy mayo.
Monkey Roll
Spicy Kani And Avocado Topped With Banana, Yumyum Sauce, And Toasted Sesame Seeds.
Naruta Roll
No rice, no nori. Salmon, tuna, kani, and avocado rolled with thinly sliced cucumber.
Ocean King Roll
Black Peppered Tuna & Avocado topped with Yellow Tail, sweet sauce, and crunchy onions
Paradise Roll
Spicy salmon and spicy kani topped with mango.
Party Roll
Black peppered tuna, cucumber, and avocado topped with spicy salmon, special sauce, and crunch fried onions.
Rainbow Roll
California topped with salmon, tuna and avocado.
Rock & Roll
Crunchy spicy tuna and cucumber topped with tuna, crunch and sriracha sauce.
Salmon Lover Roll
Spicy crunchy salmon and avocado inside topped with fresh salmon and spicy Mayo.
Spicy Lava Roll
Spicy salmon, spicy kani, and diced jalapeno topped with crunch spicy tuna and spicy sauce.
Sweetheart Roll
Spicy tuna and avocado inside with fresh tuna on top.
The Amazing Tuna
Spicy Tuna And Avocado Topped With Black Pepper Tuna, Scallion, Tempura Crunch, Spicy Mayo And Sweet Sauce.
Tuna Lover Roll
Spicy crunchy tuna and avocado inside topped with fresh tuna and special sauce.
Tempura Rolls
Fire Roll
Spicy kani, spicy salmon, spicy tuna and avocado lightly fried, topped with jalapeno, crunch, spicy mayo & sweet sauce
Giant Roll
Tuna and salmon inside, lightly fried with spicy and sweet sauce on top.
Golden Dragon Roll
Tuna, cream cheese, and avocado lightly fried and topped with spicy sauce.
Old Court Roll
Shrimp tempura, kani, avocado and cream cheese lightly fried topped with spicy Mayo, sweet sauce & sesame seeds
Spider Roll
Salmon, kani, and carrots lightly fried, topped with spicy Mayo & sweet sauce.
Tango Roll
Salmon and avocado lightly fried topped with spicy tuna, spicy Mayo & sweet sauce
Vegetable Tempura
Avocado, portobello mushroom, and carrot lightly fried, topped with special sauce.
Cooked Roll
Baltimore Roll
Cooked salmon, kani and mango topped with crunch
Cooked Salmon Roll
Choice of avocado or cucumber.
Hollywood Roll
Shrimp Tempura (imitation), Avocado, And Cucumber Topped With Kani, Spicy Mayo And Sweet Sauce
Jungle Roll
kani, cucumber, avocado topped with cooked salmon, spicy mayo and sweet sauce.
Kani Lovers Roll
Kani and avocado topped with crunchy spicy kani.
Let The Good Times Roll
Cooked salmon, kani, sweet potato and avocado.
Sakura Roll
Deep Fried Red Snapper, Topped With Avocado, Crunch And Spicy Mayo.
Salmon Popper Roll
salmon tempura, avocado, and cucumber topped with crunch and sweet sauce.
Salmon Skin Roll
Cucumber, mango and salmon skin
Volcano Roll
Cooked salmon and avocado, topped with lava (imitation cream cheese, spicy mayo)
Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl
ALL FISH IS RAW UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE!!! We will not exchange/refund if you make the wrong selection.
Coke Products
Fried Banana $6.00
Fried Oreos $8.00
12 Roll Platter Combo
CHEF’S Choice of 3 special rolls, 5 regular fish rolls, and 4 vegetable rolls (96 total pieces). Specific requests will not be considered for online orders. PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL TIME.
6 Regular Roll Platter
CHEF’S Choice of 4 regular fish rolls and 2 vegetable rolls (total 48 pieces). Specific requests will not be considered for online orders.
8 Regular Roll Platter
CHEF’S Choice of 5 regular fish rolls and 3 vegetable rolls (total 64 pieces). Specific requests will not be considered for online orders.
8 Vegetable Roll Platter
CHEFS Choice of 8 vegetable rolls (total 64 pieces). Specific requests will not be considered for online orders.
Daily Specials
Fish Dumplings $12.00
Sweet Sriracha Fish
Sweet sriracha fish served over white rice with vegetables
Extra Sauce $1.00
French Fries 9×13 Pan $29.00
Mini Vegetable Egg Rolls 9×13 Pan $59.00
Spicy Broccoli Poppers 9×13 Pan $59.00
Spicy Cauliflower Poppers 9×13 Pan $59.00
Spicy Fries 9×13 Pan $29.00

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Josh Willits
Excellent sushi experience! We stopped here on our way to the airport. Ran over to the liquor store first (get a Kosher wine for BYOB). We had a few rolls and their delicious broccoli poppers as an app. Great food, I recommend!

… more

Aaron O
My wife and I had been wanting to come here for a while and we were not disappointed.

… more

saran davis
Pleasant experience. Didn’t take more pics because I was hungry and ate so fast. Sushi was fast and fresh.

… more

Yitzchok Markowitz
Staff friendly and polite. Very attentive. Food tasted delicious fresh and hot when serve.

… more

LovePink Queen81
I only eat cooked sushi. It was excellent!

… more

yisroel friedman
Was very pleased with the beautiful store decor and unbelievable service from staff! I can honestly say it’s the best experience from any restaurant in Baltimore! Nice booth seating with partitions between for privacy! Great lunch special 2 rolls+fries+soda for $18! Great place to bring a date. Delicious,scrumptious sushi.

… more

Joseph Levin
Everything was delicious and the service was great. I was very impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff was. I would definitely recommend this place.

… more

Dassuh G
The food was delicious and healthy! I was very impressed with many different vegetable options for the poke bowl such as asparagus, edamame, and roasted sweet potato. It was very customizable to include lettuce only options with no carbs. Every roll had many add-on options such as tempura or rice wrapper. The website is very easy to use.

… more

Joe Dissolvo
Popped in on a whim for lunch, and it was amazing!

… more

Daniel Yeroshalmi
Very fresh sushi & authentic ,they surprise me every time with freshness & flavors

… more

… View more

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